Go ahead and laugh

May 27, 2010 | 1 comment

Are you good at laughing? You should be. It helps the day go better.

A good laugh lightens the load and makes the heart merry. It defuses tension, maintains a brighter perspective, restores hope and contributes to healing.

Some troubles are hard to laugh at because the need of the moment seems so large. But the more one understands God, good, to be omnipotent supreme, the easier it is to maintain a sense of humor amidst challenge.

Evil is not in control. There is always a solution. And the viewpoint that remembers God’s supremacy no matter what the world throws up to observe, more quickly sees through the lies of evil and can chuckle in its face for its unreality is obvious.

1 thought on “Go ahead and laugh”

  1. You are right on, Evan. Laughter is the result of seeing the sometimes absurdity of the human condition. I am laughing more and more these days, and my life is much happier.

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