Don’t Absorb World Anger

September 3, 2014 | 18 comments

There are several angry events going on in the world right now. ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is committing atrocities in the Middle East. Israel and Hamas launch hatred at each other with no forgiveness on either side. Outrage burst into the open in Ferguson recently, and Ukrainians fight to hold their country together. All of this sums up to a mass of angry, resentful and fear-laden thought filtrating around the globe in collective human consciousness.

Be alert. Don’t absorb it!

An acquaintance recently told me that she woke up unusually agitated and angry one morning. Not able to pinpoint a reason, she decided she had mentally picked up on anger she read about in the news. She prayed for world peace, to know that all races and peoples had one Mind in common which gave them the ability to get along and work out their differences. She went even higher, in her prayers, to the kingdom of heaven where divine Love governs the thoughts and actions of all neighbors and causes them to work together in harmony and peace.

She found internal peace with these spiritual truths. Her anger melted. Her peaceful demeanor returned, and she had a restful and productive day.

We all have a responsibility to watch our thinking and be sure to allow only the influences of good to dominate. Conscientious citizens care about their neighbor in turmoil and want to help, but we don’t have to start by absorbing their anger. We can pour on the love and help them in the best way possible.

Don’t be a sponge soaking in negativity. Be a ray of light illuminating the way to a better world!

18 thoughts on “Don’t Absorb World Anger”

  1. I have always tended to be a bit of a sponge.
    But i know Christian Science is helping me to be more watchful and alert as to what I take in.
    Your message is so very helpful and I thank you Evan.

  2. Thanks for this important post.

    For us Germans, additional there is the common “guilty weight”

    in occasion of 75th anniversary of 2nd War which is also linked with the isaraelian conflict .

    I also could feel this in my personal experience.

    Some claims disappeared after I exposed this collective lie.

    God`s love is allmighty, everpresent, every moment new, thats all.

    No matter what the history and the mortal mind want to manifest in sometimes aggressive

    ways to make it fix in our experience. It is a lie!

    1. Thanks Iris! This is a good thought…that every moment is new. I really like that because it neutralizes the idea of something bad having a history that seems to give it more power.

  3. Anger may be more of a contagion threat than any new virus strain.

    Seems to be energized by irrational hate,
    but can be defused by rational, spiritualized love.

    We need a warning label that anger is promoted by ‘shock media’
    to sell products & political opinions.

    Thanks Evan for the warning, and the defense tactics

  4. Wonderful spiritual truths. I’m agitated by the news, a little challenging not to be agitated about beheadings in the 21st century. But your article is an alert to be prayerful in the midst of turmoil and hatred. Appeasing evil never works. Evil must be met head on with prayer and God directed human steps.

  5. Thanks Evan
    I find myself seeing these horrors and know that this is mortal mind acting out terrific nightmares. I am never quite sure when I see children and animals being hurt. But as you have said keeping your heart and mind on the divine truth of our being is the only way to help, not add to the nightmare.

  6. We certainly need to be alerted to the evils and condemn them. They also need to be
    upweeded and destroyed. I enjoyed Grace’s comments. We can hold to the Truth, but
    still these atrocities are continuing, God is the only power so we must be aware He is on the field. I’m feeling that collectively the world is condemning this radical, unmerciful group.

  7. Isn’t interesting to note the attitude of the human mind that when a criminal is caught and prosecuted, all is well. No thought is given to the idea that for every error destroyed, for every criminal captured, for every war won, ten or more follow. History shows that all these conflicts fought with revenge in mind are never won, are never successfully concluded.

    The only success we can accomplish is to Love, Forgive and rid our thoughts on having revenge.

  8. Thank you Evan for this blog, which from the comments, is clear is read world wide and is thereby reaching and raising world thought!

    One thing I’ve been using in praying about these events is the definition of the Christ in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. It reads:

    Christ: The divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.

    The individual identity of each man/woman/child is contained in the Christ and that true identity of ours “speaks” to us…even when we it seems to us we are living in the “flesh”. So I’ve been praying to know that the people that are portraying these terrorist acts are being spoken to by the Christ, the true idea of themselves. That they can’t resist the influence of the Christ in their consciousness (i.e. they MUST hear it). This Christly influence speaking loudly in their thought must then cause them (and everyone) to act in accord with God, Love.

    Furthermore, that each man/woman/child that seem to be impacted by these terrorist acts can hear what they need to know from the Christ speaking in their consciousness to escape any harmful effects of these terrorist acts, just as Jesus was able to escape an angry mob by listening to the Christ in his consciousness.

    1. P.S. For Nadine, the Christ also includes the true identity of animals too! I have two cats and in observing them I have often thought that animals are naturally more in tune to their true identity than are humans.

    2. Thank you Brian for your powerful thoughts on the Christ. That Christ, Truth, is indeed powerful and cuts right through self justification and pride, helping people to see that we are all children of God loving and respecting one another.

  9. Thank you Brian, for your wonderful thoughts. The definition of Christ came to me also as I was walking after reading Evan’s blog. The Christ speaks to Islamic, Jewish, Christian thought, piercing through even godless thought (which is what terrorism actually is) And we can support this activity of the Christ by KNOWING that every man, woman, child is receptive to the Christ, because it is innate in the real man (generic) the man of God’s creating.

  10. Thank you for this important message. I have found myself getting angry after hearing rather disturbing news recently. I have to quickly pray and change my thinking from anger to love. Thanks again.

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