Medical mistakes run rampant

July 22, 2006 | No comments yet

A new report states:

  • A hospitalized patient is subject to at least one medication error per day.
  • 1.5 million Americans are injured from medication mistakes every year.

No one is claiming health-care professionals are intentionally making these errors, but alarm bells are heralding a need for reform and fewer blunders.

Perhaps there’s a larger lesson to learn?

Is it time to value the merits of spiritual treatment where there is no opportunity for medication missteps?

Christian Science is the ultimate form of health-care. It doesn’t rely upon drugs. It doesn’t subject one to human opinion and medical guessing. It relies upon the infallible power of Mind to produce a cure, and it’s been proved by countless thousands over the last century to work.

Applying Christian Science is not as simple as popping a pill. It takes study, faith, prayer, commitment to Truth, and growing spiritual mindedness to obtain results. But most things worth having require work. That’s nothing new.

The long term benefit of practicing Christian Science include freedom from bondage to prescriptions, huge medical bills, focus on the body, and fear about health. Christian Science lifts thought to the higher realm of Spirit where Truth is the most powerful medicine and Mind the most effective physician.

Christian Science works. Give it a try.

Learn all about it in Mary Baker Eddy’s book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

You’ll never fear being victimized by a medical mistake again.

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