Eliminate chance

April 5, 2019 | 46 comments

If you’d like to experience more predictable good in your life, eliminate the suggestion of chance from your thinking.

There is no chance in God’s universe. Reality is governed by a divine Principle that produces predictable good. God’s love and care for us is certain, fixed, reliable and dependable. It is not chancy or whimsical. We can count on God’s love blessing us with predictably good outcomes in all circumstances.

However, if we entertain common notions about chance, such as, “Whatever happens, happens,” or “It’s all a roll of the dice,” or “Some people have it, and some don’t,” we open our lives to downsides that are not necessary.

Everyone is a loved child of God, and worthy of all of God’s good. This good from God is not a percentage possibility, but a 100% fact. It’s present for us to express and live 100% of the time. There is no chance involved.

The more we identify with God’s certain good, and less with mortal chance, the more of God’s predictable good we experience.

This doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a fun card game of Hearts with our friends. The camaraderie and goodwill that comes from healthy social relationships outweighs the small concession to chance a game may include. But if one’s love of cards grows into a gambling habit that has negative financial consequences, one has stepped over the line from enjoying another’s company, to becoming a slave to chance.

What we accept as true in one part of our life, is likely to pour over with consequences into other parts of our life, such as with health and relationships. Working with God, rather than with chance, puts us on a sounder footing to experience predictable health and harmonious relationships.

There is no chance with God. Only predictable good. Eliminate chance by leaning on God’s good in the first place! It’s yours to enjoy every moment of your existence.

46 thoughts on “Eliminate chance”

  1. I love this one. Thank you, Evan!!

    It so happens that we have an unbreakable relationship with God. Accepting this, we don’t need to entertain the suggestion of chance. Chance is all fun and games until somebody loses their understanding of inconquerable protection in God. Mortal mind loves to insinuate that things can go wrong, so it instructs mortal body to stub its toe. Two notorious liars!

    “For by thee I have run through a troop; and by my God have I leaped over a wall.” Psalm 18:29

  2. I remember a teacher asking me if I was going to leave my life to chance.We were discussing buying a lottery ticket for a big prize. I really never played the lottery but it did stop me short and make me think about my motive for considering buying a ticket.
    This blog develops that idea for me. With God there is no chance. Thanks for the psalm quote, Jay.

  3. Thank you! Predictable good. How good is that?? Only God means only good.
    I’ve always loathed the thought of gambling, but I never quite knew why. Then I realized one day that gambling is pure ingratitude to God. .”Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you” There’s no maybe there. Only certainty. How grateful can we be for that!. The joy of earning and giving from the riches within us, rather than winning from others’ losses..I once read that a man in the habit of buying sweepstakes tickets accidentally hit someone with his car.. He realized that the belief in chance works both ways, and he wanted no part of it. He saw that God’s law of good protects and provides for all, (Governed by Law, not Chance’ from the October 24, 1994 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel)

  4. After I married I move a few states away but would frequently travel back to visit my family in my home state. A new friend that I worked with would always ask me to buy her a lottery ticket when I visited that state. She would. graciously offer me two dollars, one for her and one for myself so I could buy a ticket as well. I always declined the offer. “Why”, she would ask, “It’s ONLY a dollar?” I didn’t know how to answer her without sounding judgmental. I knew why for all the reasons stated in the blog today but couldn’t come up with a way to explain it in a way I thought she would understand, So each time she asked I asked God to give me an answer that wouldn’t sound preachy and I would reluctantly buy her a ticket. Then one day while praying I received my answer! It was the words on the face of the dollar bill, “In God we trust.” I was overjoyed! How clear and simple! And the next time she asked me why, I offered no explanation but simply showed her the words on the bill. I saw her face light up as she understood. She smiled and nodded in agreement and never asked me again to buy a ticket for me or herself. We remained good friends and I never forgot the spiritual lesson of those words…”In God we trust.”

    1. Oh, I love that, Karen! What a Perfect explanation and wonderful demonstration of where we Do get our abundance of all good from.

    2. I love how you so humbly listened, found an answer, and responded to your friend in a healing way that benefited you and her. That’s true Christian healing!

  5. We can reach out to this guiding Principle at any time, any place. One day while driving home, I was stopped at a stop sign. I had been thinking about a possible career change and was praying silently: “God, put me in the right place at the right time.” Immediately the thought came: “Don’t drive-stay here!” Immediately I heard screeching brakes as a car fishtailed and came to a stop in the middle of the intersection-right where the driver’s side of my car would have been, if I had driven forward.. A young man and woman were laughing as fur dice suspended from the interior mirror swung wildly. A holy calm enveloped me as I became aware of the protection I had just experienced.

    1. Thank you Jean, what a wonderful demonstration of trusting God’s perfect governing presence, eliminating the notion of chance. And thank you Karen for the “In God we trust” answer that came to you! I appreciate everyone’s sharing!

    Last night I watched “It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood”, the documentary about Fred Rogers, and was so inspired by his seemingly simple, but profound affirmation made to children– or anyone watching–which is the same message delivered in today’s blog: “Everyone is a loved child of God, and worthy of all of God’s good.”
    I’ve come to think of SpiritView as my Sunday School class, and am so grateful to have the opportunity to exchange ideas and share the Truth. I “came into” christian Science as a young adult, and missed Sunday School, except for a few fleeting times. AS someone wrote a few days ago, although {I} have been studying Christian Science for decades now, I still feel like a Kindergartner; evaluating that age with the respect Mr. Rogers gave children, that’s a fine place to be,
    Thank you, Evan, for providing a safe and respectful place for everyone to give and take away valuable lessons, with our Pastor– the Bible and Science and Health–as our real teachers.

    1. Yes! When I describe Evan to my friends, I call him “the Mr. Rogers of Christian Science.” Hope that doesn’t offend.

      1. Remember Mr. Roger’s was a tv personality. I wouldn’t compare Evan to Mr. Rogers that is personal sense. That’s like saying Mrs. Eddy is the Oprah of the world. Just saying..

        1. Actually, Mr Rogers was an ordained minister who chose to use the medium of television to share his message of Love, and did so very effectively. I respected his approach, as I respect those around us who convey kindness, generosity, goodness— Oprah is a great example. She’s done a great deal of good!!! Blessings to everyone! Today & every day.

          1. Correct he was a Presbyterian minister. Not saying the guy wasn’t loving or his message wasn’t good to the viewers at home. It was just an odd comparison is all in my opinion…Nancy said it best below. Peace and love.

      2. Very cute, Jay. I always appreciate your unique perspective & use of memorable images!!. I, too, prefer to stay light!

        1. Hi dear Annie, you should not miss anything and you are not lacking anything, if you did not go to Sunday School. You said that you already are studying Christian Science since for decades. But if you seem to miss being taught in Sundy School, there is the opportunity to take primary class in Christian Science by any of our CS teachers, which goes for 14 days. That would bring you further inspiration and spiritual understanding.

          Thank you, Evan for this inspiring SpiritView about Chance. For me the best and only chance is God. And I am so very grateful to have learned in CS that God is the all encompassing Good. He must be the all inclusive Good, otherwise He could not have made all creation and see it as “very good”. That is logical what the Bible says, and what Science & Health says, namely that God is o n l y good. And this Good fills all space, great.

          Oh am I thankful for Christian Science and for this wonderful blog and for all your inspiring, interesting and helpful comments, dear commenter friends!

      3. Ha! Jay, I like the comparison of Mr Rodgers and Evan. My thought about it took me to the gentle, kind, loving, light and lifted qualities of the Christ presence that animate both of them.

    2. Thank you, Annie. I haven’t seen this documentary yet but did watch the documentary that came out last year “Won’t you be my neighbor?” about Mr. Rodgers life. He is such an inspiration of how to live Love!!! TV was just the medium he used and by it he touched so many lives. I never watched it growing up, but so grateful as an adult we can all still learn from his example of unconditional love. Highly recommend it!

  7. What beautiful and inspiring comments this morning. I won’t try to thank you individually but deeply appreciate them. Thanks to all! And thanks to you, Evan, for aother thoughtful message.

  8. Maybe this will settle it: No one is like anyone else-we’re each individual expressions of God. Thank you so much , Evan, for SV! Love to all !

  9. How appropriate a topic. This rule applies not only to games of.chance but to every thing in our daily experience. Do we take a risk and keep our fingers crossed that it will work out OK? When we are guided by God it will. Are we unhappy because chance planted a blemish on our body when we look in the mirror? When we focus on God’s perfection we can utilize divine Principle to deny that blemish and establish God’s predictable perfection. I have removed many bodily blemishes just this way. Life is not a series of unpredictability or chances, it is nothing less than eternal predictable good because God’s work is immutably complete and it is very goid.

  10. I appreciate this topic and have been thinking a lot about this very idea of chance. I have been praying about something big in my life and it’s not yet clear which way things will work out to me humanly. But lately I’ve received some pretty strong theme messages from God: one, stop being afraid. Two, trust God. Three, expect good. They are all very important and I recognize that I indeed need to do them. Regarding expecting a good outcome, it has come to me that no matter what happens, God has a perfect plan and purpose for me, God knows what that plan and purpose is and is currently working it out in my life even if I don’t see the way yet. It’s not the opposite, that if one outcome that I have outlined happens I will be unhappy or troubled and If another happens it will all be okay. I can expect that any way things work out, it will be good, awesome, great! For “God has infinite resources with which to bless mankind.” God is our source of constant, steadfast, and unchangeable Love, Good, and support in our lives. We can and need to expect it. This also connects with what I said yesterday “you could have no power over me unless given to you of God!” No person can affect my good outcome. Which seems to be the case in my current situation.

    Have a great weekend everyone! I so miss SV on the weekends but have started to look back at past posts to get me through.

  11. Trista,
    All you say is absolutely correct! There will be a good outcome and it may or may not be what you think it should be! I’ve been there and have been very pleasantly surprised. Sometimes the answers evolved over time- but I see now that God was molding and shaping my thiught until I could see the way more clearly. Keep trusting! Only good is going on!

  12. Thank you all for your wonderful testimonies on the topic of chance, and your helpful comments regarding Fred Rogers. I’ll be sure to think more on the important idea of personal sense. Actually, I was primarily concerned that I would offend Evan, who I’m sure would rather be called the George Clooney of Science!

    1. No offense taken here! The posts all day have brought a smile to my face… : ) I love all the active conversation on this blog. I read it all. Keep it coming…

    2. I love all your comments Jay and have been reading all the comments about Fred Rogers but regrettably have no idea who he is! I don’t think he must be known in this country.

    1. Thank you, that is so good Carrie.
      Just would like to quote here a helpful passage from Science & Health by Mary Baker Eddy on page 424: ,,Accidents are unknown to God, or immortal Mind, and we must leave the mortal basis of belief and unite with the one Mind, in order to change the notion of chance to the proper sense of God’s unerring direction and thus bring out harmony. ”
      It is so sure, no chance but only God’s unerring guidance and government! That is so comforting! 🙂

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