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  1. This is a lesson I wish I had learned earlier. I have been so grateful that the truth of Christian Science has met my every need for over 60 years after an instantaneous healing of TB in college– that is until my present challenge of weak knees– no pain. What has unfolded is that I must hold at all times to the good and true instead of what I have been doing– focusing on healing weak knees!

    1. As we read yesterday, our knees endure, are good, and this is our permanent Truth. I’m holding to this thought, myself, Marge. Love from Annie (Via Evan)

  2. Thank you for this quote, Evan. Each time I read it, it reminds me of a healing we had in our family. Quite some years ago, our son, then a teenager, had a problem with his back. His spine seemed to be deformed and he was unable to straighten up… I felt some urgency about this, because I was concerned about what others would say and I prayed literally day and night. At some point, I CLINGED to the truth that his structure is spiritual and not material, but I was afraid that, while I was not looking, error could do something bad to him (ha…). Then, I remembered the statement you quote as well as the sentence just before, which says: “Look away from the body into Truth and Love, the Principle of all happiness, harmony, and immortality.”, and I refused to look to the body for improvement. He was healed and straight in two or three days. This healing has been a beacon in our family… I am so grateful!

    1. Thank you for sharing this healing. Very helpful, when what we see seems so discouraging! Illusions indeed.

  3. Beatrice, thank you for sharing that amazing healing. The world needs to hear about those decisive healings, relying on God alone to transform thinking and bodies. So grateful to you.

  4. If we look on Love and Truth, we will see something so beautiful, we’ll never feel the need to listen to fear again.

  5. Thanks so much Marge for sharing your experiences. I’m including my whole legs from hips to ankles, not just knees. Today’s quote is one that I have been working with. And Beatrice for sharing your remarkable hearing. Once again, Evan, you have given us a very timely and helpful blog – thank you!!!

    1. Thank you, Lori, and all! I forgot to say that, before this, our son sometimes complained about backpain. But since then he never had another backache, and it has been about 18 years since. We feel truly blessed.
      I am also so very grateful for this blog and the sharing of so many precious thoughts and healings.

  6. Being steadfast and knowing no evidence before the material senses can close my eyes to the scientific fact that God good governs (Eddy) Sense testimony Thanks for sharing the healing and inspirations. Evan and all.

  7. It doesn’t say: “Hold thought steadfastly to fear, doubt, and confusion.” How easy to get caught up in these false ideas. Instead it’s “Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true…” When we do this we are turning away from a sense of “my mind” separate from God, Mind and are then becoming the thought that Mind itself is thinking.
    To Evan and all SV family, friends, commenters, and readers, I’m so grateful for this blog. I so appreciate having a place to share thoughts and ideas freely about Christian Science. I am grateful to be learning with increased clarity and conviction that we are all on our own journey to a full understanding that we all already exist eternally as whole, perfect, complete, children of God. Isn’t that an amazing thought that we are already there? All of us! Even when we don’t feel like it or see others there. I find comfort and strength in that.

  8. The quote Evan shared today from S&H is a favorite of mine. But when I read it today I wondered if someone unfamiliar with Christian Science would interpret it to mean that C.S. is about using human will to just “think good thoughts”. Anyone that has read S&H is familiar with the many statements explaining that human will is never used in C.S. practice. So I clicked on the link in blue under the quote and found the statement shared today follows the following sentences in S&H:

    “If we look to the body for pleasure, we find pain; for Life, we find death; for Truth, we find error; for Spirit, we find its opposite, matter. Now reverse this action. Look away from the body into Truth and Love, the Principle of all happiness, harmony, and immortality.”

    Reading those sentences made me see the quotation Evan shared with us today in a new light. I now think this quotation is pointing out we need to be “consistent”. We can’t affirm that God is all-powerful in one instance and then in another instance affirm the reality of an evil power (e.g. disease, evil people, etc.). We can’t know that God is all harmonious Spirit one instance and then allow ourselves to flip flop and fear some material based discord the next instance. I looked up the definition of “steadfastly” and found it can mean “unwavering”. So it’s not human will that allows us to hold thought to the “enduring, good, and true”. It’s a) understanding the source of everything (God) is enduring, good, and true and b) not allowing any suggestion of God’s opposite to trick us into ever failing to adore God and His ideas, not allowing any suggestion to make us worship the human body, death, error, or matter as though they were a god to us.

    Thank you Evan for sharing this quote with us today and thanks to everyone for your comments and to you Béatrice for sharing the wonderful testimony!

  9. Thank you, Evan, for your daily inspiration! Always so helpful! A huge thanks also to each and every contributor. A wonderful oasis of Truth each day!

  10. It seems it is important to be the porter of our thoughts, first seeing what those thoughts are. I have been seeing old thoughts that live in my consciousness that I have not been aware of and didn’t even think they could be healed, truly discarded and refused in the light of the truth. I remember a story Dan Jensen said about a practitioner trying to heal her young son of polio. She couldn’t do it and finally consulted a practitioner who said “quit peeking dear” because she was always checking to see if her son was healed. she got the message and her son was healed. I think about this because of a challenge I am facing- focus on the Truth of your being and stop checking to see if you are healed.

  11. Thank you Evan for today`s SpiritView and for making me ponder it anew. It is so important. The sentence goes much deeper than just thinking positive; it is about holding fast to God for guidance in our thinking. Although I had my testimony meeting already, I feel I do need to obey this passage very much for needed healing of every kind!
    As already said by you all, I am so very much grateful for this uplifting and healing SpiritView blog and that Evan gives us every day such loving spiritual enlightenments!

    Thank you all, dear commenter friends for your wonderful and inspiring comments – it humbles me when I read your experiences and testimonies,

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  13. OH! What a lift! Evan’s S & H quote–“stand fast with the enduring, the good and the true.” Plus such uplifts from the wonderful SV readers! So many encouraging words from all. This has given me such encouragemen t, new impetus to my rather discouraged thought re: lack of balance when walking, etc. etc. Renewed courage is mine,change of thought is now mine-up from some doubt that I could walk freely again with no fear of falling, AND knowledge that God has given me His strength and endurance as I now know I reflect that wonderful spiritual power in my thinking-hang onto that good and true!!!- How grateful I am for so much infusion of love that has helped my understanding that only God is in control. I/we all reflect His care.

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