Let God Outline the Outcome

December 27, 2013 | 12 comments

All types of outcomes are outlined in the human mind, many of which need to be guarded against.

Health reports outline the spread of contagious disease and predict an outbreak of sickness.

Economists outline a weak economy and predict poor prospects for finding a job or making a profit.

Those who study heredity find fault in genes and prophesy an ailing body.

Those who study food find fear in every bite and warn of dire consequences.

The list could go on…

What types of outcomes are outlined in your mind? Will they take you to a good place?

Mary Baker Eddy wisely wrote,

“Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts.”   Science and Health, p. 261

If you are entertaining unhealthy outcomes, you can change them. The carnal mind does not do your thinking. You have mental dominion to reject bad endings and to serve the good. God made you spiritually minded to think and act right.

Let God outline all outcomes and the effect will be very good.

12 thoughts on “Let God Outline the Outcome”

  1. So true. The human mind without the ability to tap into the spiritual will always take the side of the material. That negative quality that never uplifts, inspires, or regenerates. Letting God do the outlining always uplifts, inspires and regenerate thought and always will lead into success.

  2. This has came an appropriate time as I am going through a process of doubt of a belief of material testing result. I need to arise about any negative results and lean more to God thoughts and messages and dwell on His righteous message to me. This alone would result in the healing I need.

    Thanks, Evan and Tobias for your advice and positive comments.

  3. The good you do and the inspiration and healing that comes from this blog deserve recognition! What blessings! —and what inspiration to live in the land of Christian Science so that the world feels the embrace of divine Love.

  4. We sure found this to be true today. My husband misplaced his Keys for the “inth”time and decided to not panic or do a hurried overturning of everything looking for them. Instead, he was calm and I had a perfect Angel message to look under my jacket. Alas. There they were! He then shared that he decided not to get stressed because it did not help any situation. It muddied the clear thinking he needed to Listen for the right resolution.

  5. Thank you for this. I needed this right now. My 39 year old wife passed away 5 weeks ago after a battle with cancer, leaving myself and our 3 children. The carnal mind keeps outlining how things are and how things are going to be. Thank you

  6. Such a lovely article and beautiful because of the Truth it includes. God is the Only Director and the only All Perfection which we, as His children Reflect.
    To Mike, just before I read Evan’s article, I was looking at a picture of my daughter, 6 years old, on the tennis court, looking up at her Daddy so trustingly and lovingly. My daughter is now 43 years old and has lived without her Dad since she was 11, sixth grade, when he passed away, suddenly in an airplane crash. He was 42. God has provided for all her needs as He will for yours and your children and is also providing for your dear wife who is His Daughter! As my daughter has lived without his human presence, his memory will be kept alive Forever, as your Wife’s, by the Fact that he/she were thought of in the Mind of God, created by His word and will live Forever in the spiritual realm, which is where we all live,Forever!!! God is holding you and your children in His hands, loving, protecting, leading and guiding you and your every thought…be still, and listen quietly for His voice and follow the leading which will guide you again to experience happiness, joy, harmony….God’s All Good, and this is also True for your precious wife…through God’ great Love for All mankind, you and the children can continue to love wife/mother, and she is still loving all of you!!!! Nothing can EVER change that Fact/Truth!!! Her memory will always be kept alive by telling stories, pictures and loving memories. My daughter is having some happy times as she is visiting me and going through lots and lots of pictures. The ove, laughter and tears have brought her, even today, “time with her daddy”….the same is and will be true for you…God will see to it!!!!
    Much love and heartfelt gratefulness to Mrs. Eddy for so lovingly pressing on for the High Mark, giving to the entire world, God’s Truth, which covers all needs!!!! You can begin to prove this for you and your dear Family…wishing you well on your mission of learning to live and love even still.
    God’s Good is surrounding you all, absorb it and share it with all mankind, there is always enough and more…God is a happy giver of all things.
    Peace, joy and happiness,

    1. Thank you CayDee for sharing! You have beautifully worked out a tough human situation, and with inspired results to show.

  7. Evan and Mike, you are Most Welcome!! Our Father/Mother will keep us Filled up Full with more good than we can use, plenty to share with others.
    warm hugs,

  8. I love this article. It’s very true. Protecting thought even with the weather, driving, shopping, relationships. Guarding our thoughts and plugging in is so important.

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