Make God smile while you work

June 26, 2020 | 22 comments

If you’re ever tempted to get depressed about your employment, angry with your boss, or resentful toward co-workers, step back mentally a moment from your workplace, and remember the bigger picture of Life, that above all, you work for God!

God is the most wonderful Employer you could ever have.

God gives you talents, skills, and abilities to employ for useful and productive purposes. The more you use these skills, the more you prosper.

These skills, above all else, are your spiritual skills of being an individual that is a joy to be around, a person who listens, understands, and is generous and kind. A thinker who acts intelligently and wisely, and a brother or sister who is supportive and trustworthy.

God’s worker is a shining light that brightens its surroundings, uplifts its atmosphere, and radiates love.

Our #1 job is always to be God’s faithful reflection.

The work we do for God is always needed and essential.

Don’t get caught “on-the-job” feeling sorry for yourself or indulging self-pity or ruminating in self-righteousness. Remember, your Boss is watching you. Your Boss is God!

Make God happy with everything you do, with every thought you think and with every word you share.

Make God smile while He watches you work. Your reward will be abundant and overflowing.

22 thoughts on “Make God smile while you work”

  1. Right on time, as always Evan! It’s 130am and I woke up out of a sound sleep with more anxious thoughts about how little I’m working. My hours were recently cut and I’ve been struggling with the uncertainty of whether I’ll get them back and how soon. I’ve taken some material steps to try to get more work but nothing has happened yet. I try to stay off my phone at night, but tonight I reached for it. This email was at the very top. God is so, so good! Thank you for being perfectly dialed into God and then taking the time to share the angel messages for all to experience with you. I’m going back to sleep knowing ALL IS WELL in God’s care. What a demonstration of God’s love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you❤️

  2. This is a great post Evan! Thank you! Over my working life I changed jobs many many times as I lost interest once I didn’t feel I was still learning anything new. Sometimes my workplace had to cut back on staff. Twice I was sacked for insubordination (standing up for women’s rights to be respected in the workplace and another time insisting on equal pay as the guy working next to me whose work I did most of) . 3 times, my hand done artwork was replaced by a computer program….so I sometimes temporarily found myself out of a job. However, not once did I ever panic as I was fortunate in being brought up in CS and what you have posted above is what I was brought up hearing all my life. My mother always reminded me that I could NEVER actually be out of a job because my job is always working for God, to express Godlike qualities, following God’s direction. So as it turned out, every time I seemed to find myself in a work (or no work) dilemma, I kept on doing whatever I could, keeping in mind that all action is spiritual and governed by God. As a result, I was never out of a job longer than 2-3 days and each apparent disaster turned into an opportunity to learn more or something different. “Our extremity is God’s opportunity”, to channel us into new fields, and more interesting directions.

    1. Thank you for your helpful comment Diane. I especially love how your “disasters” turned into opportunities to grow and learn more. Of course that was no accident not just lucky, you were expressing a “thermostat not a thermometer. (Evan Mehlenbacher)”.

  3. Thank you, Evan for your continued uplifting thoughts to work through each day.
    There’s always an opportunity to work effectively, sincerely, and happily knowing you aren’t alone laboring over any situation, whether it’s difficult, or easy. With the knowledge that it’s really “God working His purpose out.” The smile you give each in your presence is a gift, very often returned immediately.
    While seeing most with masks, I tell them “I see you smiling, that mask cannot hide it!”
    Life is a mirror in the sense if you smile at it, it smiles back at you. In other words “Love is reflected in Love”.
    To dispel fear I always leave a prayerful thought with each conversant. I listen for the correct
    good-by. Yesterday I sensed the need of a receptionist after the usual business. I thanked her for her services and said before I go, please know that your are a warm loving, kind person. And you are safe in that love. “You are clad in a panoply of Love.” And I asked her if she knew what a panoply was. They always don’t know, so far anyway. I described what the king’s guard wore while he guarded the king’s chamber. A iron clad man from head to toe with an ax and shield.
    Impenetrable from attacks, standing sentinel over the king.
    Then I told her when she got home to read from the bible, II Timothy 1:7 & I John 4:13.
    She responded “Thank you (tearfully), this morning I needed that.”
    There are opportunities innumerable to pass along the truth’s we love to those in need.
    Life is a living prayer.

    1. Panoply is also a magnificent array. As we express light and love we become a panoply arranged by our Maker.

    2. Meaningful offering David, I’ve wanted to offer some words while passing the masked wearers and you contribution is a winner. What you said to the woman whom you spoke to about panoply was quite revealing, both in her need as well as your explanation of panoply. Never learned that one in Sunday school, but how excellent you explained it today, just lovely. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Evan for the timely reminder!
    What comes to me is Mrs. Eddy’s poem “It matters not what be thy lot, so Love doth guide”. wise words indeed!

    Looking back, I have observed that in my varied work positions, I learned bigger lessons in jobs which were seemingly more menial, God placed me where I needed to be to make the most spiritual progress!

    I like David’s idea that “Life is a living prayer”.

    Have a great day, everyone!

  5. I love the first response by Terra A. because it show that beautiful serendipity we have in God’s universe of Love. ( which certainly includes our work environment ).
    Life is just more fun when good things are going on such as living and working in the atmosphere of Good where we feel understood, cared for and supported..
    Thank you all for your ideas they bless my atmosphere of Love..

  6. This is SO, SO HELPFUL everyone. Thank you for the admonitions and reminders and blessings. My boss laid off two workers due to the virus thinking we would be slowing down. It’s been busier then ever! I have had to work many longer hours (several nights until 9 PM – long day 8 AM til 9 PM). I have found myself dreading going to work and stressed over all that has to be done and resentful – especially the constant interruption of the telephone when there’s so much work to be done. I am taking every one of these beautiful truths that have been shared and wrap myself and everyone I deal with in them. Thank you, thank you! I’m holding to “God lovingly governs all that concerns me all the time!” And that goes for everyone else too!

  7. Love IS working its purpose out, and that purpose is to create trust in good (S&H 579:12).

    It’s not our job to create trust: we REFLECT God’s absolute trust in His own permanent, indestructible, universal good. God trusts Himself; we reflect that trust.

    Any effort required to fully trust God is also provided by God; a reflection needs to make no effort. A reflection has no choice but to REFLECT!

    Knowing this, in the specific challenges we may seem to be facing, is how we work out our own salvation! Not in our own strength, for it is God Who is at work in us! He works for His own delight! And He is delighted in us.

    1. Dear Carolyn, thank you very much for your so metaphysical clear and wonderful comment. That is so very good and helpful for me, that trusting God we do effortless as Reflection of God, wonderful! I tune in to all what you comment.As God cares for us in every way, He also gives us faith, trust, understanding and the like.
      Thank you Evan for this loving SpiritView today. One evening when I was back home from my office work, suddenly it became clear to me that only God is my Boss letting me do the right work. Since then my whole life changed . Having been in office I now went to England in order to join Christian Science Nurses Training. Lateron I finished the Training in Germany and became a CS Nurse. So now I was in God’s busyness until socalled retirement. But in God’s realm is no retirement, rather now my “carrier” in churchwork started with God as boss. And churchwork with God as boss is most rewarding and blessing.
      Thank you all for your very interesting and inspired comments! 🙂

  8. FMG. I work for that employer! Several years ago when I was a full time mother to two little ones, & full time working at home in the early days of our family business, struggling to make ends meet, I had an answer to a prayer for guidance: “You work for me! I am your Father-Mother God, & you always have my guidance and supply!” What a blessing! Our family received what we needed, we were happy, and we provided our clients with amazing fishing adventures!

  9. Thank you all for your smiles of Love. In a much mask wearing world of late, where smiles are hidden ~but as Solomon said, “As in water face answereth to face, so the heart of man to man”… our love for each other, can not be hidden.
    Even in retirement or all alone, we can still go about our lives with a smile expressing *God’s business*, knowing that we All have what we need from our unlimited source of supply, divine Love.

  10. What wonderful comments today! Thank you Evan and everyone for sharing. Whether we are in the human workforce or not we are all working with our FMG for the betterment of ourselves and humanity. Something we can never ‘retire’ from, but what a wonderful spiritual income❣️

    1. The idea of “working for God” is such a needed reminder. You, seem to anticipate, what’s needed each day. Also, never “retiring” from God’s work is a helpful push in the right direction
      A sense of humor has sustained me, always. I think God smiles, constantly. Let’s feel His/Her smile each blessed day? THANKS TO ALL!

  11. One of my favorites movie lines is from The Rookie, “Do you know what we get to do today Brooks? We get to play baseball.” Sometimes when I wake up I like to think, “You know what I get to do today? I get to reflect God!” It is a great way to start the day! 🙂

  12. Really good post today on who our employer truly is. I’ve been mostly out of work for the last year and a half and so grateful to be financially stable, but having to learn that my identity is not limited as a “very hard working human” which I have been my whole human adult life. I have been working more to understand God as my real and only employer and have been enjoying learning more about that. It’s become clear to me only recently that that’s what I’m supposed to be working on during this time to see what else will unfold in my “work.”

    Lately I keep asking myself:
    Who do you work for?
    Who are you trying to impress?
    Who are you competing with?

    I’m loving the allness and onlyness of God answers that are coming to me. So grateful. Very helpful comments today.

    1. At the gym at Principia, there used to be a sign that had the word “impress” with a line scratching it out and then the word “express” replacing it. I always loved that idea! 🙂

      Who are you competing with? The only one you are conquering is yourself. Kind of puts it into perspective.

  13. Thank you Evan for this supportive and uplifting message.

    And thanks to everyone for your amazing sharing. Wow!

    May each of us listen for God’s direction for the work already established for us and then express it.

    I love the thought that God is smiling on us

  14. What a Blessing these blogs are Evan! With the reduction in my work hours I have been tempted to feel less needed and productive, and somewhat unappreciated. This post today, and all the illuminating responses from readers have given me assurance that God always provides avenues for right ideas to be expressed through me, and that I am continually employed reflecting His love. So grateful for this supportive and enlightening platform, and for all who share!

  15. Thanks Evan and all for your very thoughtful and helpful comments, and especially to Carolyn for:
    “A reflection has no choice but to REFLECT! It lifts the burden from self.

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