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June 12, 2017 | 83 comments

Some of the most popular blogs I post include videos, and for years I’ve kept my eye out for clips to use on SpiritView that share a message true to the values and ideals readers have come to expect see expressed on its pages. I’ve discovered, though, that they are very hard to find! Compared to the millions and billions of videos posted on the web, finding interesting videos that show people living the spiritual truths taught in Christian Science and spontaneously sharing insights, healings and experiences that help other people learn to do the same are rare.

Considering the hundreds of millions of people seeking education and knowledge through watching videos, especially youth, there is a critical need for more video content on the web that shares the point of view Christian Science inspires.

There are Christian Science lectures online, and they do a good job of fulfilling their purpose, but they are an hour long, plus there are many other ways video allows the healing truths of Christian Science to be shared.

So, during my recent trip to the canyonlands in Southern Utah with my wife Kathy, I got inspired to create some videos for SpiritView that highlight inspirations and healing insights that came to me while looking for God’s creation all around. Whether we were on a hike, trailing through a canyon, or looking out from a scenic point, if an idea came, I’d hand Kathy my iPhone and ask her to film me talking for a couple of minutes. She caught on fast. We managed to get several videos recorded that I hope to share with you over the next few weeks.

I believe this makes me a vlogger now—a video blogger. Not totally, of course. I’m still a blogger too! But you can expect some variety from now on as I experiment with video and learn how to use it effectively. Thanks for your patience as we learn what works and what doesn’t work.

Here’s the first one we pulled together after we finished eating lunch on the ledge of a high rocky outlook with an awesome canyon view.

“Ideal spiritual conditions”

83 thoughts on “My first vlog”

  1. “You don’t need ideal material conditions, you already have ideal spiritual conditions.” Thank you for that wonderful thought, just what I needed to hear today. Love the vlog!

  2. Perfect! Just what I need! Thank you Evan and Kathy! Great team work! Looking forward to more of these inspiring vlogs! 🙂

  3. Thank you so very much, Evan. I find it exciting to try other new ways. But its not really a new way, its a more visible and coloured, and perhaps a more lively way, because you tell us the same spiritual Truth so clear, as you did it in writing the blog.

    Funny, I wanted to look up the word “vlog”. Now I understand why I couldn`t find it in the dictionary, because y o u created that suitable word

    I appreciate this new way of your SpiritView very much; and thanks to Kathy for her working so lovingly together with you. The outcome is excellent 😉

  4. Ideal spiritual conditions! Yes!
    I am in perfect condition, an ideal spiritual condition.
    So is my family, my church, my environment, my government, my world.

  5. Evan, thank you for all your contributions in any format. I have been inspired by, and have enjoyed sharing, the few Daily Lift videos put out by The Mother Church, so am glad to see your short video content. Your online lectures are also much appreciated.

    And thank you for this specific illustration of not needing what are thought to be ideal material conditions. We do, indeed, “live, and move, and have our being” in Spirit.

  6. Very well done Evan As “Freddie” writes I also start my day with the daily lift and your blog and are very much appreciated

  7. That is just GREAT Evan! So simple so true, such a great example to show exactly what you are talking about. I have also found that my more inspired moments seem to come at quite difficult times. Maybe because when all seems impossible, we are ready to completely drop any idea of faith or hope in any material help…THEN suddenly we realise that Spiritual help is there all along !
    Thankyou for your first vlog and looking forward to many more.

  8. Evan, you have really “hit the nail on the head” (as we say in Australia) when you say that young people especially like to watch short videos rather than attend 3/4 hour long lectures and talks or spend hours studying.
    We have spent a lot of effort into widely advertising CS lectures, but with little positive effect, however as soon as we started to video them and put up on YouTube, we are getting literally thousands of views!
    Videos for now, seem to be a very positive way to reach people.

  9. I think you are really on to something that will meet today’s need. Love the vlog! Short and right to the point, Look forward to more.

  10. I love your v log debut! And look forward to their inspiration, as with the written word which is always so helpful on your blogs.. This is a wonderful venue to share such powerful truths. It is so nice to see CS ideas keeping current with the technology that keeps things fresh, simple and so inviting.

    1. Thank you Evan for a wonderful example of presenting Christian Science in a simple great way.

  11. Woo Hoo! Love this Vlog! It Rocks! (Ha! Sorry, couldn’t resist, since you were standing on a bunch of big, gorgeous rocks!) Really appreciate and like all the others here > Looking Forward to the wonderful messages posted at SoiritView! Blogs, Vlogs and all future inspirations to come! Congratulations! How FUN!

  12. What a blessing your vlog brought to me this morning, just what I needed and will need in the future. You see, we are in the process of moving from Northern Idaho to Southern Utah in the next month and seeing your comments over the next few weeks about your trips to Southern Utah will be so helpful to us. God is really meeting my needs, through you, and others I am sure. Thank You so much Evan!!

  13. Evan,

    Thank you so much. These thought are perfect and so helpful with the challenges that have appeared to be so real. I look forward to each daily message!!

  14. Evan! Thank you! Your first vlog is perfect! The message is perfect! I love this message and will continue to pray with it. Thank you for sharing your inspiration each day. I look forward every morning to see what I can add to my own prayers and insight. Blessings to you (and your videographer!)

  15. I have often pondered this statement and couldn’t make out where to look for the ideas that formed the link with the supply to meet my need.
    I live on a state pension and it just pays my rent so I constantly need to find inspiration when my bank balance shows no credit.
    I have had many proofs of God’s care but recently ran into great need to provide enough to live on.
    Every avenue seemed to dry up.
    So your vlog, so beatifully expressed has come to my aid. So naturally. Seeing you so near is extremely helpful..
    Many thanks to you and your wife.

  16. A wonderful new idea and blessing from the source of all ideas and blessings. Thanks, Evan, for listening and acting once again on your great inspirations.

  17. Love the vlog! Also, very much appreciate the ideas expressed that we can thrive no matter what the material picture presents because the ideas we need are ever flowing from divine Mind. We dwell in “spiritual conditions.” Thanks!

  18. This video is great, thank you. When God created the earth, the Bible says it was without form and void (no material conditions). Yet Light, and everything else needed, unfolded, seemingly “from nothing.” This signifies to me what your video message brings out: progress, supply, healing come from spiritual conditions. Thank you!

  19. I too Love the blog! Keep ’em coming.
    Love too the concept of ideal spiritual conditions–and having them all the time, even in those “rocky” moments I our lives! I’ve always been grateful to Christian Science for teaching me when I was a young girl some 76 years ago– that God is my rock (2nd Samuel 22:2) but never have thought about, like that tree you found, about my roots therein TOO! I so appreciate you giving me new daily views!

  20. Perfect! Thank you for quickie inspiration that is so simple, logical, and practical. This I can share with those I pray with no matter what their background or spiritual experience. I appreciate the time and effort that went into putting that vlog together. It meant a lot to me. [I didn’t even know what a vlog was and never replied before to your wonderful steady stream of blessings on our world wide community, but this was so special I just had to say thanks!

  21. Hey Evan, great!!! wonderful! not only for this and all the videos you will be sharing, but for keeping us abreast so that we all should get out of our comfort zones in so many situations!

    Gratitude infinite!

  22. Thank you, dear Evan. You continue to give and give to your Spiritview flock. One can read how appreciative we all are for your loving and unique outreach. Gratitude to you and your great photographer. You bring such simple truths to us and I, for one, realize what a mountain of nothingness I have allowed to build in thought. I have immediately turned back to spiritual conditions of Divine Mind!!! Your outreach has a far reaching effect. Thank you!

  23. Thank you Evan. See if you can add these into the Christian Science Subscription in YouTube. This subscription is the only way I have found to use. It saves us by excluding the many fake sites and inferior or worse Videos.

    1. Hi James,

      All my vlogs will be posted to my YouTube channel and publicly listed there for viewing at any time. You can SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel by clicking on the youtube icon at the bottom of this screen.

  24. Vlogs will be greatl. I love this one and am really looking forward to more!
    Thank you to you and Kathy for doing these. You both listened when God gave you a wonderful idea.

  25. Dear, dear Evan, your spiritual insights never fail to illuminate my day. I have seen the light from your clear understanding of the Word. I am sure Mary Baker Eddy would have loved to know you. It has been a God-send to be able to share your ideas with friends and family. I am grateful you are in my life, and also blessing so many who thirst for guidance along life’s path. May Joy and abundance fill your days. I can’t wait for the next vlog!! Grandchildren like the messages short and to the point. Your revelation will bless the world.

  26. Evan, your Vlog is lovely, current, and so professionally done! Thank you, as well for this perfect and timely message (as they all are!), delivered in such a fresh and delightful format!

  27. Thank you God for giving Evan such wonderful ideas/thoughts to express and thank you Evan for listening to and following through with sharing them. You are clearly a pro at vlogging already. This vlog really touched my heart today and I so appreciate the visual aspect, it really drove the message home for me.

  28. Thank you for a great video inspiration for the day! I have enjoyed sharing it with 2 friends already!

  29. Oh I LOVE your vlog! I truly love the quiet way you are speaking, the framing, the lighting, the beautiful tree behind you, your message. Well done. More please!

  30. Thank you Evan for the inspiring vlog especially your comment…to thrive “you don’t need ideal material conditions, you already have ideal spiritual conditions.” The photo at the very top was also perfect. Loved it too!

  31. Evan, it may take you all day to read all the comments of gratitude for your first vlog.
    It may take me all day to share this vlog with others 🙂 Many many thanks! What a
    need you have answered for sharing simple and healing truths on the www.

  32. Thank you everyone for your overwhelming positive response! It is very encouraging, and encourages me to keep pursuing this media. The time is ripe, and the possibilities are endless… 🙂

  33. When I clicked on You Tube to subscribe it showed me as already subscribed, but I’ve never received anything. I couldn’t subscribe, only unsubscribe which I certainly didn’t want to do.

  34. It must just be me since nobody has commented on this, but I couldn’t hear what you were saying and saw no way to increase the volume. The scenery was absolutely beautiful.

  35. I love that you have done this Evan, however, even with my laptop speakers at 100%,
    I can’t hear you above a whisper … I tried switching to YouTube, that did not help.
    Any thoughts as to how to increase the volume?
    Love the site!

    1. When you play the video, in the bottom left corner is a speaker. If you click on that speaker, you can mute or unmute the video, plus you can adjust the volume by moving the slider back and forth next to the speaker.

  36. thank you. I liked the vlog a lot. I do like to read what you write and have a binder of my favorites to re read. But this was like a mini lecture and was wonderful. I do think young people would like this little taste of the truth as they race through their days. Nature can be so inspiring. I have a little plant that used to grow in this area where cement was poured. Each spring several sprouts of this plant make it through the cement and the house to come up. not ideal conditions but life pushes through.

  37. Once again, Evan, amazing (as in grace!). Your contribution to Church in so many ways – from your prayer-filled work as a CS practitioner, teacher, lecturer, and writer to blogs, now vlogs and more – is healing and blessing in innumerable ways! Sincere and abiding gratitude!

  38. Woo Hoo! Like Chris said above, YOU ROCK! Awesome! Fantastic! So very well done! I cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve for future vlogs! A big thumbs up to sweet Kathy for her excellent videography skills! Hugs to you both of you!

  39. Can you post these on facebook? Love this idea of vlogging And love this vlog, Everyone needs to see it!! THANK YOU AND THANK YOU GOD FOR GIVING EVAN THIS IDEA

  40. I’m sure there’s a way to post them on your Facebook page. I’m not an expert on that, but some readers probably know how to do it. I need to ask around and find out….

  41. Thanks Danielle for your comment – glad to know I’m not the only one who couldn’t hear. I tried your suggestion, Evan, and slid the bar over all the way but it only increased the volume slightly. Guess I’ll miss out on these.

  42. Love it! Awesome. Love the message and the video. So great to see you also. And hear your loving and calm voice. Good also to slow the quote from
    Science and Health. More of these please. A superb idea from the mind of God!

  43. I could share if it was on my facebook page, but maybe there is a way for you to put them up on the newsfeed on Facebook. I see short articles under Christian Science on my newsfeed on Facebook at times….and I don’t know who posts them. Everyone needs it!

    1. Nancy – you can share it on your Facebook. Just click on the arrow in the top right of the video and share! 🙂

  44. I tried all day to open my Spirit View on my phone. Finally this evening it opened. I’m so glad I didn’t give up!
    The vlog was great. They always say a picture is worth a thousand words.
    I always enjoy the photos used to illustrate our daily lesson. I’ll look for selected verses throughout the lessonth that enhance the photo. That tree growing out of the rock will stay with us for a very long time. Great lessons to learn and creative ways to do so! Thank you for all creative ways you teach us!

  45. Our SpiritView Family is L-A-R-G-E, and wonderful!

    The enthusiasm for your vlog should tell us all something about what we (sometimes)
    need in the way of analogy, illustration, symbols for spiritual teaching, Evan!

    As I have posted here several times: Christ Jesus always taught by parables. He sure knew!
    (See Refs in Mary Baker Eddy’s books on this topic of spiritual teaching.

    “Divine Love Always Has Met and Always Will Meet Every Human Need.” ~MBE


  46. Evan, I finally listened to this vlog.
    Ideal spiritual conditions are ours always.
    NO material condition is ever ideal.
    I am sharing this with some dear friends who will benefit from the message.
    Thanks, as always.

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