Live in the Light of Spirit

June 27, 2023 | 27 comments

Darkness and doubt encompass thought, so long as it bases creation on materiality.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 551

If you’re ever lost in darkness and doubt, it’s a signal to Go Spiritual! Move thought into the Light of Spirit, where darkness and doubt disappear.

Trust in matter leads to discouraging places. Dark places.

Trust in God, in Spirit, leads to encouraging places, places of light, hope, joy and health!

Live in the Light of Spirit! Stay out of darkness and doubt.

27 thoughts on “Live in the Light of Spirit”

    1. Yess, Diane, that is the link to the Sentinel Podcast from which is the today’s DailyLift taken from. It is very worth listening to!♡

  1. The picture looks like a is emerging,
    telling us, even in so call darkness, Love is
    illuminating thought.
    Thanks again Evan

  2. A glorious day is dawning,
    And o’er the waking earth
    The heralds of the morning
    Are springing into birth.
    In dark and hidden places
    There shines the blessèd light;
    The beam of truth displaces
    The darkness of the night.

    The advocates of error
    Foresee the glorious morn,
    And hear in shrinking terror,
    The watchword of reform:
    It rings from hill and valley,
    It breaks oppression’s chain.
    A thousand freemen rally,
    And swell the mighty strain.
    The watchword has been spoken,
    The light has broken forth,
    Far shines the blessèd token
    Upon the startled earth,
    To hearts and homes benighted,
    The blessèd Truth is given,
    And peace and love, united,
    Point upward unto heaven

    1. Thanks M for sharing Hymn #2, it is fitting for today’s topic, Live in the Light of Spirit.

      The photo gives a feeling of expansiveness, the opposite of the contractedness and narrowness of matter and the material perspective.

      The topic made me think of a song I’ve listened to called ‘In the Light of Love We are Whole.’ It’s on YouTube, starts at about 1:47 minutes into the video:

  3. Dear Evan I loved this inspiring idea that i needed today- Go spiritual & move thought into the light of Spirit. Yes , we have God given authority to go Spiritual. I was also inspired by this truth from this week’s Bible lesson
    “There is divine authority for believing in the superiority of spiritual power over material resistance.
    Thanks Evan

  4. This hymns came to mind for me:-

    Walk in the light, so thou shalt know / That fellowship of love / His spirit only can bestow / Who reigns in light above.

    Walk in the light, and thou shalt find / Thy heart made truly His, / Who dwells in cloudless light enshrined, / In whom no darkness is.

    Walk in the light, and thou shalt own / Thy darkness past away, / Because that light on thee hath shone / In which is perfect day.

    Walk in the light, and thou shalt see / Thy path, though thorny, bright; / For God by grace shall dwell with thee, / And God Himself is Light.
    (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 367:1–4)

  5. Thank you Evan…..the topics you select to develop are always relevant, insightful and amazingly coincidently timely. Today’s is such an example. Thank you so much and many thanks to all who have added their contributions.

  6. Oh my! I can really attest to this being true this week! A couple of days ago, I began having a chest pain, and the fear that came on so quickly really began to mesmerize me profoundly. I began imagining all kinds of things- is this a heart attack? Am I getting weaker? With this lead to worse problems?

    What a perfect wake up call, Evan!
    The dark thought that just seemed to engulf me-~ if I let it, was taking me down that dark, downward-spiraling path, deeper into despair and doubt.

    But your wonderful message this morning is a strong reminder to live in light, the Light of our omnipotent God. This Light radiates always, and i’m really a ray of light from that marvelous Sun!
    In an instant, all my imagined fears have just evaporated!
    Our God is so very wonderful

    And how grateful I am to you to have brought this perfect message to us this morning!
    My love and thanks you and to my dearly loved SpiritViewers, who contribute such a rich array of treasures.

    1. very inspiring Annie. I loved this idea- The Light radiates always & I am really a ray of light from that marvelous Sun!. Thanks a lot .

  7. This topic is so very refreshing this morning! Thank you to each and
    every Spiritual Viewer and commenter, Evan’s wonderful message
    and the awesome artwork. I love it!
    There was a loud and quite frightening thunderstorm during the night,
    and the forecast warning had predicted a lot of sky to ground lightning,
    heavy downpours, wind. Times like that can seem very scary and the
    radar showed a large area for it to be occurring. There are tall trees
    very near the house. I turned to Love’s comfort and felt so safe and
    the storm moved off very quickly.
    To Be surrounded by Angel messages all around was a feeling of
    such divine intervention that literally “chased the clouds away” I was
    also reminded of yesterday’s JLS Daily Lift, “With God nothing shall be
    Dear Annie, what a beautiful demonstration you had! Thank you for
    sharing it with us with such inspiration.
    So much love to all!

  8. Thank you Evan. Thank you friends for your contributions. The message is clear. When we drop off the fetters that keep us in the dark , we experience the light of Spirit. Such moments fill us with joy. Generally as Christian Scientists we meet challenges spiritually, which earn us great admiration from neighbors and friends.


  10. Thank you Evan. This is a very inspiring message.
    All the articles pointed out are outstanding. Thanks everyone for your comments. Much Love in your day.

  11. I do not intend to put my trust in matter rather in Spirit, God. Because as the SSB by MB Eddy says clearly that there is no life, truth nor intelligence nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and it’s infinite manifestation for God is all in all!
    So it would be very intelligent and healing to put our full trust in God. O am I gratefull for the weekly Bible lesson, specially this week with the topic on GOD where it several times says that every good thing is possible to our good God. It is also wonderfully reassuring of our oneness with our Father-Mother God.
    Thank you dear Evan for your inspiring SpiritView blog! It’s such a loving and lively commenting here every day; thank you all very very much!♡♡♡

  12. The silver lining on all of the clouds above, even the dark ones is like
    light shining through, even though it may appear not to be. We, in
    harmony, when darkness seems to tempt our thinking into believing
    in a power apart from Him, must know the Truth will set us free and
    we are all dear children of God …
    awakening to the illuminations of the light, with liberty and
    ascension of thought, safe in the heavenly harbor of hope and
    peace, holding up the divine essence of our brilliance in Spirit,
    the light of Truth and Love.

    1. Wow thank you dear Carol. You say the Truth very lovely. And you describe the Foto of today so spiritual! I just needed those spiritual thoughts which lift my thinking to the divine truth. Am very thankful for it!♡

      1. Aww … Thank you, dear Uta, for your kind words. The photos that
        Evan shares with each wonderful message always compliments
        the topic so completely and I like to ponder what is “said” by them
        as well. Such inspiration of Spirit unfolds each day with each new
        In further looking at the art above, the depiction of the dark clouds
        closer to the city, can be a sort of mental pollution that we need to
        ascend above and see through a clearer lens of Truth.

  13. “This Light radiates always, and i’m really a ray of light from that marvelous Sun”! Lv this thought shared by Annie..Resonated with an impression I received today!Thank you to Evan for this uplifting message on SV!

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