Looking ahead

October 28, 2011 | 5 comments

Wayne Gretzky, a hockey great, said:


     “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”


I love the Science of this statement.


The “puck” is the current evidence of the senses. Anyone who makes decisions based upon the immediate evidence of the senses is going to fall behind in keeping up with the demand of the moment. This is because the forces at play behind the scene are already redirecting the puck to a different place before that different place is apparent.


I see this on the tennis court all the time. Good players anticipate where the ball is going to be. They don’t look at where the ball is.


Likewise, in life, the “best players,” are the ones who see ahead to where the puck is going to be.


In Science, the puck is always going to land in the court of Truth.


For instance, countless economic reports through the media say the “puck” of supply is in the dumpster.  With high unemployment, debt overload, and attitude despair, naysayers would have the populace believe their chances of success are dim at best.  People who believe this get pulled into the illusion and then live it out. They look at “where the puck is,” and take a mental stand in that position. But the wise players will look ahead to where the puck is going to be—in the abundance of divine Love.


God is always the reality! God is super-abundance.  God created a full employment economy, a home for everyone, a lifestyle without burden, a peace without fear.  This is where the puck will land for everyone.


Look to where the puck is headed, not to where it is, and be ready to strike a goal.




5 thoughts on “Looking ahead”

  1. Outstanding! I can see every CS church holding an abunance lecture this coming year to help heal the world thought about lack and explaining God’s “super-abundance.” We should all be manifesting that in our lives.

  2. I forgot what baseball great made an impossible catch, and when they asked him how he did it, he said he imagined where the ball would go after he caught it.

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