Healing words and love

May 29, 2009 | 2 comments

A couple of weeks ago after a lecture I gave in the Northwest, a lady told me about her experiences with residents at a home for elders she lived in. She was quite talkative, full of stories and goodwill toward others. She was a happy individual and her love for humanity poured out through her personality.

At one point, she relayed how she had told a co-resident that God loved her. She put great emphasis on how she had told this woman she was loved. She didn’t say the words quietly, hesitantly or carefully. Her words gushed out with conviction as a fire hose flooding water out it’s nozzle at full force.

The object of her affection was a woman who evidently needed a lot of love. She hadn’t spoken a word in five years, according to this lady. Shortly, the woman started talking again, and hadn’t stopped chatting and sharing since, my storyteller chuckled.

It’s a simple story, but a stirring reminder how simple words, fearless sharing and powerful truths can dramatically change people’s lives.

2 thoughts on “Healing words and love”

  1. Others may call it coincidence, but my years of
    study and experience in life-as-a-student-of-Christian-Science has shown me there really is
    no such thing.

    This last few months I have had quite a number of
    occasions when divine Love has overruled my human timidity at speaking the truth, “tough love” it might be called, to one who clearly HAD to hear it. I have felt
    almost astonished at the words that flowed out!
    I felt like a witness to them, along with the needy one, and have been in awe at the results. I have taken no “credit” for either the words or the results.

    I feel this is yet one more proof of the divine law that “supply equals demand.” God KNOWS our needs, and supplies us….in proportion to our
    reaching out for the divine supply of Truth!

    Human consciousness is more ready than ever for
    this type of experience, agree?

    The human “extremity is God’s opportunity!!”

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