God is not partisan. God is Love.

October 7, 2020 | 25 comments

What side does God take in an election?

I have many friends who stand on opposite sides of the political spectrum with the upcoming presidential election. I like to keep my friends long after an election occurs, so filmed some spiritual insight on how to do that while hiking in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park last month.

These ideas might help you keep your friends too, even if they vote differently than you.

“God is not partisan. God is Love.”

25 thoughts on “God is not partisan. God is Love.”

  1. God is Love for me & everyone…this is universal.
    There is nothing partisan about Love.
    Thank you,EVAN, for starting each day & blessing it.

  2. Oh dear Evan, thank you so very much! What you say is very comforting and
    healing and just what I needed this morning! As a German I am very interested how the US elections are going on, as well. And in my prayers I come to the same wonderful insight as Evan says, to side with God and love Him wholehearted and my neighbor as myself. In facebook I read so different meanings, how good or not good the candedate is. Twice I said, that I trust, that God will choose that one of His children, who is most able to take over such huge office to govern such large and wonderful country as the USA. Mrs. Eddy mentions a similar uttering in one of her writings, that God chooses only that one who is worthy serving Him.
    Evan, am very grateful to you for this perfectly thought clearing and loving Vlog!

  3. Thank you Evan. You have made me think suddenly in a different way about politics and other people’s preferences and I know that I have often felt very upset to find out that someone who I thought “was smarter than that” votes a way I didn’t expect. It has now dawned on me that what I am feeling outraged ???!!! about is simply difference in human opinion! Can we love an opinion? No but we can love a person and see them as a loving child of God. Looking at politics and changeable opinions is looking at the small picture. Looking at God’s view ..”the side of Love” as you said in this video blog, is looking at the BIG picture and that is the one that matters. I watched a video recently where the speaker said how emotions come …and they go ,– like visitors ! But they dont stay forever so dont let your life be defined by your emotions. And I thought that was a good way to mentally let go of conflicting emotions and opinions.

  4. Thank you Evan. This is Christian Science being demonstrated for us all. We are all so blessed.

    1. How beautiful, Angie, is the 1978 Journal article you’ve posted here! I wanted to know more about its author, J. Woodruff Smith, and learned [on Google] that he’d also written a poem titled “Genesis 1 or Genesis 2?” — and which was discussed here on SpiritView in Dec. 2015. We can still enjoy that poem and our discussion of it here by accessing “Archives” on the introductory title page of each current discussion.

  5. It’s the very basis of everything…God is Love …and it surpasses every human thought, preference and opinion. So grateful for this today as I’m part of a committee which seems to be tugging in every different direction instead of harmony and consideration for ‘another view’!
    Mrs Eddy says many times that it’s personality that is the error …we are truly the manifestation of our eternal Father/Mother Love. Our true being is Mind expressed eternally and Love for God and our fellow man is total…without exception ❣️Love to everyone.

  6. Four years ago I was being very open, opinionated, and dare I say hateful on social media about the then upcoming election. It cost me many friends and, in retrospect, swapping memes, links, and insults was only a huge waste of time. This was energy that could’ve been channeled into ANYTHING more productive. This year I’m still very much committed to “my side” and there have been many temptations to respond to opposing viewpoints, but keeping my opinions to myself as I work out my own salvation as God directs my path (and the paths of others) I find myself happier and certainly more at peace. After all, Jesus would not have been posting hateful memes.

    1. Wonderful John, I too have taken on a similar approach this time around. I have even gone as far as letting go of any side which feels both strange and wonderful. It feels so much better not to engage in the suggestion of the ugliness of it, doesn’t it?!

      1. It does, but your demonstration is quite impressive. As someone else commented, I, too, have a circle of confidants and can only aspire to where you are on this one.

  7. If God is not partisan I certainly don’t want to be either so I vote for an individual not a party..
    However, with my closest friends I will discusses individuals running for office and the issues. I feel it brings us closer when we can actively discuss and still respect.
    Mrs. Eddy says “it is the purpose of divine Love to resurrect the understanding, and the kingdom of God, the reign of harmony already within us”.
    As I feel that inner harmony I trust I will see it in the lives of all of us who participate in our God given democracy.

  8. We need to be truly grateful that Mrs. Eddy lived
    in a country where a woman had the freedom to
    establish a religion.and a church to support divine Science. Pure metaphysics. What a blessing to

    1. M
      Mary Baker Eddy changed her country from a place where women couldn’t vote at all.
      Changed her country when a woman couldn’t keep her children, her only son taken from her.
      Women couldn’t own property, were stayed from education.
      She changed not only women’s rights, but instituted a movement that influenced the whole world to begin to treat women with more equality. The systems are not fully engaged in this yet. But there’s progress. There are many books available at Christian Science Reading Rooms all around the world. Look for the Life of Mary Baker Eddy by many authors. My favorites are by Robert Peel who wrote a trilogy. Norman Beasley’s and Sibyl Wilber’s books will reveal the timely and successful struggles she endured in attaining the substantial changes we see here in America today, and around the world. There is a hall of fame for women only who most changed the world for the betterment of mankind. Mrs. Eddy was first of the original twenty five to attain this honor.

  9. This morning enlightenment is timely. I’m casting my vote for God this election.
    Praying, God’s message be conveyed to the electorate which will decide the results.
    Praying that a principled procedure will replace the seeming mayhem of the voting process.
    Gratitude for the thoughts from foreign places, proving we are all under God’s government.
    Brothers and sisters in God’s dear lovingkindness, loving and caring for each other.
    We live in a different world. We are in a special nation where Love is governing.
    Under the flag of Christ we will march forward carrying the banner of Truth to the troubled world.
    Thanks to all for sharing this precious message.

  10. This vlog is so timely and perfect. I might listen to it everyday until election time! Interestingly, I recently married a man who is on the very complete opposite spectrum of political beliefs than that which I have held over many years. Yet we have not one ounce of difficulty regarding it. We love each other so much and respect each other to the point where we know that love and respect come first and foremost. I know It has also helped both of us to think more kindly in regard to other people who hold differing political views from us. Also this time around, I am really working to just let all of my thoughts and beliefs about “my side” go completely, leaning on God’s government alone. While I have more work to do regarding this, I have let much of it go and feel wonderful! I’m so grateful for Christian Science and to be learning we can always go higher, deeper, further in our spiritual understanding which lifts us above any of our human challenges.

    1. Thank you for your sharing, Trista! Yes, love and respect are all we need for our civil discourse. As children of Divine Love and a just Principle, we are so capable of this. It’s our natural and divine right to do so!
      I’ve been preparing for a metaphysical meeting at the end of the month with the topic, “Honesty inspires, illumines, designates and leads the way.” It’s been very inspiring and illuminating to pray with our Bible Lesson on this topic. Honesty is a vital aspect of love. Love without honesty is no longer love.
      Thank you so much, Evan, for such a beautiful and vitally important vlog this morning. We are so blessed. Our country and world will feel the blessed and healing results.

  11. So deeply grateful for this vlog and all the comments. And thank you Angie for the link to the terrific article which deals directly with all the comments.

  12. Thank you for such a beautiful glimpse of heavenly scenery, Evan and for a message that I found so timely and supportive. Hymn #182 reflects,
    “Make channels for the streams of Love, where they may broadly run:
    And Love has overflowing streams, to fill them every one.”
    Loving our neighbor as ourselves, respecting their views, transcends any divisions of partisanship and we can fill these divides by pouring in our contributions to an overflowing river of understanding and Love for each other.

  13. Thank you Evan! I recalled Mrs Eddy saying something about politics, so I found it –

    I am asked, “What are your politics?” I have none, in reality, other than to help support a righteous government; to love God supremely, and my neighbor as myself. (My 276:23)

    It is loving our neighbor and loving God and supporting the office of the president – not the person in office but his office and knowing that he is righteous in leading our country.
    Thank you again.

  14. For me, I hope I’m not supporting person or party but principle. I mean the God-like qualities we all can access, like honesty and integrity, wisdom and love, the highest ideals upon which our country was founded. Sometimes we all wear a mask that may for a time hide our true identity and prevent us from seeing ourselves or others correctly. But an ugly mask can be removed and nothing will do this more quicky and effectively than observing the expression of love. Nothing attracts like Love. Thanks again Evan for another timely vlog.

  15. Thanks so much Angie for the link to such a timely, thoughtful article. I especially liked the closing:
    When we turn trustingly to our Father-Mother Mother God with no limiting “thought behind,” He transforms the humanly possible into the divinely inevitable. As we give ourselves gratefully to His wise and tender will, we see Mind’s way and our individual place in our Father’s perfect plan. We sing our hymn of thanksgiving and send up the prayer, “Thou knowest best!”
    This is just the advice I needed today!

  16. What has helped me during this time is that there are no “sides” – this side, that side, etc. There’s only one Mind governing each and every one of us. We are all sons and daughters of God. There are not “minds many” referencing Jules Cern in one of this lectures. One Mind, one God. So no matter what the outcome it really doesn’t matter. No one wins, no one loses. All is in the company of divine Mind.

  17. I met a woman outside the Reading Room, utterly distressed with things, all the conflict. “The end is coming, Yes? The end is coming!” I told her only the end of evil is coming. Didn’t Jesus said, “For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever?” Forever! Did she trust Jesus’ words? Did he tell the truth? Then the kingdom of good is forever, and only the evil stuff dies. She said she was so grateful! So relieved. Of course that would be true. I gave her some literature and encouraged her to look up things online about CS. She happily agreed.
    People are all emotional and partisan because they believe that if the other side wins, it’s the end of the world as we know it. What a lie! “The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof.” We can be at peace. God is in charge. God governs. God eternally governs ALL. “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart and lean not on thine own understanding.”

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