License to Fly

December 26, 2011 | 3 comments


“Orville Wright didn’t have a pilot’s license.”
~ Richard Tate
Have you ever felt like a pilot ready to fly a plane, but couldn’t get your idea off the ground because of fears, worries and concerns that others wouldn’t approve of your plan or course of action?
I have.
When I farmed after graduating from college and grew to know that I belonged in the Christian Science practice, I felt hindered all around by economic, social and familial factors that were telling me to give up on my hope. I eventually realized that I was never going to get permission from these sectors of the world to proceed. In essence, a “license to fly,” would never come. I just had to do it anyway. And that’s what I did, and wisely so.
Orville Wright didn’t wait for permission from others to pursue his advanced vision.  He just did it. It was the right thing to do. And his undeterred courage blessed the world.
There certainly are times when we need to follow the rules, obey the law, and rise to expectations around us. But there are other times, when progress demands it, that the desired permission never comes and we have to move anyway. Time-honored tradition, ignorance, custom, constrictive cultural mores, out-grown norms, and other people’s selfish ambitions get in the way and seek to halt steps forward. Don’t let them limit you.
Go to God. Understand what God approves of, and let that understanding propel you forward. God will support every right idea and prosper its cause.
God’s approval is your “license to fly.

3 thoughts on “License to Fly”

  1. Yes, “Go to God” and you’ll get the signal “Go(o)d to Go!” 🙂

    Neat quote about Orville, Evan.

    Your words “Time-honored tradition, ignorance, custom, constrictive cultural mores, out-grown norms,…” ring super true to me.

    Like you, I took off on “wings of faith” into skies that looked unfamiliar but felt safe to my spiritual intuition.

    Like you, I trusted that God’s approval (in my case, His license #43612930, which I’ve made into a cryptic letters-and-numbers combination for code-breakers here!) would be all that I’d need.

    And so it has proved.

    I *highly* recommend the rising, rousing experience of going AGAINST the crowd, the culture, the grain, the expectations, the doubts, the fears. Of going WITH God as the sole permission-giver, guide and governor.

    Thanks for the pick-me-up-up-and-away!

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