Grow in confidence with trust in God

June 21, 2021 | 21 comments


If you’d like to have more confidence in your life, put more faith in Truth!

Everyone has strong confidence. The real question is, “What do you have confidence in?”

To put confidence in God, is to put confidence in a power that is always present to protect, sustain, maintain, empower, and enliven. Confidence in God manifests itself as dominion, authority, ability, health, strength, wisdom, and love.

To put confidence in error, such as in fearing sickness and expecting bad things to happen, is to put trust in evil and to accept the weaknesses of evil as one’s own. One still has strong confidence, but it’s misplaced, and doesn’t bring the immensely positive blessings that come from putting whole-hearted confidence in God’s infinite good!

To build confidence, put your faith and trust in the good and the true. Put your faith in God, in the Truth of the universe! You will feel stronger and better off than before.

“The confidence inspired by Science lies in the fact that Truth is real and error is unreal”
(Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 368)

21 thoughts on “Grow in confidence with trust in God”

  1. Love this. Thanks Evan. Greatly appreciated. I normally receive your blog daily. For some reason, this message did not reach my inbox.

  2. ‘ I will listen for Thy voice, lest my footsteps stray;
    I will follow and rejoice, all the rugged way.”
    This was my instant thought on reading this Evan. Thank you.
    Happy Day all❣️

  3. Thank you so much, Evan, for your wonderful daily pieces of inspiration. Thanks to Angie too for that great article.

  4. Sorry I have made a mistake, Angie’s article was on the previous blog! But thanks all the same.

    1. John Quincy Adams III, A great article this morning. Thank you for this sharing. everyone’s supporting comments and this affirmation from dear Evan lightens our new week.

  5. Well, I surely needed this message today!!! Thank you very much. You saved me alot of starting and stopping and backtracking.

  6. Evan thank you for this great start to the day..
    Confidence is a God’s goodness certainly leads to clear thinking and a straight path for our day.
    Confidence is God’s goodness certainly removes the painful presence of earthly fears and sets us free to be what God created us to be.. we are His delight..

  7. Your article came at a very appropriate time for me, Evan, as I need to settle a ‘red tape issue’ I’d been avoiding moving forward with which will enable me to receive proceeds from a city grant I’ve have been awarded. Fear that ‘more hassles will ensue’ and that ‘this could take forever’ are being dissolved as I am putting my faith and confidence in Truth. I am sharing here a link to an article called “Confidence” written in 1903 by a great, great aunt, Martha Harris Bogue:

    1. Beautiful. Thank you M and thank you Evan for the right way to go. The articles are very helpful as well. What a treasure SpiritView is.

  8. To see the whole article called “Confidence” it looks like u have to subscribe to JSH Online. Sorry not to be able to read it.

    1. I recommend you do subscribe. It’s a priceless treasure trove of all the Journal and Sentinel articles ever published that you can read, and the more recent years are also recorded so you can listen to it too. The subscription also includes years of audio content of the Sentinel Radio edition and podcasts. It’s like having the whole reading room at your fingertips in your home. If you can’t afford the subscription I believe they offer help for that.

  9. Thanks dear Evan for bringing us again on the right track, explaining us very clearly in whom and in what we should put our faith and trust in order to be abundantly blessed!
    And Mrs. Eddy’s passage in Science and Health is also simple and crystal clear to trust in Truth, our Father-Mother God alone! Error cannot be real and is therefore unworthy to trust, otherwise it would not be named “error” !
    Wow am I grateful for Evan’s very helpful, healing and comforting spiritual views everyday! And I thank God that I meanwhile understand Christian Science more! And I love to read all your inspired and interesting comments and Angie’s posted so suitable articles from the CS magazines!

  10. Thanks for the reminder Evan, that we all have tons of faith, but it’s vital to know into what we are putting that faith– into God, which is unfailing, eternal, true and brings freedom and joy, or into popular and tempting mortal lies which would try to cause us fear, worry and doubt in God’s Allness. The choice is clear, so grateful to know there is a choice.

    At times we may not see (if looking through a human point of view) how things can work out, but we must take that leap of trust into God’s arms. Blessings to this community.

  11. Just woke up at 4 am on Tuesday, and the thought came that it needs humility to trust God completely! But God enables us for it this SpiritView says. This also brings us full spiritual satisfaction as Mrs. Eddy brings us to heart with her great poem “Satisfaction”
    Birdies already are lovely singing and I have still some hours to rest and sleep in the arms of our Father-Mother God knowing that we a r e fully blessed by divine Love as Evan assures us in one of his last SpiritView-blogs “blessed” – am very grateful for it!♡

  12. Awesome message, thank you! And besides this wonderfully encouraging message I have to mention that the day’s message about little Snickers, the cat, was precious! We have 2 cats, Lidda and Sandy and fully appreciate what went on in your camping household with Snickers. His picture was spectacular too. Thanks much for acquainting us with Snickers.

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