Memorial Day

May 31, 2010 | 5 comments

If you don’t have a family member, close relative or friend serving in the armed forces, it’s easy to forget that hundreds of thousands of men and women are fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. They are far away from their homes, their loved ones, their wives and husbands, children and jobs. They need all the love, backup, moral, physical and spiritual support we can send their way.

I pray that all points of conflict among mankind find peaceful resolution to the extinction of war. Learning to love unselfishly is the long term solution to peoples getting along with each other, caring and sharing for one another and working together as one. There is much spiritual work to be done before this occurs worldwide, but step by step, we’ll collectively get there.

In the meantime, those who materially participate in settling conflicts and establishing peace have their reward for the good they strive for and accomplish. God does not forget. The loved of divine Love have special protection and safety surrounding them at all times.

May the peace of divine Love anoint the thought of every person serving in any war anywhere in the world with an overwhelming love that dissolves all hatred, misunderstanding, selfishness, anger and desire for revenge to the point where war is seen as unnecessary, and all the sons and daughters serving can return to their respective homes alive and well.

5 thoughts on “Memorial Day”

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