Is there a need for correction?

February 27, 2015 | 6 comments

“Procrastination is the fault most people put off correcting.”

~ Dr. Robert Anthony

Don’t put that right activity off one minute longer. Do it. Make progress! It will bless you.

6 thoughts on “Is there a need for correction?”

  1. Years ago I had a teacher in Junior High School (I suppose this would be called Middle School now) who repeated to our class almost daily, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” I can still remember her words.

  2. Ditto to above remarks– only I lived with a saying my Dad taught me—“Do the hard thing first.” As I study and pray each morning– daily I find that these sayings taught by different individuals apply to all facets of life. The admonition says, “No, you do not have to clean up this room first—you read your “daily bread” (lesson) before you do anything today.” When I do this, the day unfolds in God’s loving hands—the way He wants it to go. I am learning not to put God off in place of some earthly task that MUST be done. Never put off loving instruction from our Father. When I prayerfully put His teachings first in all phases of daily life, the answers roll in.

  3. I needed that the most 🙂
    Putting first things first has been a challenge.
    A huge thank you Evan, for this reminder.

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