It’s not God’s fault

April 28, 2006 | 1 comment

“How could God take the life of my three year old boy,” a mother cried after losing her child in a fire that burnt her family home.

Human thought is filled with misconceptions of God, and the belief that God takes the lives of His children to punish or inflict harm on trespassers is one of those lies.

God is the presence of Love, not a source of wrath. When disaster happens, like the loss of a young one, it’s not God’s fault. God does not hurt or harm anyone. God’s place and role in our lives is to help and to heal.

The world is filled with evil and bad events happen around the globe everyday. God does not cause the evil to happen, but is here to save us from its dire effect.

Evil things happened to Jesus. He was crucified. That’s pretty bad. But Jesus didn’t get mad at God. He turned to God even more and his faith was rewarded. He walked out of the tomb alive, triumphant over the ultimate enemy of death.

When evil would bury us in a tomb of despair, loss, lack or despondency, we must not forsake the very help we need more than any other. God is here to help us out of our darkness and fill our hope with light once again. We each can have our resurrection morn.

The mother above who lost her child can find solace in knowing her child is alive and well with God, in Spirit. This is a fact. Any present sense of separation is temporary and can be bridged over with knowledge that life is eternal. No fire or disaster can touch her loved one as a child of God. He is safe in his Mother’s arms, far away from the evil one, happy and well at this very moment, and wanting everyone her on earth to know that he is okay!

1 thought on “It’s not God’s fault”

  1. I found this helpful. It reminded of an experience not that long ago when I was sitting at my desk, my bible and Science & Health in front of me, but my head in my hands thinking about my dear dear sister and my loving teacher, recently passed on, and wondering why, so untimely, so cruel…and like a drop down a deep deep well I heard ‘you don’t think I caused that?’….I didn’t spring to my feet and feel suddenly happy, far from it, but this I know..I am not at the depth I was before I heard it……….M.G., Canada

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