[VIDEO] Maintain a spiritual outlook

July 18, 2018 | 18 comments

Would you like to prevent little problems from turning into big problems? I share some ideas in this vlog on how to maintain a spiritual outlook that catches trouble in its early stages and eliminates it before it grows into something bigger.

This vlog was filmed while hiking in the Black Hills with my wife last June.

18 thoughts on “Maintain a spiritual outlook”

  1. This is SO helpful, Evan. Sometimes ‘fires’ of mortal mind start up in thought without my recognising them, and so they become bigger problems to deal with and can get out of control.
    But we only have to turn to God – we don’t need to ask what started the ‘fire’ – Love will enfold us and healing follows..

  2. This is awesome in so many ways! Love seeing your face, Evan, and the beautiful scenery. The message is a powerful and vivid reminder. And a picture IS worth a thousand words! Thank you!

  3. Such a beautiful way to begin the day and to continue … Thank you, Evan, for the ever uplifting gifts you so generously give to one and all! Truly a blessing and blessed!

  4. WOW! Hold all things to the standard of Perfect God and Perfect Man. If it deviates from that standard, put it out!

  5. Spot on! Those “little fires” can be so subtle that we think it’s our thinking. They can also be called weeds or little foxes that try to go unnoticed so that error can gain a foothold.
    Thanks for the perfect examples of just how sneaky it can be. But when we surrender thought to God, let Love guide, and Principle govern we cannot be fooled. Even saying “I see you” to the intrusion immediately, helps us to guard our thought. We can know that nobody is vulnerable or susceptible to anything but the Christ, our true nature.
    Thanks for the insights you share Evan. I appreciate the analogies and love the vlogs.

  6. I’ll be on the lookout for “ Perfect God and perfect man.” Many thanks for your poignant analogy

  7. Love both the lookout analogy and location! LOVE your vlogs!!
    Greetings to all–from Bend, Oregon USA.

  8. Thanks, Evan! Fun to see your tanned, smiling face and gesturing hands! Yes, just think of the Good we can all do if we remember to “put out the fires” that have been sprouting up in our U.S. and World Government! Need to know that THEY can’t be influenced or mesmerized by evil intent, either. Soooo important to keep a watch and recognize the error/evil as it tries to come in and hypnotize us and others! What a Time to be here on Earth – to help the New Birth come forward……cuz that’s All that’s Really Happening Here!

  9. Thank you Evan! A few weeks ago it occurred to me that EVERY calamity known to humanity started with a “suggestion”. For example, the holocaust and every other murderous or suicidal act started with a suggestion that was accepted as a person’s own thinking and acted out. Every disease started with a suggestion that was accepted as real. Even so-called “natural disasters” are nothing but accepted suggestions that there is something outside of God’s loving control (see Matt 8:23-27). Since realizing this I’ve been trying to be extra vigilant about denying un-Godlike suggestion and refuting it with what is true about God and His idea even before the suggestion becomes what appears to be a “small fire” in my experience. We don’t even have to let a suggestion become a “small fire” to eliminate it from our experience if we are alert (see Matt 4:1-11).

    The manual of the first church established for the practice and perpetuation of Christian Science (by Mark Baker Eddy) has the statement below. More and more I’m recognizing the wisdom of these words.

    Alertness to Duty. Sect. 6.  It shall be the duty of every member of this Church to defend himself daily against aggressive mental suggestion, and not be made to forget nor to neglect his duty to God, to his Leader, and to mankind.

  10. Great reminder. Love your Vlogs. I, too, loved the lookout analogy and location. Enjoy going on vacation outings with you and Kathy.

  11. Thank you Evan. I look forward to spiritview each and every day. The messages are always so uplifting. It makes me feel much better about everything in my life.

  12. Hi Evan,
    I have been enjoying your recent vlogs… in fact this morning I watched the one about ladders to a higher place and then on a hike enjoyed the many stone steps trail crews had built on an Adirondack Mountain trail in NY… up to a fantastic view.

    May I give one suggestion? Please hold the quote slides a bit longer. I had to speed read to get the whole quote. Would appreciate to read these at a more leisurely rate.

    Thanks again for your messages and creativity.

  13. what Nancy suggests, Evan, please could you hold the quote slides a bit longer, so that one can read them easyer and not so hasting along the lines? Would be very grateful for it, too!

    Yes I also like to see your smiling and nicely coloured sunny face, while you enlightens our thinking with precious metaphysical outlooks.

    Kathy and you must have had very joyful and lovely holydays in the Black Hills in June.

    Thank you so much for today’s Vlog about perfect God and perfect man, God’s loved perfect idea! It’s very needed and cherished ☺

  14. Thanks so much Evan – Your vlog dovetailed perfectly with a lesson which helped me see gratitude and thanksgiving more clearly- that Jesus taught not to give thanks FOR something – but rather thanks giving for the availability of the power of the higher perspective. He was always giving thanks FROM the high perspective, which in the case of Lazarus, was that perspective that saw life as transcendent through death.

  15. Evan, you made me think of the story of Nehemiah when he was building the wall and invited to go down to the plain of Ono. He said he was doing important work and why should he leave it to come down to them. Our important work to keep in thought “perfect God and perfect man” shouldn’t be left. If we are invited to the plain of Ono – Oh, no, I don’t feel good or Oh, no, I’m too tired or this is too hard – we can stay at our watch.
    Thank you, Evan, and everyone who has replied.

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