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October 18, 2016 | 24 comments

“A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks.”

~ Charles Gordy

24 thoughts on “Keep yourself looking good”

  1. Yes of course, smile does not cost us anything but it does enhances our looks and enhances the looks of the person whom we give a smile. When I was in school, a friend wrote in my book “Smile is cheaper than electricity but spreads more light.” Surely a smile does spread light, happiness, lifts up tensions, communicates warmth and soothes the heart of the receiver. We all love to be friends with a cheerful person who makes us feel welcomed. Oh Yes, we need to smile more often and to one and all. Evan you certainly have a smiling face. So grateful for this reminder.

  2. Whoops! I just sent a smiley face, but it didn’t post! Let me try again! (With a smile of thanksgiving to each of you!)

  3. What a beautiful quotation to remember. I was told as a child, that if I saw a sad person. give them one of your special smiles. They will instantly feel loved and may even smile back!!!! The words of one our lovely hymns comes to mind……each smile a hymn, each kindly deed a prayer. May all our days be filled with kindly deeds.

  4. One day I was feeling particularly happy inside. A friend wanted to know why I was so sad. I replied that I was not sad but actually quite happy. The retort came, “Then let your body know.” And useful reminder to not stay bottled up but spread your joy. It brightens others as well as yourself.

  5. As a young mother I made a pledge to myself that no matter what was going on, and there was often a lot, I would greet my children with a smile. I kept my pledge no matter how difficult it was at times. A smile in the morning, a smile after school , and at the bus stop. I have to admit that that habit of smiling made everything fall into its place and everything that was going badly was diminished. It helped me very much.

  6. “The Indians caught some glimpses of the underlying reality,
    when they called a certain beautiful lake “the smile of the Great Spirit.”

    Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, pg. 477:26-29


    1. “The smile of the great Spirit” is Lake Winnepesaukee in New Hampshire, Mrs. Eddy’s home state! Love it! Yes smiles are important, they are a sign of Love’s warmth.

  7. Well we all seem to agree smiling is a good thing and so do I…
    Now I’m compelled to get back to the work at hand…

  8. Don’t mean to offend and I’m sure my thoughts expose my whatever….
    And why should I even care about some bloggers offering on something as sweet as a smile… I just think the presentation of beautiful models showing “everything is wonderful and I’m beautiful” smiles is pure #%**%…. want to see a beautiful smile… look at the weathered face of a suffering mother who has just learned her child will not starve because some good souls have risked life and limb to bring them food…
    Come on Evan..

    1. Thank you for your comment Maximo. The deep concern you have expressed for those in need is something we all should share…but more importantly…act upon. It often appears that people that attend church (of all religious denominations) view going to church as the fulfillment of their duty to express love to their fellow men/women. But I believe Jesus and Mrs. Eddy provided examples to us that showed doing more than just that is needed. So I have taken your comment as a personal wake up call that I too need to do more in this regard.

      I would be interested to hear what things you are doing to reach out to others in your community. Perhaps if we all shared examples of what we are doing, that would inspire us all and give us ideas to do likewise!

      1. Thank you Brian, it was with trepidation that I offered this post as I real am not judging anyone, however ideas are fair game…
        I would love to share with you some ideas and actions I am implementing but feel we should do this outside of this forum. If you care to please contact me thru email as I would love communicating with you…
        And to all fellow commenters, I value this forum and Evans efforts… so my apologies to anyone offended by something I felt need to be exspressed…

  9. Evan et al: THANK YOU for the short reminder. I so appreciate it! A genuine smile of kindness even to a stranger will often work wonders–if there is God’s love and outreach behind that smile it makes the giver and the receiver rejoice within one’s heart. It does make one’s face look pleasant and welcoming and I have seen it reflected in strangers when I have suddenly smiled at them. Invariably, they smile back. When we smile with a genuine outreach of God’s love it is a joyous happening. I will do this today as I go about my travels. Thank you, again, dear Evan.

  10. Thank you Evan, that you remind us what is important in relationship with other people.
    And thank you Pat, have just that experienced today what you wrote about.
    When I went shopping today I smiled at the cashier and she gave me a warm smile back; and then we had a little friendly talk. I think thats proving Gods presence even in small things.
    Am greatful for your SpiritView dear Evan!

  11. Been a-thinkin’ and praying about the subject of “criticism and judging” … ourselves, others, lots of things… A huge subject, I feel, and one I try to be aware of, when indulging these ungodlike qualities…and to forgive myself and others when it happens. A big culprit is self-righteous. Perhaps judging ourselves and others stems from old theology… teaching that God is a stern Judge of man, selecting some to be saved and some to be … well, not. I am trying to understand God as 100 per cent Love, always forgiving, never condemming, unable to criticize… And therefore we, as Love’s expression, can’t be anything less.

    Work to do!

  12. It’s later than usual for me to read this special blog, but I’ve been busy doing God’s work. A smile means so much when it is from the heart. People can tell if it’s a phony pretend smile or a genuine one. I had a Sunday School teacher who told me that when things are really tough and you feel like crying, that sometimes you need to put a smile on your face anyway, and that eventually you will feel it. I had been through some difficult times, but always managed to feel God’s love and express it outwardly through a smile. An older lady said to me, “Well, dear, you don’t know what difficult things are like so you can smile.” Little did she know what (to human sense) I had been through, and I didn’t tell her. Smiles are wonderful for the recipient and the giver! They are both blessed by smiles.

  13. DEAR Daphne: I am smiling right at you! I am sending warmth and love and friendship and smiles and encouragement and God’s love for YOU—right to your door. Open it and God is there and I, as His child–and your friend—- am there. This is from God and Pat.

  14. Thank you Evan for this beautiful remimder.
    Very often Churches and individuals are about helping in many different ways but don’t choose to advertise it.
    In this community, as in others where I have lived, there has been considerable going on to help the needy, food distributed, clothing collected and distributed, the homeless being taken in and given a temporary home, etc
    One church maintains a warehouse with furniture, clothing, nonperishable food items where anyone can go for help. A thrift shop manned by volunteers, the.proceeds which go to help those in need has been in business for more than 70 years.
    One Church group meets weekly to sew and knit or crochet warm clothing and bedding for the needy. One provides hot lunches for the children through the summer when they are not getting them from school.
    This is a small community and this is just the things I know.about. There is evidence of much but goes unpublicized.

    Sometimes before we criticize we need to ask ourselves “what can I do”. A bit of prayerful. asking God “what can I do”, listening and following where He leads doesn’t leave much time for criticism.

  15. I am sorry I am late on this one. Right on. Thank you Evan. True though, as Loren said, that the other person can tell if the smile is genuine. Maximo, I’m sure the people giving food to that starving child are doing it with a smile of love. And just maybe that starving child is able to give a smile of gratefulness for what he/she is getting — both food and God’s Love expressed in both.

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