Life is productive

June 1, 2018 | 22 comments

“If at present content with idleness, we must become dissatisfied with it.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 240.

Life is meant to be lived. To live is to engage with worthwhile, productive and meaningful activity.

Mindlessness, dullness, emptiness, apathy, indifference and laziness are not life. They are death. Resist them! They are not your friend.

Life is activity. It is spiritual mindedness, inspiration, the gainful employment of thought, Love in action, Truth lived, God expressed.

Life is being, not non-being.

Don’t waste a single moment in non-being. Be. Live. Do something worthwhile and meaningful. Be productive!

22 thoughts on “Life is productive”

  1. Such a clear distinction. Thank you Evan. One of my favourite quotes from MBE is:
    SH 544:3 “In God’s creation ideas became productive, obedient to Mind.”

  2. So roll up your sleeves and get busy with Mind’s inspiration, under Love’s direction and be sure your ideas and actions proceed from divine Principle!

  3. A close friend’s Mom (not CS) is (seemingly) dying of cancer right now (an illusion, I realize, per my understanding of Life, God, as not the author of death), and she has been SO inspiring to her care-givers and family: expressing joy and love and comfort, as much as she can under the circumstances. (She believes that her disease and impending death are “God’s Will,” so has something to learn, there. Nevertheless, she IS wise and wonderful to express the qualities God is expressing in and through her. These will take her far in understanding what Life truly is… as you remind us with your notes today, Evan. Thank you, as always, and for the Commenters-comments! All good, helpful!


    1. She is living.
      Period. Full stop.
      I, too, have a dear acquaintance in this circumstance. Although I know dying is illusion, the temptation is strong to go along with the melodrama of inevitability. This feels evil, impure, and I must protest, even though impersonally.
      Life alone is inevitable. I don’t have to make this Truth true. It eternally is.

      A Reading Room attendant must have been mightily alert to the fact that God’s perfect Life is man’s only life when she met Rabbi Louis, who was visiting his father, supposedly days away from dying of cancer. The rabbi left the RR with a conviction that his dad would be fine. He told his dad, who immediately began recovering and within 2 weeks was well.

      We reflect Life.
      There’s no reflection in a mirror in a dark room.
      The minute the light is on the reflection appears.

      The light is the illumination of Mind’s eternal knowing — man’s eternal knowing.
      We must hold our thought to the light in all our thoughts of ourselves and others.
      If man reflects divine Love, man reflects — his thoughts are filled with– the infinity of divine Life, untouched by matter-shadow beliefs.
      Man can no more think it’s God’s will that he die of a nothingness God never made and God never gave him than man can think he’s lunching with leprechauns.

      1. sorry, but I cannot open that link, as I am not subscribing the sentinel, but only buying in the RR.

        Could anybody send it open, when I click on the link, please?

          1. Thank you , dear Beatrice, could open it and read it.

            That is really an interview worth reading – gorgious.

            And dear Diane thank you for your inspiring words!

  4. Thanks, Evan. I’ve mentioned before, 3rd verse of Hymn 58: “In Thy house, securely dwelling, where Thy children live to bless…” To bless others we can’t be stagnant. We must be up and doing! And that doesn’t mean being overloaded and pressured. It’s being what we are, God’s child, free and joyful.

  5. Thanks Daphne for the mention of not being overloaded and pressured!

    I’m coming out of a long period of a great deal of stress. At the moment, I seem to need a lot of rest; due to physical challenges, I don’t have much energy, and there is a lot that needs doing. I’ve had to take a step back from things, to take care of myself – but it’s been a challenge because I don’t feel productive enough!

    Then I remember Mary Baker Eddy’s line in Miscellaneous Writings (230): “Rushing around smartly is no proof of accomplishing much.” And, Mary and Martha in the Bible: what are we putting first? I’ve been listening for what God wants me to do, and putting that first – like visiting my friend in a nursing home. I know the rest will come as I align my thoughts with God’s.

  6. Thank you Evan for making us think more about today`s topic, and to pray about it in order to eliminate every thought or action not coming from God!

    When I sometimes get tired I pray to our loving everpresent God for the spiritual energy and right ideas to get on with needed doings in order to reflect God`s precious qualities.

    That is right what Daphne says. Blessing others is most joyful.
    I also do love the mentioned line from Hymn 58. That includes us in God`s loving, protecting household, wonderful.

    Thank you all for your inspired comments 🙂

  7. I am not reading this until Saturday morning, but I hope diane w.a. gets to see my reply. The link to the interview with the Rabbi was so inspiring that I’ve shared it through email with a friend who is very spiritually minded and still searching many sources for spirituality.

  8. Great message and such a good reminder. Action always speaks louder than words. We each are an active & vital part of God’s expression ALWAYS– it can not disappear or lose life.

    UTA– Here is info on that article: written by Mary Trammel –A Rabbi Talks about Christian Science– May 11, 2009 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel. I do not know how to make it available on a link but you can get it from the RR with this info.
    Can anyone else make this available on line? It is well worth reading and sharing.

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