Listen to God First

March 28, 2014 | 14 comments

I have three questions for you:

Do you make decisions based upon what you hear from God or from what you are hear from other people?

Where do you turn for guidance first, to other people and their personal opinion or to the wisdom of divine Mind?

Do you think for yourself or do you allow others to think for you?

These questions are important to ask and answer honestly, because they reveal what kind of influences are at work in your thought.

To make the best decision, your thought must be under the influence of the one Mind that always guides you aright. But if you’re in the habit of consulting other people’s personal opinion and beliefs first, you’re likely not tuning into God’s direction. Personal opinion and spiritual truth are often at odds with each other.

So, be honest. Are you listening to God’s voice of Wisdom or to other people’s personal opinions?

If you ever get confused and frustrated, it’s a sure sign you’re listening to opinion and not to the voice of Truth.

Other people often have good ideas and inspirations to share and it can be wise to consider their position at times. But those opinions can also be crammed with limiting beliefs, subtle fears and misguided notions that can wreak havoc on your well-being if followed. So, be sure to go to God first before making any final decision.

Truth will sort out the right from the wrong and keep your mental feet planted on a progressive path.

God always know best.

14 thoughts on “Listen to God First”

  1. I feel your blog thoughts are directly guiding me in terms of concern. You really hit the nail on the head for which I am grateful. I needed this today. Clarity is very helpful.

    Thanks Evan.

  2. Stellar! Plants our feet on firm ground. I’ve found when I have done this true listening before a major decision it has been a protection later on, when little doubts or discontentment arose. I’ve just known in my heart I’d been guided rightly and could stay the course and move forward. And my experience going forward proved that path to be right for me.

  3. First and four most it is God who I seek first. Then I am led to the right course of action. If it is from another persons opinion, so be it. Many, many times I sought other human opinions and many, many times I didn’t listen to it because God made me feel it wasn’t right to do so. So the recommendation to ask God first is always the right suggestion.

  4. I know when I am anxious or confused I am not turning to God. The answer will come in many different ways. I know it is the right one from the One Mind when it rests in my consciousness and it perfect. It is often that I have my own agenda for an answer and I get impatient.
    Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not unto thy own understanding…

  5. Great, thanks Evan. Mrs. Eddy proved the wisdom of this daily, but the example that stands out to me is when she followed Divine direction instead of what her lawyers recommended on a critical issue during the lawsuit against her, and her decision was later proven to be the correct thing to do. As you said, “God always know best.”

  6. Same answer as yesterday…If I learned anything from class instruction, I learned to ALWAYS start with God. Thanks for the reminders!

    This also makes me think of a CS friend of mine who very often calls to ask my opinion about something or flat out ask what to do. It happened often enough I was feeling uncomfortable about it. I studied the Rule for Motives and Acts and I finally did follow where I believe God led me in gently answering this friends queries with something akin to “Here is what I see, but I can’t tell you what to do”, or “Have you done any praying about this?” I think this approach helped both of us.

    Nadine is right: when it rests in your consciousness and is comfortable there, you can rest assured who you are listening to.

  7. Making our own decisions is habit til you cnange the habit. First response is “God, what do you think?” Then listen. It takes time to be quiet & listen. Love these reminders – thanks as always.

  8. This was definitely a wake up call for me. Though I pray for guidance I’m not sure I have been putting God first. I used to think of having an imaginary advisory board and I put important people from past and present on my board. I should have stacked the board more with Divine Mind. I would include religious people like Ms.Eddy, my practitioner, but that was years ago. You’ve challenged my thought with a better way to start.

  9. Thanks Evan, and all others who commented. Facing a big decision on whose voice to accept and it is so clear now. So very helpful!!

  10. I ditto Nadine’s comments totally. Three times in the last 40 years, when a decision had to be made within 24 hours, I talked to our Father at length knowing he would guide me. Then a large bright light appeared for an instant and all of a sudden I was at peace and knew what to do. All other times though, it was getting that special “feeling.” The full verse “Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not unto thy own understanding…” is powerful. Thank you Evan for keeping us on track.

  11. Thanks all for your thoughts. I have found that it sometimes takes great humility to quiet myself and listen for God’s direction, especially when it seems delayed. We can always pray to know that we are securely held in His hands and will never take a step that will place us outside of His love. Sometimes I have had to stick with it for longer than I have wanted, but His guidance always comes through.
    Thanks, Evan

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