God is More than Your Assistant

November 14, 2014 | 3 comments

I say it all the time. God is helping you! But I realized one day it’s important to understand that God is more than your assistant. God is your very being.

God doesn’t just give you strength. God is your strength!

God doesn’t just give ideas to complete a project successfully. God is the Mind that completes the project successfully.

God isn’t just the source of your health. God is your health, your Life, your Spirit, everything that gives you existence.

God is more than a helper at your side holding you up when feeling weak and catching you if you fall. God is your stature, your bearing, your footing, your uprightness, your stability, your anchor and your position. God is your being. Without God, there isn’t anything.

So, be in the habit of seeing God as more than a helper on call. God is already present sustaining you. God is never absent. God doesn’t need to be called to come to your aid. God is already there with you, in you, about you, throughout you, empowering you.

Consider yourself already assisted!

“Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” Matthew 6:8, RSV

3 thoughts on “God is More than Your Assistant”

  1. FANTASTIC INSIGHT Evan!! its so easy to think of God as our “assistant” just for when you need Him…thankyou for the refocus 😉

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