Encouraging Others in a Good Way

August 15, 2014 | 9 comments

Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.

~ Hebrews 10:24, NLT

9 thoughts on “Encouraging Others in a Good Way”

  1. Hi Evan…Nobody reflects the spirit of this Bible verse more than you! Thank you so much for all of the good you share with the world! You are a true inspiration to all of us!!! Many thanks.

  2. I agree, Brian, wholeheartedly. Thank you, Evan. And thanks to all who share their experiences and insights on this blog to enrich and uplift. Am feeling so very blessed. We are travelling today and will keep my heart fixed on Love’s presence and power to bless all unconditionally.

  3. I think if you are coming from a spiritual point of living, Love will do the inspiring. My spirit is drawn to a spiritually radiating person.

  4. I love to see people’s acts of random kindness by “paying it forward” also, the pouring ice water over your head to raise money for an organization. These are all creative examples of people creating acts of love and kindness. Each day we should be thinking of simple ways we can inspire ourselves and others. Maybe it will be a warm smile, a compliment, a
    bright “hello”. Be inspired.

  5. I often ponder that quote in Science and Health on page 476 “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the Saviour saw God’s own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick.”
    Endeavouring to practise this advise ,as I walk through the alleyway to go to our nearby shopping centre I silently say, as I approech people coming towards me “Here comes someone precious in God’s sight.” or “Now are we all the beautiful children God made us to be.”or “Right now, man is God’s own likeness” Most times this silent praying results in a big smile or a cheery Hello.

  6. May I add from I Cor. 13:4 “Charity suffereth long and is kind…” I like to think of this as is patient and kind. There is great power in patience and is much needed in the world. Thank you Evan and everyone who has added their thoughts!

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