God Can Do It

July 29, 2014 | 24 comments

When planning to finish a job, do you affirm “I can do it,” or “God can do it?”

There’s a big difference.

If you place the hope of accomplishment on your shoulders, there may be moments when you doubt or even despair about getting the job done right. But when you defer to God and lean on the infinite resources of divine Mind to complete the work, those moments of fear are less likely to occur, because you know you have a higher power on your team that can do what you cannot.

So, don’t limit your outcomes.

Get the little “i” out of the way and let the mega “I” take its place.

Replace “I can do it,” with “God can do it!”

Your accomplishments will soar.

“Jesus explained, “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself. He does only what he sees the Father doing. Whatever the Father does, the Son also does.” John 5:19, NLT

24 thoughts on “God Can Do It”

  1. Getting self out of the way opens the door to abundant possibility! Thank you for the reminder, Evan!

  2. This idea that mortals have that they are better than God and only they can accomplish is what is so foolish on their part. For what better accomplishments are there than when God does it.

  3. Interesting. A group of us – family members were just discussing this last night. What did it mean to follow Jesus and how some people mistakenly believe Jesus and the Christ to be one in the same. As followers of the teachings of Jesus, we should expect to do what he did. He told his followers this. And he did what the His father did.

  4. We must GET that Divine Love does not need to understand the harsh details of our human challenges in order to reach and heal us
    of them. Does the light have to understand the darkness to eliminate it?

    My prayer today and during this (very busy) week:
    God is the DO-ER! I am the REFLECT-ION of the good that sHe is DO-ing. I need not try to control Divine Love! Or human events!


    (and, thank you, once again, dear Evan)

  5. What a simple, timely message: “you have a higher power on your team that can do what you cannot.” Thanks so much for sharing this hopeful thought!

  6. Sometimes the challenge is hard to distinguish between the need for Spiritual Sense for material challenges!

  7. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. All things are possible turning to God, whether figuring out a crocheting stitch, finding a “lost” item, opening something needed when no one else is around, etc. As God’s spiritual reflection “can’t” is not in our vocabulary. So glad “God is on my team ” (thanks Kathie!).

  8. Yes of course when we know that we can do everything through God who strengthens us and stands by us always,we can always accomplish the most difficult tasks with ease, joy n without any sense of burden or tension. Thaks so much Evan.

  9. Always wondered what all this toil and trouble in the physical world was about. Naught but to learn how God in its unceasing action supercedes all of such.

  10. This is just what I needed to read today. I had saved this email to read later and the timing couldn’t be better. Many thanks!

  11. I’m glad I went back and revisited this message. Yes, we can indeed “rest in the Lord” and see His great work be manifested. Put your hand in His!

    1. Hi Sue,

      Oh, I do use the KJV, but often other translations are much easier to understand and truer to the original meaning of the Greek and Hebrew.

      1. And another reason is that other translations often shed new light on familiar verses, which helps bring out deeper meaning.

  12. I was led back to this message again this morning, making it the third time it has helped me. I need to humbly accept that God, not I, is in total control. Thanks for the reminders along the way.

  13. I just now saw the title and thought, what a wonderful, true topic, must read it.

    And it is just what I do need so very much, and I am very very thankful to God that He lead me to read this Truth-SpiritView.

    Thank you dear Evan. for this simple to understand absolute Truth!

    By the way, I share Evan`s opinion regarding using also other Bible translations in both of his upper comments. Also in German there exist different Bible translations.

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