Honesty is power

March 28, 2017 | 16 comments

“Honesty is spiritual power. Dishonesty is human weakness, which forfeits divine help.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 453

It pays to be honest! The temporal gain one believes they receive from being dishonest is as nothing compared to the wholesomeness, integrity and clean conscience one possesses from being honest.

Honesty is spiritual power. It’s conviction that one is receiving everything they need directly from God to be happy and successful. They feel no need to compromise their values to be in the best position possible. They are already there, in their closeness to God.

16 thoughts on “Honesty is power”

  1. Thank you for these daily blogs Evan!

    For some reason it occurred to me to click on the link to Science and Health you provided to see this quote in context. I found it interesting that the sentence preceding the two sentences you quoted reads:

    Teach your student that he must know himself before he can know others and minister to human needs.

    In the sentences after this quote she writes about “hidden sin”. So I think one way to interpret this quote is to conclude that we need to honestly assess our thinking to uncover wrong beliefs we are holding to so that we can eliminate those wrong beliefs through specific prayerful treatment. It’s so easy to see other people’s faults. But to really make progress in our understanding and practice of Christian Science we need to honestly assess our own thinking to uncover and destroy the “hidden sins” we are wrongly allowing in our thinking.

    And by this I don’t mean we should think of ourselves as “miserable sinners” or feel like failures if we find we are holding to some faulty ways of thinking. To use a tennis analogy, if you assess your forehand and conclude you aren’t bringing the racket back far enough on your back swing, you don’t get down on yourself and think of yourself as a failure. You practice and practice and practice doing it correctly until it becomes automatic and then you move on pleased with the fact you have corrected a past mistake and can now enjoy a higher level of play. Similarly when we uncover hidden sin in ourselves, I think we can stay positive and study to understand the specific truths that will correct the problem. Then rejoice that we have grown in our understanding of God and are now reflecting Him better in our lives.

    1. Thanks Brian. Your comments, particularly about hidden sins, have helped clarify something I have been dealing with and wondering how to deal with. Evan’s blog and what you have written is an answer to prayer.

      1. Thanks Craig. I’m very happy for you!

        After posting my comment I kept reading backwards from page 453 in Science and Health and found there are a few pages in a row dealing with this topic (see page 446:11 through page 456:25).

  2. Thank you, as always, Evan, for today’s post.
    Much can be said and written on this large topic. As God’s ideas, we are always honest, cannot be otherwise…..no matter WHAT mortal belief would suggest, huh!

    And thank you, Brian, for your really helpful Comment, (as they always are.)

    Also, last night I wrote a Comment about yesterday’s Post, quoting Mary Baker Eddy. I did not give the reference, so here it is: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 86, line 29.

    God’s Perfect Day awaits us all!

    1. Spiritviewfan
      I love the poise you express in your thought, continually
      holding the highest truth. This has inspired me
      to do the same.

  3. An honest heart frees us from the cloak of darkness to express the light of joy! All your post are a guiding light. And Thank you Brian for your enlightening comments.

  4. Thank you, Evan, Brian and all of the other comments. Honesty within our own thinking as well as actions certainly brings liberation.

  5. Wonderful SV and great comments!
    Once when having to speak w/ someone about some sensitive issues, after praying to be led in what to say, I spoke very honestly with patience and compassion. The individual went bullistic. I didn’t react but held on to the truths that came to me. It all worked itself out and now we are closer than ever. Honesty is an incredible force for good and healing!!

  6. Honesty is so vital in our lives. To me it equates to purity in our thought. I really emphasized to my kids the importance of honesty as they were growing up, that no matter what occurred if we were honest with one another we could work things out harmoniously. It helped them to be trustworthy individuals for which I am very grateful. That quality of honesty and genuineness is what attracted me to my husband for whom I am grateful every day and thank God for bringing him into my life.

  7. The root of honesty is realized by
    learning, then knowing and understanding
    our True self … to me this means refuting
    mortal minds erroneous version of reality
    until it is seen as having no power, no existence… when we see ourselves as God sees us… honesty and humility are automatic
    The gift of the power and glory of the kingdom of God… where we exist this very moment

  8. Thank you Evan for your todays so important and inspired SpiritView.

    And thank you all commenter friends for all your so wonderful and helpful comments and for sharing your so valuable experiences. 😉

  9. For many years I have so appreciated what you share with us, Evan. It is so helpful Thank you.
    I never thought about clinking on the link in Science and Health to see what comes before and after what you quoted. Brian mentioned this today in his comment. Thank you , Brian.

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