11 thoughts on “Some Music to Inspire”

  1. Dear Evan; Where did you find this. People say the I-PAD and the INTERNET are dangerous.
    I TOBIAS A. WEISSMAN say, it’s all in the beholder and user. The Automobile is dangerous if misused, a knife is dangerous if misused and so is every good thing if we allow mortal mind to take over. I keep away from these arguments, I don’t bother answering it. What humanity is missing when it does that! FOR SHAME. GOD BLESS SPIRIT VIEW AND THE MAN WHO STARTED IT.

  2. Thank you, Evan for the gift of music! Just beautiful and so healing! You really take good care of your flock. Bob and I truly enjoyed the Lord’s Prayer.

  3. Magnificent!!! I am even enjoying it more as I read Mary Baker Eddy’s spiritual interpretation along with Andrea’s singing.

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