Finding contentment

October 29, 2008 | No comments yet

Have you ever been told to, “Be content with what you have”?

Grumblers might complain, “That’s easy for people who have plenty in the first place to say!”

Whether we agree or not, it is a wise adage and proven method for finding peace of mind in times of squeezed budgets. When the checking balance runs low and desired purchases must be delayed, it helps to step back from the “I want” or “I need” list and be grateful for what one has.

But there’s more to this wise adage than being grateful for immediate material possessions. Spiritually considered, the significance of the instruction extends far deeper than finding contentment with one’s material status quo.

It’s a call to be grateful for one’s spiritual assets and possessions.

“Be content with what you have,” to me, signifies a command to remember what I’ve been divinely endowed with and realize that those blessings from above are sufficient to meet human needs.

As Christian Science teaches, our substance is spiritual. It’s not measured in dollars and by things bought at the store. It’s the wisdom, intelligence, creativity, sense of humor, joy, cheer, love and goodwill that are built into our being.

Each of us is richly endowed with spiritual qualities that meet human needs. These qualities, when recognized and actively expressed, translate into wise and inspired human action that leads to productive and profitable results. To express these qualities is to have everything we need to prosper and take care of our family.

When substance is measured spiritually, and correctly appreciated and valued, it’s very easy to “Be content with what you have,” because, honestly, you have everything you need. You do not lack. The wisdom and intelligence coming from above is sufficient to meet the demand of the moment.

Godliness with contentment is great gain,” Paul taught.

In light of this truth, you can now let go of all fears and worries about what you don’t have, and rejoice in what you do have. It’s enough!

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