Give God the credit

July 4, 2024 | 27 comments

“How do I feel more of God’s presence in my life?” a distressed woman asked.

“Give God credit where credit is due!” I replied.

I went onto explain that when we make a conscious effort to give God credit for what God is doing for us, we become aware of how close we are to God.  

When we think a helpful thought, that’s God speaking to us.

When we see a smile on a neighbor’s face, that’s divine Love blessing us.

When we extend a helping hand to a friend in need, that’s God working through us.

Strength, vision, hearing, consciousness, coordination, ability, and health all originate in Spirit.  They come from God and are possible because of God.

Without God, we would not be able to talk on the phone, walk down the street, jump for joy, or solve a problem.

God is our Life.  God gives us everything we need to live and flourish.  

God is the sum and substance of our being—our eternal spiritual being in divine Mind.

We are as close to God as a circle is to round.

Give God credit where credit is due and discover how tight with God you already are.

27 thoughts on “Give God the credit”

  1. So fundamental and inspiring Evan…thank you so much.
    Inspiration much needed today…and indeed every day!
    As close as a circle is to a round….perfect.
    Jeremiah 33. V 3
    ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

    God , good focused day to everyone…❣️

  2. Someone once told me that the unkindest thing you can tell anyone is that they’re not good at their job. Now, God’s job is to be infinite Love, forever true, our very Soul, our very Life. God’s job is to hold us, including the universe, in perfection and harmony, to love and care for us completely.

    Jesus said the greatest commandment, one that will give us eternal life, is to love God with all our heart and soul and mind and strength. In loving God we MUST give Him credit. We MUST acknowledge what a PERFECT job God (Love, Truth, Life) is doing every moment to care for us all, and sustain and maintain our health, beauty, honesty, purpose, perfection, intelligence, spirituality.

    This is not only kind and fair, it’s healing. One of the directives in Science and Health for healing is, “Allow nothing but His likeness to abide in your thought.”
    (p. 495:15–16). Allow nothing but tremendous gratitude for God to make and hold us as His spiritual image, in the likeness of His perfection!. Love, love, love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength for this.

    I know a woman who has been coming to weekly Bible Lesson readings learning about this. Oh, YES! she says, with every glimpse of truth. Quietly healing has followed healing. She thanks God.

  3. Thank you Evan
    This fourth of July we celebrate Independence day.
    We celebrate our dependence on God
    Nothing better to celebrate than that

    1. Yes Cynthia thank you, it is wonderful to have full dependence on God and full independence and spiritual liberation from error’s efforts to oppress us. As Kay says below, “Turning to Him frees us from what would oppress us.”

  4. Love this ! We live move and have our being in God—-thank you Evan! Happy 4th to you & yours !

  5. This is lovely, Evan.. Thanks! It gives a warm, sweet feeling of Peace and Love
    with God hugging us with such caring…. God’s presence is with us always and never
    leaves our side. The past is a remembrance of only Good – where nothing can detract
    from our perfect being of harmony and Love, because we are in the NOW. Nothing can
    mar this sense of Peace. We are forever in the arms of divine Truth with a freedom that
    takes us away from anything that would diminish our spiritual being in the One Mind.
    Our life is in God and Love is with us always, free from any belief of anything but this
    wonderful feeling of belonging in Spirit.

    1. Angel, thank you so much for this lovely post! I am blessed by it. A ‘God hug’–how precious.

      1. Thank you so much for your response, Nan. Sometimes a “God hug” is
        just what we need. And the best part is, it is always there whenever or
        wherever we are.

  6. I liked that Diane capitalized the word MUST. Whenever I read that word in my daily study, I see it as meaning “there is no option”. And I know that whatever our Father demands of us, He gives us the ability to accomplish.

  7. So grateful to you Evan for your dedication to SpiritView. I love what you write. It’s clear and so inspiring! You are amazing! I at times share your blogs with non-csers to include family and friends.
    Happy 4th!

    1. “Going to God as our Father-Mother and friend – letting Love guide us and starting with an expectation that we have everything we need right here, right now. Stand our ground and mentally plant our flag of freedom! What is true of God is true for me! Mentally acknowledge our innate freedom as God’s child. God cares for all His children equally, and Truth embraces us all.” (Libby Jones)

  8. Is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much! Reading this at the beginning of the day gives us a true basis to leave out this truth throughout the day

  9. Giving God credit for what he is doing for us includes giving him credit for giving us correct views of others. My husband was putting off a chore that had things “piling up”. When I would remind him of it he always had the same answer for not doing it. The answer pretty much left it as NEVER being able to get done. I was frustrated for awhile about this. Then I thought about the idea from Science and Health that we should have more faith in God than in man. The Daily Lift by Elise Moore that J shared talks about waking up with God and being still. I just dropped judgements, the feeling that my husband was the one who was responsible for the good and thought about the Allness of God’s order, stability and peace. Give God the credit—it’s his order and it will unfold. I woke up to that truth. Then I just felt there was nothing else to it. I stayed still with that. It was a few weeks later that my husband announced that he was “working on it” and had it about half done with the rest on a schedule to be completed soon. I’m glad for that. But I’m even more glad to be free of the oppressive feeling that my good comes from a place where it will come to an end. My good, and all of yours, comes from God, and every bit of his good rests on infinity. Turning to him frees us from what would oppress us. Happy forth of July everyone. Give God the credit and enjoy your spiritual liberty!

    1. Well done Kay, the inspiration you shared lifts me up, higher and with more lightness, and so happy that to know freedom lifted you up higher, letting go of oppressive feelings. Some days I can’t find my glasses, cell phone, whatever the belief seems to be, but remarks from my husband feel like I am a target for “forgetting” something. I proved today, that those judgemental comments can leave. none too soon, like right NOW! I do always give God the credit to lift up the answer, share it and continue finding order, as you described. I’ve proved it over, more than once. It’s a lift up and finding the freedom to prove GOD is my guide, my Life, Truth and Love. And that’s the Truth

  10. Last evening, sitting still and relaxing in the quietness of God’s nature, I heard
    birds singing the most delightful tunes. It was a joy that God’s freedom and
    Love shares with us in all it’s glory. I am reminded of Hymn # 317 ..

    “Still, still with Thee when purple morning breaketh,
    When the bird waketh, and the shadows flee,
    Fairer than morning, lovelier than the daylight, Dawns the sweet consciousness,
    I am with Thee…”

    Lovely to feel God’s presence right beside us.

  11. Thank you so much, Evan! I just thought at Genesis 1 where we read that ” God created the whole earth including man to His Image and likeness, spiritual. And Verse 31 says that God saw all He made, and He found it Very Good!
    So i reason, if we are all coming from God, Spirit, He has endowed us with countless spiritual. wonderful qualities for which we can be deeply grateful! All good gift is coming from God, and these Gifts flowing steadily to us and blessing us! Thank you dear God!♡
    And thank you all for your inspired comments and, like always to J a big hug for your articles, and today for the poem by Elise Moore. ❤️

  12. YES! Many thanks! HE is everything and everywhere, all the time. In the small things and in the big ones! God bless you, Evan, and everybody!

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