Ministering Through Music

February 12, 2014 | 3 comments

There are many different ways to minister the Word. Church services, public talks, reading inspired texts, healing the sick, and music are some of the more common forms.

My local branch church sponsored a concert this month that proved the power of music to minister to a diverse audience. Cherie Brennan, an inspirational country music songwriter and singer from Jacksonville, Florida, came to town and inspired members, acquaintances and newcomers in our church auditorium with her original music and moving stories of hope and healing.

It was an inspiring, joyous and fun event! And it was a new way for our church to prove its value to our community.

We had an unseasonal bad snowstorm that cut into attendance, but still had a healthy crowd of eager listeners to hear what Cherie had to offer.

Cherie is a student of Christian Science and infuses her program with spiritual ideas generated by her study of the Bible and Science and Health. The ideas and music she shares are universal and appeal to a wide variety of people from different faith and religious backgrounds. Her music is authentic, upbeat, and full of hope and joy. She spoke heart to heart, and the audience responded with wide-open enthusiasm.

I hope my church continues to sponsor similar events. There are many different ways to reach people with spiritual truth, and music is a powerful medium. Cherie Brennan has an impressive program put together that works. Two other musicians I know who produce quality programs are Julia Wade and Alex Cook.

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3 thoughts on “Ministering Through Music”

  1. Having met Cherie at a CS lecture in Savannah, I can only say she is as warm, welcoming, and grateful as her music expresses! What a joy to listen to her CDs! Thank you for honoring her and her delightful work.

  2. I sing with a group called The Evergreen Singers. We are a senior group and we go out and sing to people in nursing homes and medical institutions. I can assure you that music can really touch the hearts and minds of the listeners. This work is really a great joy for me and it really tugs at your heart when you see the listener moved to tears of caring. It is my hug to all those in the room.

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