Give the credit to God

September 29, 2016 | 20 comments


When something good happens in your life, give the credit to God! God is the source of all harmony, order and peace in this universe, and the more we are aware of this truth, the more of God’s blessings we experience.

For instance, when you drive down the highway and arrive safely at your destination, give the credit to God for getting you to where you need to be. He is the one Mind that enabled all those drivers to steer their vehicles and stay in their lane.

When a group of people get along with each other and work out a mutually agreeable solution, give the credit to God for the successful outcome. He is the one Mind of Love that provided common ground for those people to work together as one.

When you wake up in the morning and feel great, give the credit to God. He is the one Life that empowers you to feel well and stay healthy.

When you have enough money to pay your bills, give the credit to God. He is the divine Love that meets every human need.

When you are able to stand and walk, give the credit to God, for He is the source of all strength, mobility and ability.

When you can read a book and see the words, give the credit to God, for He is the source of vision.

When you listen to a friend and understand what he says, give the credit to God, for He is the Mind that gives you the ability to understand and comprehend.

When you snuggle up in the arms of one you love and feel comfort and peace, give the credit to God, for divine Love is the Mind that brought that person into your experience and is supplying the comfort and peace you feel.

All good has a divine source—God! God is always the origin of any and all good that comes into your experience and blesses you.

The mortal mind wants to give matter the credit for good, for instance, to a drug, to food, to climate, to a person, or to money. But these things are temporal. Any perceived effect from them is fleeting and cannot be relied upon over the long run. True good is spiritual, and comes directly from God to you. It’s always present to be enjoyed, and is discovered through spiritual sense.

So, keep your spiritual sense keenly tuned into the source of all good—the one Creator and Provider of all blessing, God—and experience it to increasing degree. The more you know where all good comes from, the more you’ll find and see.

20 thoughts on “Give the credit to God”

  1. how extremely good are these Truths again today – and its just what I need to start the day and get along with it – thank you so much dear Evan. And I tune in to the big sentence above all the inspired text of this SpiritView!

  2. Thank you, Evan, for another dear message that inspires me to double my thanks to God , the giver of ceaseless ,unchanging good.

  3. Deeply grateful to God for Evan. Wonderful enlightenment indeed. All the good things that happen in our life is due to God’s blessing, He is the source. All gratitude, all credit, all glory, all power should go to God, who is our everlasting King. But we make Gods of human beings and very leave the true GOD out of picture. So often we hero worship, idolise a close relative or a friend and make them believe “Oh we would be nothing without you, Oh our very happiness comes from you…”
    Mary Baker Eddy writes: “Omnipotence, i.e. God, has all-power and to acknowledge any other power, is to dishonour God.”
    It’s okay to express gratitude to our friends and relatives, its a very noble gesture. But, giving them undue credit and power, by making them realize, that your world would come crumbling down without them, amounts to making a GOD out of them. And when we do this, we are guilty of breaking the very first commandment. Isn’t it friends?
    Thank you Evan, for making us vigilant as to who truly deserves our credit. God is our very life..

  4. Again! You hit the nail on the head for what I most needed! And I thank God for amazing people who give so openly – like YOU and your fine readers who share great comments … My life is blessed Every day by you all! Thank God and Thank You!

  5. Thank you, Evan, for reminding us about giving gratitude. I was grateful last night for the mental peace and mental quiet which our study of God brings to us. There is a lot of noise “out there” that wants to claim our attention and get us to react to it. Your blog this morning has strengthened my resolve to pray about this and not be caught up in it.

  6. Thank You, Evan and All the Beautiful Commenters! “This is the Day the Lord has made……I will rejoice and Be Glad in it!” Thank you, God, for my Life…..You are the Source of it…..without You, I wouldn’t Be Here!

  7. Thank you everyone for each of your comments. Doubling down on living the first commandment, Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

  8. I am grateful for these daily post and all the good comments from those who are willing to share. It really gives my day a great start. Thank you Evan and all who comment.

  9. Thanks to all! I love to read these posts every day. Thanks, Evan, for the blessings you share. When I wake up I like to sing in silence (so as to not wake up my love) Hymn 342; “This is the day the Lord hath made; Be glad, give thanks, rejoice; Stand in His presence, unafraid, In praise lift up your voice. All perfect gifts are from above, And all our blessings show The amplitude of God’s dear love Which every heart may know.” I thank my dear Father-Mother for everything He/She has given me and mine.

  10. Thank you Evan, that is beautiful! Just beautiful.
    How comforting it is to know that there is a whole network of churches and practitioners world wide.

  11. What valuable reminder! ThAnk you
    Evan. I’m understanding more about
    My Creator just by following your blog.
    Bless your heart!

  12. Thank you, Evan and all you commenters for this timely reminder of the infinite blessings we have of the evidence of God’s dear love.
    It meets a great need today and everyday

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