Lots of orders for your business

March 30, 2009 | 2 comments

One of the opportunities the present economic malaise offers is for people to learn where their real source of income lies. It’s with God, the divine Mind that supplies all human needs!

Cash comes and goes—and mostly goes… Paychecks are spent, assets can decline in value, and jobs can disappear, but the income of ideas from God that tells us how to keep profitably employed never dries up.

A business owner emailed that her business didn’t have enough orders from customers to remain profitable. In a fit of inspiration, I emailed back, “God is giving you lots of orders!” It was meant to be a humorous twist on her original concern, but helped get thought focused on divine income that meets all human needs.

The orders that meet the long term needs of businesses are not primarily from clients, but from the all-knowing, all-wise Mind that provides ever fresh inspiration to adapt to changing circumstances.

When I farmed, we had to adapt every year to changing market conditions. We listened anew each winter for what to plant and how much for the next growing season. Each year was different depending upon what the voice of Wisdom instructed.

These times are no different. If we develop a false reliance on certain clients for income, we may lose them at some point if we aren’t listening to God first and foremost as how to provide the best service possible and understand their changing needs.

God has the wisdom we need to flourish in any economic environment. Those ideas are the incoming “orders” that keep us abreast of the times, current with changing conditions, and able to preempt beliefs of lack.

2 thoughts on “Lots of orders for your business”

  1. “orders” -Hmmm – I thought of this word
    as “commands.

    We are, in a sense, “commanded” by our divine Principle, God, to receive the divine ideas sent “from on high.” (From inspiration, from faith, from hope, from proper reasoning, from a higher perspective than the senses allow:divine Truth!)

    We better….listen up…and follow these orders.
    They can only bless us!

    (btw, I was quite “poor” once, then Christian Science showed me (is showing me!) what true abundance is. And thrown in some very nice “things,”
    too!! :<))

  2. Your comment that this economic climate is an opportunity to learn where one’s income comes from applies also to government. Witnessing the ongoing series of swift upheavals in this country scares me, until I ask myself where I live and who makes the laws I live by and under. I live in the kingdom of heaven, God. My home is Truth and Love. He is our Judge, lawgiver, king and will save us. [Isaiah] Human governments come and go. Laws change. Some are good, some are not. But His Law never changes and it is always good, sound, beneficial, omnipotent. He is our King, Prime Minister, President, Dictator. It’s time for us all to remember this.

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