Find the child to love

December 30, 2019 | 27 comments


If you ever have a hard time finding something good in another person who irritates you, look a little deeper. There is an awesome child of God to see there that might not be apparent at surface glance.

Here’s a short video about a teacher who saw something special in a child whose behavior was obnoxious and unwanted in class. It changed the child’s life.

“Be a Mr. Jensen”

27 thoughts on “Find the child to love”

  1. Thank you dear Evan, it couldn’t be more touching and loving. I got tears of awe and joy and love!
    NO child of God is ever never useless!
    We are the blessed of God and as we read in last week’s lesson in the Holy Bible “you shall be a blessing” God said. 🙂
    Christian Science is the Science of Love! Thank you God.

    This is true for each of us……
    Thankyou for sharing.

  3. Yes, I am tearing up, too. So grateful for this video,
    I will forward it to my 4 yr old grandson who is having challenges having a
    bright, beautiful 2 yr old baby sister and challenges at school. The last time I saw him, he asked, “Grandma, is God invisible?”
    When I answered, “Yes,” he was so relieved and happy. How precious
    is that! He was searching for God and God is right where he is all the time, keeping
    him safe and loved.

    1. When I was asked this question while teaching Sunday School many years ago, we discussed what the other option would be…being able to SEE God! But if you could see God then God couldn’t possibly be everywhere at all times for every single person! God HAS to be invisible and THAT is an important aspect of His power!
      We then all agreed that “God is closer than the air we breathe” and everyone was happy..and I brought my kids up knowing this.

  4. Evan, thank you so much for sharing that video! It’s so inspiring and it brought a tear to my eye. I so want to be a Mr. Jensen and find the child within. I think that is going to be my New Year’s resolution!

    Happy New Year everyone for 2020. Love x

  5. I raised a child that was pronounced by doctors as a “vegetable” with cerebral palsy at birth. As the result of much prayer, roll up the sleeves 24 hour care, and a perspective like this, she today can take two hour walks and eat everything….no wheelchairs !
    Thank you for this wonderful entry. My New Year’s resolution is to help other families!

  6. Have a relatable situation with one who seems lost at this time, but know can be found through the Love and the light of the Christ and that healing and waking up to Truth are inevitable. Thanks for all who shared and for this inspiration of seeing Gods child with Love!

  7. Beautiful story! Wow! Love it.

    Not what I expected – I thought this would be about finding the child within adults who seem difficult to love! That would have been a good topic BEFORE the holidays. But, the message holds true for everyone. Thanks!

  8. Blessings one & all. EVERY child is worthy & has value. My challenge is to love myself as much as I love others.
    Thank you for sharing.
    So much LOVE & so much gratitude

  9. Beautiful inspiration, Evan–thank you! A reminder, also, that we can “wake” the child in each of us “adults” to be able to recognize and fulfill the potential we already have through God’s great love and care for us all.

  10. Whoa! Watching Mr. Jensen and all the following videos I’ve had time for have lit firecrackers under me! Evan, you are a treasure indeed ~~ and so are we all. Thank you, and the best of New Year’s blessings to every one of God’s children.

  11. So moving on many levels having been an elementary teacher. You always hope you didn’t miss the”Mr Jenson” moment. Ty for reminding me of special students from years ago. As I became a more dedicated student of CS, I met situations in the classroom & eventually the elementary library with a greater sense of love & giving. Thanks to the greatest teacher Christ Jesus.

  12. Thanks so much for this great story Evan. I have tears in my eyes thinking of what Mr. Jensen did for this young boy and what amazing progress he made after he was handed the drum sticks! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this beautiful story! I hope everyone has a wonderful 2020!

  13. As a former elementary school librarian I had several opportunities to appreciate the unique talents of some “special” children. One in partcular I gave a rather large box of crayons and a blank pad of paper. He immediately calmed down and produced some very thoughtful drawings. This continued throughout the school year and he was so proud of his accmplishments which improved his other studies as well. We all need to be appreciated. And I deeply appreciate all of the comments shared here.

  14. Loved it. Thanks so much for sharing. We are all a part of Mind’s plan. No one is left out or misplaced. We all fit in one great whole.

  15. Seeing the child in the adult is a perspective I hadn’t considered before Evan. This is very helpful to me right now. And aren’t we ALL children? Children of God..this video makes me realise that we judge so often that an adult does the wrong thing or something stupid because we think they should know better, they SHOULD be smarter, they SHOULD be able to understand this or that by now….but maybe that person never had a Mr Jensen and WE ARE SUPPOSED To BE their Mr Jensen.

  16. I was once helped, as an elementary school teacher, when I spoke with a colleague about a child who was continually disrupting my classroom. She said that in her experience, that child that might seem the hardest to love was the child needing love the most. Mr. Jensen was a great example of that.

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