Don’t suffer for others’ sins

June 26, 2013 | 5 comments

Sin causes suffering. That is well known to those aware of sin’s deleterious effects on those who indulge it. And any human striving to be free of sin’s influence is often aware of many errors they have yet to extricate themselves from before they can exclaim to the world, “I am sin-free!”
In light of the immense reformatory work to be done in one’s own mental household, it is wise to not take on the sins of others, too, when working to demonstrate sinless thinking.
For instance, have you ever been happy and inspired, only to have a darkened depressed mood come into your presence and subtly, or overtly, work to take your joy away and get you depressed? That is taking on the sins of others.
Have you ever been in perfect health, only to have suggestions of contagion, flu, or colds come aggressively knocking at your mental door, striving to intimidate you into believing you might catch a disease shortly? That’s taking on the sins of others.
Have you ever been confident about a decision, only to be assaulted by fears, worries and doubts from friends and neighbors that you won’t be successful? That’s taking on the sins of others.
Each of us has enough error to deal with to demonstrate sound spiritual mindedness without taking on the sins of neighbors.
Defend your mental home, and keep the sins of others out. Love your acquaintances no matter what they believe, but don’t mentally agree with them if they are voicing or expressing anti-truths.
As Mary Baker Eddy wisely wrote,

“It is error to suffer for aught but your own sins.” Science and Health, p. 391

And even more to the point, she wrote,

“It is self-evident that we are harmonious only as we cease to manifest evil or the belief that we suffer from the sins of others.” Science and Health, p. 346

It’s your choice to make. Choose to not suffer.

5 thoughts on “Don’t suffer for others’ sins”

  1. but don’t mentally agree with them if they are voicing or expressing anti-truths.

    That phrase hit me right between the eyes! We need to be alert not to take in anti-truths, as you call them, voiced by well meaning family, friends, the press, etc. I am going to practice saying NO today each time I hear an untruth voiced. Not takin’ it in! Thanks, excellent subject to ponder. Thanks for waking me up with this, Evan!

  2. I am responsible for my own thoughts, and not for others. THAT’S A GIVEN LAW OF SURVIVAL. In the last couple of years, I have begun to understand this. I am in a position right now and have been to put the above in practice, thanks to the teachings of C/S discovered by Mary Baker Eddy.

  3. Thank you, Evan. I try to practice this, but having a reminder is very good — I knew that the second my eyebrows went up about not doing something or having a mood changed through an outside influence. You woke me up (again). 🙂

  4. Once again excellent timing. I am in the interview process for a position that just seems to have come available at the perfect time in the perfect place and for all the right reasons (a cause greater than self). A non CS friend saw my notes and the job description on my countertop and has suggested all the reasons it won’t happen. Further, I had put this friend as a reference before he saw the letters. It became clear that he might sabotage my opportunity. I recognized his comments as fear motvated and took action. I spent most of yesterday evening reading S&H and just loving and recognizing only God’s plan for me (and my friend). I awoke this morning to read your blog and then found I advanced to the next stage and my friend called excited about a project he was concerned with (fearful about). He also mentioned he and my interviewer were never able to connect, playing phone tag instead. Regardless of the outcome I have already seen healing here… Love is the answer AND what blesses one blesses all. No need to take on someone elses fears. Thanks Evan.

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