Have no fear of a virus

April 26, 2021 | 17 comments

If you want to stay healthy and well, harbor no fear of a virus!

People have been educated for decades to believe that germs transmit disease. They have been taught as little children to fear germs. Teachers, educators, medical authorities, even parents, have pounded a fear of germs into their little ones that causes many people to live their days filled with paranoia about bacteria. They see danger in every corner, they fear being around other people, they fear the air they breathe. Their fear becomes a mental and physical prison that would isolate them from the joys and freedoms that come from understanding true safety in God’s allness.

Germs are not to be ignored, but understood. It is not bacteria that transmits disease in society, but fear. Fear and ignorance are the vehicle through which disease appears to move from one mortal to another. The material mind calls the transmitter a material virus, but the metaphysician knows mind is the culprit.

Thought garrisoned in Truth is protected from the transmission of fear and the bane of ignorance that cause disease.

As a parent exclaimed to me recently, “My children are ill, and we don’t go out into the public. I don’t understand how they picked up this illness when they weren’t exposed to any germs.” But as we chatted, it became apparent that the home was filled with fear of germs. I explained that the fear is what brought the suffering into the home, and by removing the fear, we can remove the suffering. We focused thought on the omnipresence of Love and how divine Love creates an atmosphere of pure safety for the children. The illness rapidly went away, and harmony was restored.

Understanding God’s omnipotence and omnipresence creates immunity to germs. It dissolves fear, cures ignorance, and inspires one to act in healthy, sane, clean, wise ways that fill life’s days with joy, vitality, health, and safety.

Spiritual mindedness is the surest defense against germs. It knows no fear, but better yet, it knows God. And that’s a sure route to staying healthy and happy.

17 thoughts on “Have no fear of a virus”

  1. Thank you so much Evan, This is the perfect Truth antidote to the thought of dis ease. Here is the meaning of dis: “The Latin prefix is from PIE *dis- “apart, asunder” (source also of Old English te-, Old Saxon ti-, Old High German ze-, German zer-). The PIE root is a secondary form of *dwis- and thus is related to Latin bis “twice” (originally *dvis) and to duo, on notion of “two ways, in twain” (hence “apart, asunder”).”
    Two ways… You can’t have two masters, and you can’t serve God and Mammon.
    I am so grateful for your messages, The Truth shall set you free. We hope that you all are having a beautiful day! ❤️

    1. Dear Pam,
      I’m going to have to grind on this for awhile. Your mastery of language is astounding.
      Thank you, as the language we use is indeed a gateway into understanding.
      Language has evolved, Spirit has always been the same, all Intelligent.
      Thank you for this language lesson.

      Thank you Evan for continuing the battle keeping the enemy “fear” as no-thing.
      I continue to send this message each time there is a suggestion of this error.
      It’s indeed powerful mind medicine.

  2. Oh Evan. You are right on it! What the world needs now (as the song says—) I so appreciate these vlogs. True blessings every day.

  3. Thank you SO much, Evan! You help me every time! Recently enjoyed one of your lectures on YouTube too!! Many thanks!

  4. Thank you Evan for your clear, pure thought this morning. I love SpiritView messages and the comments that its followers share. To my thinking, today’s message closely mirrors Mrs.Eddy’s Scientific Statement of Being, which I use to start my day off. I loved your caution of FEAR, which can be classified as False Evidence Appearing Real.

  5. Years ago Reader’s Digest had a joke that remained with me. An American in the far East had a young
    house boy and was explaining how to wash dishes, etc and was explaining germs. He then said “But
    we Christians don’t believe that, do we?” Out of the
    mouth of babes. 🙂

  6. Evan, I am happy you keep revisiting this topic that confirms my decision not be vaccinated. As things start to open up a little in my State there is a new twist. I now find myself “not invited” to join friends in regular activities I enjoyed and informed that until I am vaccinated like them I am not welcome. I understand they are fearful. For me, it is a journey of continuing to see my friends as children of God and loved no matter what the situation appears to be and Love will open up the way for us all.

    1. Agreed jp. Evan addressed this in an earlier blog, that we can pray to see that the seeming fears of others can be dissolved, healed. God has not given any of us the spirit of fear as it says in 2 Tim 1:7 so we know it has no reality or power over your friends. I love the Trust you demonstrate in your comment “Love will open the way for us all.” That is the kind of thinking I have been standing upon.

      I attended an online poetry share held by The Mother Church reading room yesterday. Many beautiful thoughts were expressed. One person shared just two lines that came when he was worried one night and couldn’t fall asleep. He said, “God show me how to pray about the pandemic. And God said, I don’t know anything about a pandemic.”

      Sending continuing love to all of you!

  7. Evan,

    Thanks for this. I remember when I was a child in first grade. I said to my teacher, “there are no such things as germs.” She pulled me out into the hallway to try to convince me there were germs.

    I can truly see more and more that it is fear and not viruses or germs that are at the root of illnesses. Thanks for returning to this theme. I cannot be stressed enough. Indeed, we all need to better see that all disease and sickness is mental, not physical, and does not and cannot exist in God’s universe, which is the only reality.



  8. Thank you for this blog and the thoughtful comments. I have not thought of using as part of my morning prayers the nothingness of fear! This blog has inspired me to start to do this daily because it handles everything!! Fear is mortal minds best trick! Whether fear of change at any level (!) finances, relationships, health, happiness.. “nothing changes here” in the oneChristly thought we all adore and express! Christ keynote of harmony “ be not afraid”. Thank you Evan and SpiritView commenters for bringing this important issue to my attention! A blessed confident day to all!

  9. This weeks Bible lesson confirms in Science and Health pg 559.
    “God could never impart an element of evil,and man possesses
    nothing which he has not derived from God. “
    Love this and your continuing support Evan

  10. Hi Evan
    I understand to a great extent what you’re saying here and I wholeheartedly want nothing more than to be free of fear.

    I am a border in a home where we all share the same kitchen. I know for a fact that the other borders do not wash their hands after using the restroom, blowing their nose, coughing or sneezing into their hands, etc. And yet they go about the refrigerator grabbing ice cubes with their hands handling packages of food that we all share, handling the dishes, etc.

    I have a problem with that. I feel that everyone should wash their hands after using the restroom blowing their nose sneezing or coughing into their hands, etc. Especially when they’re going about doing things in the kitchen or other common areas. I justify my concerns, or I guess fear, by believing that handwashing is just general cleanliness and should be practiced by everyone.

    Evan, Please help me to understand how I should be praying about this. Thank you

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