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  1. There are a lot of things in our life we can’t control, but we can control our attitude. Always choose to be positive and joyful and be grateful for God’s blessings.


  2. Thank you Evan. Thank you Shirley and all. When we hold in thought that man is God’s image, we would be loving in all we do. This is an aspect of good attitude.

  3. Thank you, I need this reminder to check my attitude. A healthy attitude is one that looks upward, in a Godly direction.


    Seeming to be stuck in the muck of error’s hypnotizing thought does make us feel dis-abled, dis-connected from our Source of all good and joy. But we are never really stuck because we can humbly ask God for help, and see that thought is free to change in an instant with His help. I love what Mrs. Eddy said, that we can Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist and reject All that is unlike good and that God gives us this ability, which nothing can take away.

    1. Thanks very much, Evan for this very good advice!

      Thank you, Rose! You give us wonderfully comforting and loving metaphysics. It is very helpful and lovely refreshing divine ideas. That’s what I needed just now. I am grateful that we learn in CS that God always meets our needs, in which form ever. God’s sources of his goodness for all his children are endless!♡

    2. I had reread these very helpful thoughts and article
      today and am so grateful for this wonderful place
      to come, where God is, as you say, Rose, with…
      “Good, Orderly, Direction”.
      I went to patronize my friend who owns a takeout
      restaurant today, because she always has a loving
      smile to share and I know things are tough for her
      with the economy, etc. I called in my small order
      and she seemed having trouble getting the order
      correct, which she knows me and never has had
      issues before (I usually always get the same thing).
      When I got there she seemed very tired and not quite
      herself, (humanly speaking), with a deep sense of
      sadness. There is little I can say …(which can get
      frustrating), that she can understand, but I could
      empathize with her and just to let her know
      someone cares… She is there at work every day
      and my smile helpe her perk up her thought, as hers
      did ~ mine.
      Love reflected in Love, regardless of any barriers of
      language or whatever. I think my attitude of
      compassion towards her helped raise her attitude
      and even though, she said she does have to work
      tomorrow, a holiday in the US, which she looked
      sadly about…her spirit had changed for the better
      when I left, so I was glad I went to spread a little
      of God’s Love with herr.

  4. On the 8/28 Spirit View I posted that I and my family were evacuating away from the oncoming Hurricane Idalia whose projected path appeared to be headed towards our home. We remained safe throughout the storm period and resulting surge of tidal water and returned to our home that experienced no damage whatsoever nor did any of our neighbors living close by. It appears we are among the few areas that came through unscathed. I wish to extendr my deepest thanks to Rose, J, Maggie, Ellen, Carol, all of of my other SV dear friends and undoubtedly many others who offered such thoughtful and heartfelt responses and prayers following my posting. The power of prayer is amazing and I am so blessed to be part of this community.

    1. William, so very glad and grateful to hear that you and your home and family and neighbors continue to be safe and well. Praise and glory to God.

    2. What wonderful news! Thank you for the update. We praise all mighty good and so appreciate His/Her blessings! There are no destructive elements in God’s creation.

  5. How wonderful, William – I am so glad. I have been praying and thinking of you
    and hoping you would be reporting back that all is well. Our God is truly good,
    and does answer our prayers. It is so good to have all our SpiritView family
    caring about each other. Thank you Evan for giving us this haven of Love,
    and inspiring us continually. It is such a blessing.

  6. The world is truly blessed leaning on the sustaining infinite in any storm hurricane discord of any sort God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble and I am so grateful to be a student of Christian Science and class instruction in daily Bible lessons such a blessing such a saving grace Thank you Evan for your daily watchfulness it is helping the world and that’s what practitioners are all about praying for the Lord Thank you all love you all keep up the good work Christian Scientists. SO MUCH LOVE

  7. I agree, Patrick that attitude Is crucial. I know what you mean. If my hearrt
    isn’t in something, for various reasons, it is very difficult sometimes to find
    the right attitude.
    I was just painting the front and garage door frames as they are starting to rot.
    With an almost non-stop stream of cars going by today, I was feeling a bit
    despondent in attidude with all of these folks being on vacation and/or places
    to go, but I became grateful that I am capable of doing what needs to be done,
    it is really a beautiful day to do it, before cold weather sets in, and that I have
    a home, to make it more kept and maintained. God’s Mind provides what we
    need if it is the right/ way and if we understand God more, it helps in keeping
    our attitude in the Right place.
    I am glad that all was/is well with your home, Wiliam.

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