Life is fun

December 5, 2018 | 13 comments

Life is fun!

If too busy keeping up with a hectic schedule, it might be tempting to think life is not so fun. Life might even start to feel like a burden. If so, it’s time to stop what we’re doing and remember all the things to be grateful for. And they are many!

Here’s a short music video produced by Cherie Brennan that reminds one to honor the blessings.

I had the privilege of doing a joint event with Cherie Brennan in New York City on a Christmas Eve a few years ago. It was unforgettable. I love her upbeat, positive and spiritual outlook on life.


“Life is fun”

13 thoughts on “Life is fun”

  1. Oh yes, Evan, I watched that wonderful Christmas event on 24th evening 2016 in Third Church New York.! Thank you for reminding us. And I often listened to Cherie`s new lovely song LIFE is FUN at facebook and on YouTube etc., it is so joyous!

    And your lecture in New York is gorjeous and so lively and joyful, thank you for reminding us.
    Will watch the replay of it.

    Yes, b e still and know that I am God, who gives you everything you need, my dear child. I continued the Bible verse a bit, and I think it suits. And I want to say with it what you say in today`s SpiritView, i.e. to be still and thank God for all the Good He gives you every day, every moment, that will further our progress and healing!

    I love a l l of Cheries`s songs and albums! Thank you Evan, thank you Cherie – Hugs to you both!

    1. today I did not get the SpiritView in my today`s mails, but had to click on the button “Newer” of yesterday`s post. I hope all others got in their inbox today. 🙂

  2. Thank U both for reminding us that “ Life is truly to be appreciated and treasured each and every day”
    Counting blessings is the happiest of occupations

  3. I love, too, these words. “Love’s divine adventure.” A partial? quote by Mrs. Eddy, I ..too…love GOOD fun. JoyFILLED.

    Thank you.

    And , thanks, Uta, I did click on newer and got today’s SpiritView. 🙂

  4. Dear Evan! I too watched the Christmas Eve New York City event….actually more than once…so filled with love and joy. This is such an important post! Make a JOYFUL noise unto the Lord!!! Your SV Is a beginning of the day joy and a must!

  5. I got your blog this morning as I usually do and then it disappeared and came back later in the day. I have just been listening to the Christmas Eve lecture you mention. I loved it. So helpful and I have made lots of notes to refer back to. A real blessing. Thank you.

  6. I need this message! I tried to find the lyrics but couldn’t find them. Does anyone know where I can get the lyrics? Thank you! (=

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