No lockdowns in Mind

May 21, 2020 | 17 comments

Your local, regional, or national government may have ordered you to “Stay home,” while the pandemic passes, but that doesn’t mean your thinking has to “Stay home!”

We live in a universe of infinite Mind, and there are no limits on where your thought can go to stay productive, to be happily employed and to be working out useful purposes.

I’m inspired by the story in the Bible of Paul and Silas when they where captured by a mob and ordered to be locked up in prison by local officials who wanted them off the streets. For extra caution, the prisoners were cast into the inner dungeon, and their feet were locked solid in stocks. If there ever was a “lockdown,” this was it. Their human plight looked hopeless. But Paul and Silas did not allow their thinking to go into lockdown mode.

The Bible states, “Around midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening. Suddenly, there was a massive earthquake, and the prison was shaken to its foundations. All the doors immediately flew open, and the chains of every prisoner fell off!” (Acts 16:25-26, NLT).

Paul and Silas were singing hymns and praises to God! Their thinking did not reflect the plight of their bodies. Their thinking transcended the physical condition they faced and went into the realm of Mind where there are no limits. They were so clear on their spiritual freedom with God, that they had no fear of the physical constraints, and the physical constraints fell away.

We can do the same if under orders to “Stay home.” Our thinking doesn’t have to “Stay home.” It can go anywhere. It can go anywhere that Mind is, and that’s everywhere that God is.

There are no lockdowns in Mind. God is unending good, unbounded love, ever-productive Life. Go there with your thought and soar free!

There isn’t any government order that can hold back your thought from being more productive and gainfully employed than ever.

17 thoughts on “No lockdowns in Mind”

  1. So very true, Evan. I have treasured this time as an opportunity for deeper study. Your comment about Paul and Silas being “ so clear on their spiritual freedom with God, that they had no fear of the physical constraints, and the physical constraints fell away” is so applicable to all healing. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Kirsten for the link to “Free” by Ada Jane Miller. I got chills, so inspired, raised higher just reading it. A joyous fearless song!

    1. I love these words:

      a melody of hope…

      As we work metaphysically for our global community, comforting and uplifting.

      Thank you, Kirsten.

      1. Jo, Yes it is! I enjoy your joyous comments and work for the world community. :):)

        Romans 8:2 “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.”

  2. I’m so grateful for inspiration. It truly is infinite. No matter what we think we see, hear, or are dealing with, the pure inspiration is constantly flowing to support and uplift us. Clearly only a perfect gift from God. And even if it’s a Bible story we have heard before like Paul and Silas, it can come to life with new inspiration because we are in a new and improved state of thought than the last time we heard it. We truly are God’s song. Let’s sing! So grateful for SpiritView.

  3. Also, what a fabulous photo! The only mind that does not see that perfect child soaring to the heights of heaven is looking at it without God inspired inspiration. “She is free as a bird.”

  4. I’m using lockdown to catch up with back copies of Sentinel – always fresh and timeless.

  5. Lockdown is a material reaction to aid protection of mortal man. How fortunate are we to be able to study, learn and Increasingly comprehend our true status as the manifestation of the eternal loving God. Always protected, always free. I’m loving looking at everything from a spiritual standpoint and feel very blessed to have found Spirit View. ThanK you Evan for reaching out to us.

  6. During this lockdown, we are enjoying bluer skies, less trash on the beaches, people starting gardening, and record adoptions of dogs and cats, possibly bunnies, and more creatures from the animal shelters. Well, I just heard that the University of California LA system has just divested their $126 billion portfolio from fossil fuels. ( the largest school system in the US). I’ll be dancing all day long, as this lockdown is allowing people to THINK about making healthier choices– and what blesses in the bigger picture. The Greater Good!! and wonderful duets, Bravo, Olin and Evan!
    It is a time for honesty, purity, clarity, patience, forgiveness, finding happiness of all that is GOOD, God’s goodness! Above all, to counter the world beliefs: the HEALING breakthroughs happening!

  7. As this pandemic and lockdowns began, my first thought was MORE TIME FOR PRAYER.

    Also, I love the picture of the young aviator, with a fun imagination.

    Thank you, Evan for your inspiration!

  8. With God all things are possible; all good and productive is possible with our omipotent, omnipresent all good God. There are no limits, as Evan states.
    Thank you very much, Evan for your so blessing and healing SpiritView!
    Often I prayed with the truth thought, that only God is my employer. With help of a dear practitioner and with this thought I got an interesting job for many years until I started learning my desired profession as Christian Science Nurse.
    To stay at home also means for me, to stay in the consciousness of divine Love, as Mrs. Eddy puts the end of the 23rd Psalm in Science and Health. God is always shepherding all His loved idears! 🙂 ♡

  9. Thank you Evan for posting, “No lockdowns in Mind” as well as Paul Nichol for adding that link for the article “The Illusion of Animal Magnetism” I just printed that, What a great article! I need to remove that in my life.
    Evan, for whatever reason I did not receive this in my inbox, I had to look at a back article to get this. I checked my span and it was not there,
    Your articles are so timely

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