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April 6, 2018 | 37 comments

Have you ever felt like events are not going the way they should for you? Or perhaps, you work hard for a certain outcome, and something bad happens that stops the good you expected to occur from coming to fruition? If so, it might be time to pray for a greater understanding of the certainty of God’s good.

God is absolute certain good. There is nothing iffy about God’s presence and power. It is not here today, gone tomorrow, or up one day and down the next. God is a fixed constant that never wanes or wavers. When you reason and work out from the foundation of God’s power and presence, the outcome of your work is certain. There is no risk involved.

To demonstrate more risk-free living, it’s important to challenge notions and fears of chance prevalent in popular thinking so that they don’t unwittingly become your experience.

For instance, if the media reports the flu coming to your town, and you even remotely entertain the suggestion that you might get it, that hint needs to be immediately wiped out of consciousness and replaced with an unwavering conviction that your health is spiritual and permanent, and that catching the flu is impossible.

Or if the media reports chaos in Washington D.C. decision-making, implying that lawmakers can’t agree on anything and there’s a chance that the government is going to be shut down, that suggestion needs to be instantly challenged and replaced with a firm conviction that God is the head of all government operations and keeps its activities running smoothly.

Or, if you are tempted to believe in Murphy’s law, that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, that insidious belief needs to be squashed into oblivion with an understanding that God causes only good things to happen, and all the time!

Or, if you’re tempted to believe that “You never know what might happen. It could be bad. It could be good,” that ignorant belief should be summarily dismissed and replaced with a clear understanding that God always knows what is going to happen, and it’s always going to be good.

If you would like good to be a more regular part of your routine, then be sure to accept good as a regular part of your routine. God is routine good! God is reliable good. God is certain good.

Knowing the certainty of God’s good throughout all of God’s creation helps keep the body healthy too.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily results, you will control yourself harmoniously” Science and Health, p. 392. Admit only the certainty of health, harmony, abundance, peace and love. Eliminate risk from your life and from your state of health. There is nothing chancy or iffy about God’s good. It’s predictable and certain.

37 thoughts on “Eliminate risk”

  1. THANK YOU Evan! This is so perfect for me at this moment! Exactly what I feel. No matter how hard I have prayed about a particular situation, it has not budged… Its destiny…. maybe be somewhere the thought that results from praying are not certain and good is not predictable have been prevalent. I loved the strong affirmations about definite results with the clear understanding that God ALWAYS KNOWS WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN, and its ALWAYS GOING TO BE GOOD!!!!
    Love Spirit View! Thank you!

  2. Thanks Evan, Of course we need to admit that “God could never impart an element of evil and we have nothing that is not derived from God.” “God is love. More than this we can not ask.” If God is Love Himself, we can never be touched by any harm. Yes as you rightly say “We need to be sure to accept good as a regular part of your routine. God is routine good! God is reliable good. God is certain good.” God’s good is predictable and certain.”

    It’s such a safe proposition to be certain of God’s goodness in our life and remove the element of chance or risk. If we admit good things in our consciousness, then good things will surely happen. We need to RESIST the wrong suggestions, INSIST on what is the reality about GOD and His creation – harmonious and eternal and the PERSIST in this understanding of GOD’S PERMANENT GOODNESS IN OUR LIFE. Then we will experience and be confident of Good and good alone.

    Life is not always smooth sailing.. at times we do encounter storms and God may seem invisible, but He is very much present, because He is OMNIPRESENT.” Trials are proofs of God’s care”. Just because dark clouds seem to hide the sun, it does not mean that the sun is not present. Its very much there. With the light of our understanding of God and our trust in His goodness, the dark clouds will disperse and the SUN will appear in all its radiance and glory, challenges and problems will fade away and God’s love will be witnessed in full glory.

  3. WOW! This post Evan is especially helpful; although I love them all! Years ago, I was on a trip with students. While in the South of France, I lost my wallet and passport (which was tucked inside). I managed to reach a practitioner back in the States. All she had time to say before we were cut off was “Good is the only reality!” I clung to that and the remaining trip was harmonious and I was able to secure a temporary passport to get home. Once home I called the practitioner to thank her for her support and to tell her the rest of the trip went well (I thought that was the demonstration). She said, “I fully expect you to get your wallet and passport back!” Two weeks after returning home, I got a call from Nice, France! The lady said she was from the American Embassy, someone had turned in my wallet, with all of the cash and my passport and they were mailing it back to me! I was ELATED and felt so loved and cared for by God/Good! It was such a lesson in expecting good. T
    hank you Evan for the reminder. I’m going to pray “for a greater understanding of the CERTAINTY of God’s good” everyday.

    1. Hi Barbara – that links only works if you have JSH online – wish I could read the article but unable to purchase JSH online at this time. Does anyone have the direct link to the article in full? Please and thanks.

  4. Great message!

    Re: flu – we can refute it not just for ourselves, but for everyone! True for all so-called “contagion,” as well as the epidemic du jour of addiction and overdoses.

  5. Evan,

    Thank you for this post and every post you send out. Today in particular was written for me. “ God is predictable and certain.”

    I appreciate what you do for each of your readers.


  6. Thank you Evan! I appreciate your Truth posts of the “good news” for today and every day! I also appreciate the contributions of your readers each day!

  7. Hi Nancy. The article you asked about is by Anna Herzog and can be found in the May 1, 1937 Christian Science Sentinel. Maybe you could look for it at a Reading Room? Wendy

  8. I want to thank Barbara for the link she sent in connection with the 4-6-18 SpiritView blog on Eliminate Risk. The link is to a 5-1-37 Sentinel article The Uninterrupted Continuity of Good. It is as good and amazing as Barbara noted. I have saved it and will study it often. It is now an audio production and will be wonderful to listen to also. I am very grateful for the link. Bob

  9. Thank you so much Evan. Like so many of your blogs, this one awakened me to the truth I need to know.
    At a very seeming chaotic time in my life, I picked up a Christian Science Sentinel and on the cover were the words, referring to the lead article, “Only Good is Going On.” Just that title alone was enough to break the mesmerism. Here’s the link https://sentinel.christianscience.com/issues/1972/7/74-28/only-good-is-going-on
    From the July 8, 1972 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel
    And the 1969 lecture by Dorothy Rickey “Wonderful Things are Happening” which can be found online http://www.christianscience.org/index.php/miscellaneous-books/161-wonderful-things-are-happening
    Have a joy filled day!

  10. Thank you everyone who responded – to my request for the link to the article Uninterrupted Continuity of Good yes that link works for the full article. Much appreciated

  11. Hi dear commenters, what does it mean “there is nothing i f f y in God`s presence and power.” I cannot find the word i f f y in my English-German dictionary.

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments, love to study them. 🙂

    Thank you Evan for that very important and needed SpiritView of today.
    I think the 5th paragraph from top is also specially important, and I am grateful for Evan`s so good metaphysical explanation.”If media reports chaos in Washington D.C. decision-making, implying that lawmakers can`t agree on anything and there`s a chance that the gov ernment is going to be shut down, that suggestion needs to be instantly challenged and replaced with a firm conviction that God is the head of a l l government operations and keeps its activities running smoothly and harmoniously.” I repeated the whole paragraph, as I must say that is not only in Washington D.C. the case but also in Germany with the new coalition government with the conservatives and the socialists. There is a big big difference in meaning on the question how many refugees are allowed to come into Germany.

    And therefore I am very grateful for Evan`s loving admonition to instantly challenge and replace with a firm conviction that GOD is the head of a l l government operations … in the whole world!

    Am grateful for the whole SpiritView, it is very inspiring and worth to think about, like ever!

    1. Dear Uta -I wasn’t sure how to explain iffy so I looked it up in my Oxford dictionary for you. It gives the meaning as: doubtful, speculative, uncertain. I hope that helps!

      1. Thank you very much Linda and Evan. Now I know another English idiom – love to learn more and more idioms. I think a slang is also a sort of idiom.

        Thank you all for the link to the article – could read it 🙂

  12. Hi Evan, just wondering why my posting was pulled. I would like to know what I did, so I won’t repeat it. I couldn’t find any guidelines to go by. Thank you.

  13. I had to leave home early this morning for a meeting at church, then had a full day. I’m reading Spiritview much later than usual. But the benefit is there are 34 comments – all absolutely wonderful, as is your blog, Evan. Thanks so much to everyone of you in my extended family.

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