It’s easier to know truth than to know disease

June 29, 2023 | 21 comments

A person struggling with aches and pains said, “It’s so hard to know spiritual truth when feeling pain in my hands and feet.” I pointed out that the “hard part” they felt was not from knowing spiritual truth. It was from believing in disease which propped up the pain and suffering.

As we prayed together and moved her thought from fearing disease to loving spiritual truth, the pain subsided, and peace took over.

It’s a devious tactic of mortal mind to convince a person it’s “Hard to know spiritual truth.” The opposite is true. It’s “hard to know disease!” Belief in disease is what leads to so much suffering and pain.

Suffering does not come from knowing spiritual truth. Freedom and healing are the gift of knowing spiritual truth.

For healing, it helps to remember that it’s easy to know spiritual truth. To know truth is to accept God as reality, to identify with spirituality as reality, and to let the omnipresence of Love envelop you with comfort and tender care.

It’s much easier to think about positive healing spiritual truth, than to think about disease and suffering.

Be quick to agree with Truth! Be even quicker to disagree with disease. Any struggle will cease as the peace of God takes over.

21 thoughts on “It’s easier to know truth than to know disease”

  1. Splendid spectrum colorful sunrise over an ocean of promise, .
    Yet beginning of another day.
    Soaring heights beauteous!
    Tranquil, unimaginable, perfect radiance brought by the sun.
    Where are you creator of this?
    All powerful unseen source, magnificence?
    Other scenes never same.
    No rival, comparative image.
    Simple progress of day.
    Image every moment progresses.
    The power, reliable, always there.
    Illuminating senses.
    Evidence exhibiting the unseen, eternal power.
    Omnipresence, eternal Creator,
    Magnificent Mind.
    Our God.
    Our destiny, Loving as are we Loved.
    Today, tomorrow and yesterday.

    Evan, Thank you for bringing this inspired beauty to us as we replace images of dis ease with the grandeur of God’s perfection. Well done as we share another beautiful reception for today’s sharing. Blessings and Loving Kindness

    1. You’ve seen the light David. it envelops you, goes everywhere with you. you cannot, have not, escaped it’s grandeur.

    2. That is so beautiful David. Thank you for posting it.
      Evan thank you for pointing this out so clearly. Love to all.

  2. Thanks Evan, just what I need to know in supporting a sister-in-law who is going to a doctor for an examination of a growth. Am working with the first line in the chapter of Prayer….”The prayer that reforms the sinner and heals the sick …”

  3. Thank you Evan and David
    “Image every moment progresses…
    The power reliable always there”
    Awesome thoughts and so helpful today!

    1. How true, Valerie. The feathered freedom of the
      seabird’s flight, gliding above mortal limitations
      is such a heavenly perception of serenity’s power,
      but yet amazing calm and vast eternity.

  4. Looking at the picture we can see the beauty of Truth. Truth continues to reflect itself. What a glorious Life, knowing and having evidence of Truth at all moments. Thank you Evan and thank you David Brandon and all contributors who are still to share in the meal of the day. .

  5. Thank you Evan for this healing message. I received a spiritual breakthrough when reading the words “It was from believing in disease which propped up pain and suffering.” That’s the thought, behind the thought, which tries to separate us from the all encompassing goodness of God.

  6. “It was from believing in disease which propped up pain and suffering”
    In like manner I have been prompted to say nay to ungodly thoughts right as they come into thought and refute them with a resounding YAY and hold to the thoughts of Truth that always win the argument.

    Thank all who contribute their much needed inspiration in SV.

    Thank you Evan for this marvelous inspired venue to bless all mankind!!!

  7. Thank you, Evan. I had a similar experience recently when pain seemed to make it hard for me to know the truth of my spiritual being. My “violin wasn’t tuned” so as my CS teacher would say and made it harder to
    “play”, to listen for God’s angel messages. Each day my thought was moving forward though and when the practitioner told me to “Stand porter at the door of thought…” i thought ok i can do that and then healing came. But you are so right!! The hard part was not knowing what’s spiritually true and believing that pain and material picture is true. Thank you for this post. A keeper!

  8. “As we prayed together and moved her thought from fearing disease to loving spiritual truth, the pain subsided, and peace took over.” We learn in Christian Science that disease is a distorted sense of reality,- a False Sense, and that matter has no real inherent capacity to cause pain and suffering. Understanding this, and prayerfully aligning thought with the true spiritual sense of our harmonious being in God, eases the struggle, reduces the fear, and ultimately brings healing. Thank you Evan for yet another practical demonstration of this glorious Truth!

    David,- your poetic verse is soul stirring and beautiful! Thank you!

  9. The stunning seascape above is so awesome and highlights so perfectly
    the message of “accepting God as a reality”. Who could think
    otherwise with such a delightful scene? I love such depictions of
    our Creator’s handiwork! Thank you so much.
    God’s paintbrush paints the sky with amazing brilliance and the
    ocean reflects perfection’s harmony. This loveliness electrifies the Soul
    with an expression of soothing calmness that shelters into our hearts
    with angel thoughts, so peaceful and contented, there is no room for
    dis ease or strife. These beams of light, Truth, like God’s gentleness …
    wash away any temptations of discord. God’s Love, like this sky/ocean
    filled beauty, bring about heavenly blessings and lift our thoughts higher
    and higher into heaven’s healing harmony.
    Thank you Evan, David ~ for the lovely poem and everyone for such
    wonderful and helpful comments and thoughts.

  10. Beautiful picture, lovely testimony and spiritual truths from Evan – and beautiful comments.

    I was just thinking about it, and the following came to thought:
    If we are looking for the spiritual truth, we will find it, and it goes on unfolding forever in
    beautiful ways, because it is real, and is of God. If we look at disease, we will only see
    more and more of that, until it finally destroys itself, because it is just an illusion formed by false conceptions of reality. It has no cause or true substance. If we walk towards an illusion and know that it is an illusion so don’t believe in it as a reality, – like a puddle on the road in the heat – it
    disappears as we get close to it. So it is with disease. If we don’t believe in
    it as a reality and don’t fear it because we understand it is not real, it
    just becomes nothing to us , which is all it really is – nothing posing as something.
    Then we can mentally walk confidently towards it unconcerned,, filled with our spiritual understanding, and it will disappear, like the puddle.

  11. Thank you for today’s magnificent photo, very inspiring.

    I loved hearing that it’s not hard to know the Truth and that it’s just that same old, played out tactic of mortal mind to suggest that it’s hard. It tries to say that praying is hard. It’s animal magnetism. It should be the easiest thing to know what is true and hard to know or be convinced of a lie. The lie has nothing to back it up, no foundation, no reality, no existence. Knowing Truth is natural and normal for God’s children and so in reality must be easy.

  12. Thank you very much dear Evan ! I love to ponder your today’s spiritual views. Day by day you are giving us so lovingly the gift of knowing spiritual truth which heals and frees us , giving us the correct understanding of the divine truth!♡

    Thank you all very very much for your wonderful comments!♡

    1. Thank you, J , for sharing this article by Evan and thank you, Evan, for writing it and sharing your healing and spiritual reasoning. Very helpful!

  13. Thank you very much dear “J” presenting us this wonderful article anew. This time I read it more thoroughly so that the spiritual truth Evan explains so clear became more inspiring to me!
    Thank you deeply for it dear Evan! It’s an utmost wonderful testimony!♡

  14. How generous you all are with your words, wisdom, and prayerful support.
    Every word a keeper. Thank you all. This site is worth so much to those who are seekers of Truth.

  15. I had put this wonderful seascape above on my computer wallpaper
    and in seeing it this morning, with the delightfulness and freedom of it,
    led me to Hymn#65:
    “From glory unto glory, Be this our joyous song:
    From glory unto glory, ‘Tis Love that leads us on;
    As wider yet and wider, The rising splendors glow,
    What wisdom is revealed to us, What freedom we may know …
    From glory unto glory, What great things He hath done,
    What wonders He hath shown us,
    What triumphs Love hath done,
    From glory unto glory, From strength to strength we go,
    While grace for grace abundantly
    Doth from His fullness flow.”

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