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February 25, 2014 | 16 comments

In from a reader, and too much fun to let go without sharing…

Past, Present, and Future met in a bar. It was tense….

16 thoughts on “Just For Fun”

  1. What is amiss? I have a bit of English humor, but I don’t get this one after 30 minutes in a quandary? Will someone explain it’s simplicity to me? Ha, ha. 🙂 I guess. Sunshine

    1. It’s two different ways of looking at the word tense. Tense…as is tension when opposing parties meet, and tense as in grammar, past, present and future. Hope that helps! LOL

  2. Ha! Got it..and is funny! Anytime you try to get the past and future together with the ‘present’..it would be tense…not comfortable. ha! As all we have is the ‘now’. Thanks, Evan.

  3. Clearly my sense of humor must be working overtime, cuz I
    love this!

    Our Soul is oh-so joyous and creative, I feel sure.

    I watched a film recently called About Time. The lead actor was able to
    travel back in time, make different (better) decisions than what he
    originally had done, to adjust the outcomes. Afterward, I pondered (once again)
    the notion of time….Past, Present, Future. It made me … Tense!

    As Soul’s ideas, we are bigger than time, limits, mortal measurements. Someday
    we shall gain so much perspective, knowing this fully.


  4. Nothing is opening up for me — how did everyone else see a joke? Replies are interesting, and make me more curious. Hm-m-m.

  5. You can get this and other witty sayings on tee shirts and other merchandise through “Signals”. I get their catalog, but I’m sure they have a website as well.

    Fun to see this again. And thanks for the follow-up, Barb.

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