Living trigger-free

September 28, 2012 | 4 comments

A wife commented to me recently, “My husband keeps pulling my trigger, and I spout off in anger saying things that turn into a fight between the two of us.”
Do you have a trigger that leads to discord? Do others catch you off guard and get you spewing angry words that cause conflict, resentment and tension?
If so, it’s time to get rid of that trigger. Or replace it with a better one.
Triggers can serve good or bad purposes.
Guns have triggers. Pull the trigger and a bullet speeds out of the barrel. The consequences can be deadly.
Cameras have triggers. Click the trigger and the camera is activated to capture a picture and record it for posterity. The result can be beautiful if the scene captured is inspiring to behold.
To get rid of dangerous triggers, be a camera, not a gun. Look for the child of God in everyone. See their true identity from God’s point of view, capture it in your mind, and refuse to believe anything less about them.
When you are beholding a child of God, you will not see an enemy to destroy. You will see an honorable creation to uphold, respect and cherish. The angry words will disappear, and peace and harmony will take over.

4 thoughts on “Living trigger-free”

  1. Oh boy! Did I EVER need this today.
    My trigger got pulled big time yesterday.
    Reminds me to use the camera on myself as well so I don’t beat myself up over my initial reaction to the situation.
    Thank you, thank you…

  2. I bet Evan didn’t realize his poetry in this recent SPIRIT VIEW; “Living trigger-free” and I Quiote; “To get rid of dangerous triggers, be a camera, not a GUN. Look for the child of God in EVERYONE.” This is what I do practically every day when the Nurse Aides who are taking care of me, argue amongst themselves. I see them not only as God sees, but I also claim harmony for them as well as myself. IT WORKS. I now sing to myself when ever I meet an arguement buring, the above mentioned Poam and IT WORKS.

  3. Oh, thank you, Evan, for this beautiful and practical idea of replacing the negative trigger, with its potential to harm others, with a positive one that captures the truth about them – and to Anonymous above, for reminding us of the importance of also turning that camera, and its trigger, upon ourselves. I really needed these thoughts today and am grateful.

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