Improve your time with God

December 22, 2020 | 36 comments

Time past and time present, both, may pain us, but time improved is eloquent in God’s praise.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Pulpit and Press, p. 1

Millions of people are happy to leave the year 2020 behind and move toward something better. But it’s not going to be a new year that makes things better by itself. It’s improved thinking and inspired spiritual outlook that improves the path before us.

May your New Year be filled with improved spiritual outlooks! May fears and limiting beliefs be left behind and more of God’s omnipotence and omnipresence be experienced every day.

36 thoughts on “Improve your time with God”

    1. Dear Angie at this season I’d like to thank you for the articles you provide which are so relevant and helpful, expanding on Evan’s glorious blogs. I’m grateful for this “service” that you provide to SpiritViewers. Happy Christmas and thank you.

        1. May I add to that blessing for you Angie! I see so many loving acts around me, smiling, helpful grocery clerks, people holding open doors for others, neighbors on our daily walks, needing spiritual encouragement and blessing Gods’ care for us, families helping each other, and on and on! Perhaps 2020 was testing humanity for its duties and love for their fellowman. Your articles have been a blessing to all of us! Thank you!

    2. Thank you Angie for sharing this article! I passed it on to a few others too.

      Dear Evan, what a helpful thought-I am grateful that you take the time to share with us all daily. What a blessing you and this community are-this church- the structure of Truth and Love elevating the race!✨

    3. Great article, Angie. Perfect for today! Thank you for your love and diligence is finding and sharing these. What a blessing to us all!

    4. Yes Angie, I must take a moment to thank you, at this holiday season, for your gifts of inspired articles. Your time and effort in selecting something appropriate to the day’s message is very much appreciated. I personally especially enjoy the older articles, from the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s etc. Some of those writers truly blow me away with their absoluteness and clarity. Also shows the timelessness of the teachings. Wishing you peaceful and joyful holidays!

      1. Thanks Rose for your as always thoughtful note; I’ve so appreciated your posts. It’s so amazing we have our periodicals with their helpful insights, almost like from a larger family through time from fellow ‘seekers of Truth’.

  1. Thank you Evan and Angie, as always, “perfect timing”! Just what I needed to help others… We are all so blessed.

  2. Evan thank you for your clear statements on improving our thoughts in order to improve the path ahead.
    As our thoughts improve so will our deeds our gifts back to God.
    “To …follow his example, is our proper debt to him and the only worthy evidence of our gratitude for all that he has done.” S&H 4-9.
    I feel my path is learning that God is my All in all.

  3. Thank you for this blog. My regular prayer time has not been these past few days what I need. this blog straightens my course to begin again

  4. Dear Evan
    Thank you for your glorious blogs which explain matters in clear, unambiguous and easily understood terms, daily assisting in keeping my thought aligned with where it should be. SpiritView is such a blessing and I am grateful to you for all your work and effort to provide this daily sustenance.
    Best wishes for a joyous peaceful Christmas to Evan and family, and my lovely friends on SpiritView.

  5. Lovely guidance during Christmas week .Thank you Evan. Love the article Angie…timeless! But then of course our true being is timeless. Thank you to everyone for their helpful comments on Spirit View. Sometimes one of you just highlights an aspect of Evan’s initial guidance that prompts my thought to delve deeper….still learning! Wishing you all a glorious time full of joy, with Divine Love encompassing everyone now and going forward. Blessing to all❣️

  6. Thank you Evan for these wonderful ideas that you share. And thank you everyone else for your selfless sharing of your experiences and thoughts. I so appreciate the links to the articles that are provided for easy access.

    Christmas blessings to all. With love and gratitude.

  7. Thank you for todays subject Evan. Thank you Angie for being so kind and making it so very easy to read the Sentinal articles which magnify Evan’s view for today.
    The sale of the devils tools! I have to make sure that I don’t buy any of them.

  8. Each day Evan introduces this community to a thoughtful perspective which we ponder and share. These wonderful conversations have really helped my deepening understanding of God, our lives lived in harmony…. more than can be described here. I am so grateful for Angie’s almost daily provision of a perfectly-aligned article from our publications; of the willing and generous sharing from our precious world-wide SpiritView readers. All are blessings
    Heartfelt Love and Thanks to each & every one. Thank you, Evan

  9. My heart is always so full after my morning reading of SpiritView. And Angie, I and so many of my friends have benefited from the reading and passing on of articles you have suggested. I am deeply grateful. Christmas blessings to all.

  10. I must add my thanks to Evan and Angie! We have no idea how many friends are blessed by your daily messages!
    Blessed Christmas to all our Spirit View family!❤️

  11. Hello Everyone,
    Thank you, Evan. This comes at a perfect time for me as I am endeavoring to “expunge” the material past more and more. I really want to begin the New Year with new views but I’m not waiting for Jan. 1st!! As always, your blog and vlogs have been so inspiring with healing message. God Bless you and your family this season and always.

  12. Thank you Evan for this blog and Angie for such a timely article that you shared this morning. They are a beautiful way to start the day.

  13. May I add my gratitude to Evan for every thought stirring, spirit enriching post,- and to Angie for each encouraging and always on point article. This blog continually consoles, nurtures, guides, instructs, and elevates consciousness. It is a blessing beyond words. And thank you all for being the kind of family I’ve always wanted. God bless you all.

  14. Thank you Evan for this wonderful reminder! I often ask myself what is a new year going to change unless we change our thinking! Thank you Angie for sharing the article! I love the thought of thanking God just for being God not for what he gives me but just for who He is!!!
    That is and always will be enough! I have had a real shift in thought this morning and I am deeply grateful to all of you who have shared your thoughts!
    Much Love and Merry Christmas to you all!!

  15. Wonderful SpiritView Family!
    Divine Love’s Gift!

    We have every reason to rejoice and
    be grateful, to stay Awake,
    Watching for and listening to
    The Christ…our true consciousness,
    to become ever-clearer to us, to all mankind!

    Thank you, dear Evan.

    Peace Joy Love … every day always forever and ever.

  16. Betsy- I agree that the messages of Spiritview ripple out and bless many. As thought is uplifted, we see ourselves and others in a more spiritual light. That effects the way we treat ourselves and others; people feel that and in turn can be a blessing to others. The impact of this is infinite.

    Linda- I related to what you said about this being the kind of family you always wanted. What a sweet sentiment. At this moment we are blessed by God to be surrounded by a supportive community where only the highest Truth is spoken. What a gift!

    Thank you again Evan, all blessings to you and family; and to all of you wonderful SpiritViewers who share inspiration so freely. Joy to you today and every day!

  17. It is a great comfort to feel that all Evan’s readers constitute a family, a human family as well as a spiritual family, all one. Such blessings from all your comments. In appreciation.

  18. This Is such a family of Love and Caring for each other. In amidst “authority” lock downs and being told not to visit with others, the inclusiveness I feel within this spiritual family of believers in Truth, is so welcome and appreciated… God’s Universal Family…
    What could be better than that? Love to you all.

  19. “May fears and limiting beliefs be left behind and more of God`s omnipotence and omnipresence be experienced every day, and let our spirituao outlook be improved” These are some of my deepest desires for the coming year!
    Thank you, Evan for the true outlook for the coming year, you are giving us with your so loved SpiritView today.!
    And thank you and your wonderful SpiritView team for steadily supplying us with the needed and uplifting timely thoughts!

    And I also thank Angie very much indeed for all the links to the suitable articles. Specially today I am grateful for the article about “Gratitude” which is an important aspect of healing! Gratitude is actually one of the precious qualities given us from God! Hymn 3 is such a lovely poem:

    “A grateful heart a garden is,
    where there is always room
    for every lovely, Godlike grace
    to come to perfect bloom

    verse 3:
    A grateful heart a temple is,
    a shrine so pure and white,
    where angels of His presence keep
    Calm watch by day or night.

    Grant then, dear Father-Mother, God,
    whatever else befall,
    this largess of a grateful heart
    that loves and blesses all.”

    Lovely and great Christmas to a l l !

  20. Thank you dear Evan for all your wonderful blogs over this trying time and also a big thank you for everyone who commented – this has been a great source of inspiration and support for me during this difficult year. 2021 will be much better because of all the blessings and thoughts from this blog. Happy Christmas!

  21. So-o-o GRATEFUL for Spiritview! Thank you Angie for more blessings by providing the link to an excellent article in the Christian Science Sentinel. Precious Science, straight from God.

  22. Thank you all for these wonderful comments. Thank you Angie for uplifting articles you have guided us to
    over these past months. So very grateful for our Spirit View family. May this season be filled with Gods Love and care. Blessings to Evan and family.

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