Let gratitude abound every day

November 22, 2022 | 41 comments


Gratitude and love should abide in every heart each day of all the years.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Manual of The Mother Church, p. 60

41 thoughts on “Let gratitude abound every day”

  1. Yes! Thank you for these daily SpiritViews. They are immensely helpful. I don’t comment much, but I so enjoy these and all the comments as well. I am so grateful

  2. I too am very grateful for Spirit View. I don’t comment very often but that doesn’t mean I’m not listening and learning. Evan your topics are always appreciated. thank you and to all commenters,
    warm love, Nancy

  3. Yes, I too am grateful for these Spirit View Inspirations that have so lifted my thought and promoted healing.

  4. This is such a rich place where we can gather and enjoy the bountiful presence of Mind, Love, and Spirit. I am at times only a listener but at other times I feel compelled to write. Either way it is my morning wake up call. We all contribute in the best way that we can.

  5. Thank you very much Evan for the love you have shared with us through out the year. You have led us through with Soul searching thoughts r and it is just right for us to be grateful and of cause to continue to be grateful to God everyday.

  6. Thank you so very much dear Evan . I am so grateful to you and for you . Thank you for Your inspiring lectures ( from long ago ) your wonderful articles , daily lifts and now Spirit View, which l look forward to every morning and send to friends and family . Pray you and your dear family are blessed as much as you have blessed us !

  7. Thank you, Evan, for leading this precious “Sunday School” class, as I like to think of our morning gathering around this bountiful tsbke, sharing ideas, encouraging each other, cheering us on, listening and learning. We’re exploring the Sustaining Infinite together! SpuritView is always a place of Love expressed, Mind revealed… truly a daily blessing.
    Love to each of my fellow seekers, to everyone, as we all share the great heart of Love.

  8. Thank you Evan for this wonderful Spirit View this has been such a blessing.
    Also for the inspiring comments and articles that have been shared throughout
    the Year!
    Happy and thankful Thanksgiving to all!
    Psalms 23: 5 my cup
    …my cup overflows.

  9. I have just spent a beautiful hour studying our Thanksgiving Service. Truly inspiring..as usual..and underpinning our guidance today from you, Evan.
    My thoughts are that we are truly blessed and have so much to be grateful for, even if sometimes we struggle to see it!
    The abundance of our Father/Mother is incalculable. it is the arms of divine Love encompassing us.
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving everyone…❣️

  10. I love the Love expressed here with this wonderful
    Universal family. The thoughts, photos, videos, articles shared
    are a blessing that is immeasurable. I Thank you, Evan and All
    for all the love and companionship shared here.

  11. I am truly grateful too! What a joy to have a new Spirit View each day and the inspiring and encouraging comments that flow from it.

  12. I am grateful too for this community of learners and for our exploration and practice of Truth together, and as Annie described it above, “exploring the sustaining infinite” together. I’m especially grateful for your example and demonstration of OUR God given rights and freedom as children of God.

    1. How DEEPLY GRATEFUL I also am for our always present FatherMotherGod, and for Spirit View inspirations and healing understandings Evan and all my brethren share so ❤️ ❣️ lovingly and abundantly!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to each and every individual who reads this SpiritView blog. We ALL have SO MUCH to be grateful for!XOXO

  15. Evan thank you for keeping us focused on gratitude, which connects us with and helps us experience our natural state of Joy.

    I appreciate the outpouring of Love today, especially what some of you said about SV serving as our Sunday School, a family of spiritual journeyers, a classroom, a place of support, where we are connected though our hearts — thanks to Evan who provides and guides this very special gathering place. Also loved the thought from Sue that inspiration equals healing. Good to hear from those who say they don’t often share, wonderful to know you are there praying with us and making us stronger. Blessed Thanksgiving to all of you, you are precious to me. Love to Evan and family.

  16. Dear Evan, thank you so much for your daily inspiration. They uplift my spirit and also the spirits of those that l share your articles. I am so grateful.
    My gratitude also goes out to all who comment on your article for often they are also filled with inspirations.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

    1. I agree with everything you beautifully said and all comments. Have a wonderful day of gratitude this week and every day.

  17. Want to add my gratitude for Evan and this wonderful Spirit View community. In an article in this week’s Sentinel, Tony Lobl quotes “Earth’s actors change earth’s scenes…” (Message to The Mother Church for 1902, p.17). He pointed out her meaning was directed to what spiritual thinkers could and should do. ”
    We each contribute to changing earth’s scenes for the better if we are willing to awaken to what’s spiritually real.” That reminded me so much of this daily inspiration that helps us all grow in our spiritual understanding and view of ourselves, others, and the world around us. World changers. May the thanksgiving blessings abound. Grateful.

  18. Thank you Evan for Spirit View and this wonderful community. This blog and vlog certainly is an example of “the ripple effect” at it’s finest.

  19. I also give thanks and deep gratitude for Evan, Spiritview and my daily dose of spiritual nourishment and support from all who comment and share articles. I don’t have any church nearby and even online services are difficult as my husband is quite anti CS, so the support I gain here is very important to me, it is the closest to the sense of church community I have. I am very grateful to you all.❤

    1. Dear Helen, My husband is also not a CS but I think he has come to understand how much it means to me. I embrace you (and your husband) in much love. I’m glad you are a member of this supportive SV family.

      1. Thank you Rose. Because I live in Australia, the time difference also means I see these posts after everyone in the Northern hemisphere, so most people are no longer looking at that day by the time I post..it’s nice to know someone has actually seen my post. I always appreciate your comments too.

    2. Oh but you DO have a church nearby! The cornerstone is laid first in your heart.

      Whether your concept is the Mother Church, a branch, an Independent, or a cramped solitary single-room apartment, you swing those doors open wide and let it be peopled with ideas! You can go to it without going anywhere if you like.

      It’s standing room only! And your husband is in attendance whether he knows it or not.

      My sense tells me that the church Helen builds is quite extraordinarily beautiful!

  20. God thought and his thoughts were light
    God spoke and his words were law
    God lifted up his hand and the motion of his hand was power

    God laughed and his laughter was joy.
    And his joy became the infinite variety of shapes that are his world-
    earth @ stars @ flowers @ creatures
    @ men @ women @ children.

    All the myriad things we know of
    and all the myriad things we don’t know of
    And the laughter of God goes on and on…

    For God is the everlasting joy of being,..
    rejoicing in its own becoming more
    Delighting in its own spontaneity..

    And where ever the laughter of God sounds
    there the forms of life appear and reappear
    to give birth to yet more goodness…

    James Dillet Freeman

  21. A multitude of thanks and gratitude to Evan and each of the dear ones who comment on his daily SpiritView. I like thinking of each of us sharing in Sunday School comfort, as we continue to grow spiritually together. We are each blessed, and a blessing to each other. May the joy of boundless love and kindness spread ripples of gratitude surrounding each of you during this season of Thanksgiving.
    Evan, may you and your dear family enjoy this time of Thanksgiving, knowing that your SpiritView has blessed us in ways that are sending spiritually uplifting ripples across the globe. Thank you so much.

  22. My gratitude reaches out to dear Evan and all. S View(s) have been printed out and mailed to a few, especially one individual who had NO God in his life.
    Over a period of time and reading many SVs and Sentinel and Journal articles
    the individual to whom I mailed so many just does not do anything without talking to God and asking what is the right way to go. Now, my gratitude cup runneth over.

    1. P that’s a wonderful demonstration, thank you for sharing it with us, I feel humble and uplifted to hear how your dedication helped your friend open his heart to God.

  23. I can’t resist adding my comment to all the others! Yes, so much gratitude to you, Evan, for all the inspiring lifts–very helpful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family–enjoy!
    With love,

  24. Evan, thank you so much for your dedication in providing inspiring blogs and beautiful, scenic vlogs to this wonderful Spirit View community! I so appreciate and look forward to each topic and all the comments and the inspiration it provides for us on our spiritual journey. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all!

  25. Evan, thank you so much for your dedication in providing inspiring blogs and beautiful, scenic vlogs to this wonderful SpiritView community! I so appreciate and look forward to each topic and added comments that provide inspiration for our spiritual journey. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all!

  26. Dear Evan, All your wonderful work presents quite an example for the rest of us! It exemplifies the very meaning of gratitude itself!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Evan, and to all your SpiritView family!

  27. Dear Evan,
    So many thanks for all your wonderful work! What a blessing, and an example for all of your SpiritView family!

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