It pays to be thoughtful

April 26, 2018 | 12 comments

“A reckless driver is usually not wreck-less for long.”

~ Unknown

There are many different types of roads we “drive” in life’s pursuits.

There are highways that take us to new towns and cities. There are relationships we navigate, perhaps at work, with a spouse, children or extended family. Finances need to be managed. Perhaps a career needs to be nourished and planned.

Whatever road you’re presently driving, it pays to be considerate and thoughtful about what you do.

We can prevent wrecks of conflict, lack and loss with some thoughtful prayer and preparation ahead of time.

God is Love. God is Mind. God is kind, considerate, thoughtful, charitable and wise.

Live to reflect the divine nature in everything you do. The spiritual love and wisdom you reflect will help keep you in a safe place and out of harm’s way.

12 thoughts on “It pays to be thoughtful”

  1. This message brings to thought a theme in this week’s lesson – walking with God. We walk with God in the light. That light can be the beacon that illuminates our road ahead so that we avoid all the various types of wrecks Evan tells us about and more. Walking with God is being aware of all the guideposts She offers in the gifts of her truth, wisdom and insight that is ever available to us when we know who is really in the driver’s seat. Blessings to all.

  2. Oh, hallo Elizabeth,

    thank you so much for your very helpful comment. pondering about Evan`s wonderful SpiritView, I asked myself for a short moment, how to pray a h e a d of time. But you said it already. Studying this weeks lesson sermon shows us the right way.
    By the way, what I always pray when I am driving is, what Elizabeth says “God is on my driver`s seat,” very blessing!

    Yes, we can pray ahead of time, in knowing that God is in full control of everything we do and let God lead us. And how wonderful our God is, i.e. Love, Mind and very kind, considerate, thoughtful, charitable and wise and more. And as children of this wonderful God we naturally express these qualities, that is so comforting!

    I am very grateful for Evan`s today`s healing SpiritView, and that I may learn more and more in Christian Science!

    1. Thanks Uta. Your reflection is also very beautiful. If I remember correctly, it was you who once commented that God guides you even to get a place to park. Apply to everything. God keeps our place. Thank you

      1. Thank you Gustavo!
        Thats right, I always pray and thank in advance for a good parking place, whereever I need it. And I think, that all other drivers will have also the place they need.

  3. Good morning dear Evan and group. What a good topic today. No doubt to reflect on who is in charge. Remember Acts 17:28. “because in Him we live, we move and we have our being … we are his lineage” Having this in our consciousness, we know what path to take and where it will take us. We start from Love, we travel with Love and we reach the goal: Love, from which we can not escape. Thank you Evan and I also agree with you Elizabeth. Thank you and … to travel the way from, through and to Love. Everything is Love. To reflect !!

    1. Thank you, too Gustavo.
      That is exactly our goal, our every action starting with our Father-Mother God, divine Love.

      Love to all

  4. Thank you, Evan and SpiritViewers … “I am reminded of Hymn 139, …I walk with Love along the way… I feel God’s presence with me here….
    The joy that none can take away Is mine: I walk with Love today.”

  5. We were talking about this at church last night that when there is some fear for driving, that putting oneself mentally in a ‘bubble of Love’ is very helpful, and then as you feel comfortable being with God, Love – draw in the other drivers along the way until eventually your thought holds everyone in that joyful, safe condition.

  6. “God is Love. God is Mind. God is kind, considerate, thoughtful, charitable and wise.” We’re His Child/Offspring/Reflection … this is what we are and always were. Hooray! <3

  7. Mrs. Eddy’s statement from “Science and Health”: we need to “change our notion (belief) of chance to the proper sense of God’s unerring direction and thus bring out harmony” is always so helpful to me when driving. I also declare that God’s law of harmony is the only law governing me and all around me and that God’s law annuls any other so-called law of chance, Murphy’s, physical so-called laws, etc.

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