New logo and design for SpiritView

August 31, 2018 | 73 comments

As you probably noticed, SpiritView has an updated design and logo today. Yay! It’s been in the works for several months. I expect you to find a cleaner look, easier to read pages, faster page downloads, easier readability on mobile phones and tablets, as well as other improvements.

I’m grateful to Roundhouse Designs for the fresh look and updated platform running in the background, and Watchfire New Media for shepherding me through this major re-work of my site.

Please share your comments, and feel free to share anything about the new site that you think would improve the experience on your end. We want the site to work well for you!

73 thoughts on “New logo and design for SpiritView”

  1. It’s a beautiful new display of your precious site, Evan! Thank you for all the work and thought that has been going into the new design!

  2. I love all the changes. The font is easier to read. The download is quicker. The photo is beautiful! As you ask for feedback the only thing I would mention is that I still have to put my name in the box every time I make a comment. When I first began leaving comments it always appeared in the box automatically. Anyway I don’t want to be picky as that is just a small thing. Well done to all for the changes and I also love having all your talks easily available to listen to. A good job which has been well done. Onward and upward!

  3. Congratulations on a really beautiful lay-out and design, Evan! It’s lovely to have your smiling face at the top.
    I look forward to your next blog in its new setting.

  4. All very well ! Thank you for your immense work with it for us all. But I suppose you had joy doing this!
    I appreciate your new, actuell photos very much – they are utmost beautiful and pretty – love it all so!!

    I am grateful and happy that I got your Spiritview in my inbox again today, as yesterday I did not.
    Have the same seeming problem as Linda mentions with my name and e-mail-address everytime to put in below, before clicking “post”. But with joy I will do that, as Spiritview is endless blessing and healing.

  5. Your photo feels like it leads the reader on a lighted pathway to heaven. Glorious! Driving home after our Wednesday meeting at church I saw a magnificent sunset much like your photo only over flat land. It. was a lovely reminder of God’s love.

  6. Heavenly, uplifting, inspiring…. delightful new look!
    Much gratitude to you, Evan and all who come to this
    wonderful site to share and partake of it’s blessings. I,
    too, sometimes do not receive in my daily inbox, but
    come to the archives to see if a new page has been posted.

  7. I enjoyed the older design, but find this one simpler and clean, refreshing. It suggests the clarity and simplicity of divine truth and love.

  8. Looking at this only on my phone at the moment as I am away for a week but from what I can see the new photo is absolutely stunning, natural, and like a “ revelation” of Spirit’s view !!
    The typefaces are beautiful and clear and the logo is too. Very elegant . I love it… and I’m very fussy about fonts/ typefaces having spent about 17 years working in advertising.

  9. This is simply lovely Evan! The layout looks great and I love the tabs at the top that make it so much easier to find things!
    Thank you for the love and thoughtfulness that went into this new design.

  10. Perfect! Changes are good, but site has always been awesome! Evan, thank you for brightening our day, every day with your dedication to CS, your wonderful listening, praying and sharing which encourages all of us to do so as well. What a gift in my inbox daily – thank you for all your prayerful time in creating this for all of us! Appreciate you and every contributor! Happy day and love to all!

  11. Very attractive new logo and tag line Evan. The “look and feel” is open, inspiring and healing. Your design company has done an outstanding job at branding the site.
    Thank you as always for your tireless work to bring us all closer to God.

  12. Congratulations Evan the new design looks bright and fresh! Work well done. So thoughtful of you to be thinking of us all the time.
    God bless.

  13. Many thanks in all ways, Evan. Your inspiration is a blessing shared with your bloggers “And Love is reflected in Love” as Mrs Eddy has taught us, Gratitude shows in each and every comment. Lovely!

  14. Beautiful! God bless you and your family! I love reading and sharing your thoughts and inspirations. Our God is a awesome God!

  15. Absolutely fantastic new look. I love everything about it and greatly appreciate all of the work you put into bringing us these daily inspirations. They are such an uplifting way to start the day. Thank you SO MUCH!

  16. ,love this new font but could it be a bit darker in colour so it would be easier to read, please?

  17. I like much about the new design! The fast load time is great. I miss the beautiful background photo – but it did make it slow. The clean look is great, especially compared to most websites today.

    Your photo is very attractive; however I feel it draws too much attention. It’s very large, bright, and busy, and higher on the page than the main photo, so it draws focus – away from the main photo, and the message, and more to you personally. I’m sure that’s not your intent. I suggest having it smaller and lower on the page, so the focus stays on the main photo and ideas you’re conveying. They’re inspiring!

    Thanks for sharing Truth, and Christian Science, with so many people!

  18. All around A+ — ditto here to what everyone is raving about! The only thing I haven’t tested yet but will is the print function. It would be great to print off without the picture so that we don’t use an extra sheet of paper because of it – most of the time. God bless!

  19. Thank you, Evan, for the daily inspirations! The new format is wonderful and is appreciated. I do share your posts with “time-honoured” friends who do not have internet or devices by printing your illuminating messages and passing the hard copies around. With the new format, I do not see a printable version. Many thanks!

  20. Beautiful new Soul-inspired design! I love the photo showing the path that leads upward…the Spiritview for sure!
    Reminds me of a favorite Bible verse :
    “Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands…”(Psalms 90: 17)

  21. It’s Beautiful, Evan! As I said yesterday…..your intention and motive to share the Healing Message of Christian Science with all seekers of Truth shines forth brightly!

  22. Inspiring, bless summer’s morn, to receive God’s sent message. Thank you for this beautiful freshness.

  23. The new design–with all the categories, the links, the (always visually impactful) photos–is wonderful. The logo path, too, is the perfect image to help me walk through my days. Sincerely, Judith in Bend, OR.

  24. Evan, I love this new format! Clean and crisp….and if I was new to this blog I can clearly see who authors it, with your kind, smiling face it draws me to read the article and check out your other pages. Thank you so much for your timely wonderful daily thoughts, so helpful in my practice. It helps open up Christian Science to the world.

  25. Love EVERYTHING about your new design!!! Thank you for your daily Posts which are helping people around the globe find and Know God better and to find healing. I would be so HAPPY to donate to the effort but do not use Paypal. Is there a way to donate by credit card? If not, I will send a check, with much Gratitude for your loving effort to heal our world and to help offset the expense of producing this blog which is so helpful to so many❤️
    Thank you, caydee kittredge

    1. HI CayDee,

      Thanks for the generous thought. Yes, you can donate by credit card. Click on the Contribute button, and enter your infor. As you go into PayPal, PayPal, gives you a credit card option to use. You don’t have to use PayPal. Thanks!

      1. To anyone looking for the CONTRIBUTE button, go to ABOUT at the top of the page, then scroll down to find it. I’m sending a GRATITUDE gift right now because I LOVE SPIRITVIEW and I get so much inspiration from it. Thank you Evan !!!!

  26. LOVE the new website but LOVED the old one too! It’s your inspired thought that I LOVE! Thank you, Evan.

    I had difficulty getting to your website both yesterday and today but it might be at my end. Just thought I would mention it.

    1. May I add that I also encountered problems with this. Several times, I could not access the new site. I always ended up with the former site and with the post of Wednesday as the last entry. I had to restart my computer in order to access the new site. And sometimes even this did not work. It happened yesterday, and also today. I have a Mac and use in general Firefox, and also Safari. The problem happened on both web browsers. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

      1. Dear Beatrice,

        I also have a Mac so perhaps it has something to do with that? Not sure but interesting that we both had difficulties.

  27. Thanks Evan. Like others I too like the new format.

    The one thing I miss from the old format though is the list of recent comments. Sometimes people would comment on a blog from a previous day/month/year and I could a) see that they did that and b) click on the entry in the recent comments list to read their comment. But don’t lose any sleep if adding that back isn’t possible. It was just a nice convenience, but I can do without it too.

  28. Hello Everyone!

    Thank you for all your generous and kind comments, and also for sharing anything that was going wrong from your end. We thank you for your patience as the new launch for this site has been implemented.

    Many of you encountered problems logging on over the last 2 days. Because of heavy traffic on the site, and other behind the scenes tech issues, several of you got error messages when trying to get into the site. That should be fixed now. If not, let me know.

    Your comments and observations have all been very helpful. We have fixed numerous issues because of your comments, and are still working on a few more improvements because of what you’ve said.

    We are striving to make this site as user-friendly as possible, and to serve its purpose of bringing spiritual inspiration your way in easy simple ways. Please keep your comments coming. I read every single one of them.

    Love to you all! You’re an amazing community of keen spiritual thinkers.

    1. I would just like to thank you for this explanation, Evan. I had no problem any more this morning (it is morning in Europe 🙂 ).
      I am so grateful for your blog and for having the opportunity to read it every day!

  29. I couldn’t access it today. Got a blank page. I use my I pad and always get it on my e mail every morning. I also went to the website and still got a blank page?? It’s the first thing I look for in the morning…what do I need to do?

    1. There was a period of time today when I got just a blank white screen too. So my guess would be that happened to Nancy too and she tried again later and it was fine again and that’s when she submitted her comment.

  30. Concerning the 3 pictures at the bottom: “Evan’s Talks”, “Class on Healing”, and “Evan’s Healing Practice”…..when you click on “Class on Healing” nothing comes up. The other 2 pictures work just fine!

  31. Hi Evan, Nice new website. All your work and praying for success of this blog has paid off well. God is Love.

  32. Dear Evan. Good day to you and to all those who read and / or comment on the blog. I analyze the new page from two perspectives, one of form and another of background. Of form: The new page is fantastic, beautiful, light, agile, of refined design but absolutely functional. Respect of the photos, they express joy and love, they express the Father. Background: it is the message, and of course it is the pure Substance of Truth in everyone. Wonderful!!! Thanks and Congratulations Evan. Excellent weekend everyone!

  33. Evan, any chance of having a spot in donation where it is not related to PayPal at all. I would contribute here if all I had to do was enter credit card information, not additionally phone number, address, etc. If not, will mail to you.

    1. Hi Mary Ann,

      We’ll have to investigate that option. Thanks for bringing it up. I believe most all credit card transactions online ask for your address to verify with the credit card company that your address matches your card number. It’s a security check. Thanks for thinking about us, though!

  34. It’s great to see so much interest and so many responses to the re-design. I too also liked the old layout as well. Most of all this website has great content. Thank-you so much for making it freely available.
    So far I’ve only seen the new version on an iPhone. From that perspective I agree that the new text seems a bit faint, perhaps due to the size and font rather than merely the colour. Also on the subject of readability some sites include an easy to find and use setting to enable users to choose their own preferred font size. Especially thinking of sharing this with some older users who tend to set text to the biggest possible size, that would be a ‘nice to have’. It’s also good to see a recently refreshed website that hasn’t over-done the cookie notification to the extreme of obscuring much of the view of the page. Much appreciated.

  35. Oh and it’s fiddly to use the categories selection drop-down using a phone. There are so many items in the list that scrolling alphabetically beyond about d…….. takes a while. It’d be easier to use if it were possible to link to a page that listed all the categories and/or if the drop-down or list page allowed the user to enter the first letter of possible category e.g. U or W to find out if there are posts about Unity or Wisdom more quickly than by scrolling from the beginning of the alphabet every time.

  36. Evan thanks for response re credit card. Don’t mind giving address/phone info as long as Pay Pal does not use it for anything. May try it. Thanks.

  37. Love, love, love that new photo! The eternal walk.
    Always love your simple yet profound words of uplift, contemplation and healing. Without doubt they meet my needs every day – often before I know what those needs might be – to give me a clearer thought. Quite honestly just the title of your daily message is packed with healing power!
    Very grateful.

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