No opposition to God

April 18, 2023 | 18 comments

If what opposes God is real, there must be two powers, and God is not supreme and infinite.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 357

But in truth, there is no power that opposes God, for God is supreme.

Disease, evil, mortal mind, animal magnetism, and their kin, are nowhere to be found in God.

In a consciousness of God, all is God. All is good. Good is all there is to see, know, feel, experience and express.

18 thoughts on “No opposition to God”

    1. Thank you very much for this article. I have often struggled with the customary definition of supreme, as comparing one thing above another, when I knew that God is all and the only. I love the explanation of its use, such as in “air supremacy” – when one of the opponents has achieved such dominance and power that no other will even take to the sky’s to challenge it.
      I am so thankful for SpiritView.

      1. You’re welcome Linda. I sometimes find that I think I know what a word means but then find out what I thought it meant is not exactly correct. So I’ve always remembered this article since I read it back in 1996 whenever I read the word “supreme” in S&H. The true meaning of “supreme” is so powerful!

    2. Thank you, RH, for the link to the Journal article by Mario Tosto. It’s interesting, isn’t it, that the topic of Evan’s blog is “No Opposition to God,” yet Mr. Tosto eventually rejected Christian Science and its teachings, to embrace what he considers the reality of sin, disease, and death. Very interesting!

    3. Thank you very much RH for that article! I printed it out in order to read it later and also to give it to a church friend.

      Thank you very very much dear Evan for today’s SpiritView . “In a conciousness of God, all is God. All is Good” you write here so wonderfully! This reminds me on the last sentense of the 23rd Psalm how Mrs. Eddy puts it in Science and Health, which says:

      And I will remain in the house of the Lord,
      the conciousness of LOVE, forever.

      The truth you give us here, Evan, about our good God without any Opposition is so very clear and convincing. It is very comforting and healing for me! I love this great Blog!♡

  1. I love Mrs. Eddy’s description of the fountain not sending forth both sweet and bitter water..
    We can only express our source which is divine, pure, whole, and delightful.

  2. Thank you RH for the very explanative article, most helpful.
    Thank you Evan for this thought provoking journey to realize our innate identity.

  3. Thank you Evan for sparking this consideration. And thank you RH for introducing the article of the centurion.
    These words from that article seem such a concise definition of prayer that I want to re-share them:
    “prayer based on the supremacy of spiritual perfection…..Effective, healing prayer is a disciplined acknowledgment of God’s control over one’s thoughts, which allows human consciousness to embrace spiritual facts.”
    Thank you for Spirit View.

  4. Thank you RH and Evan and all for such helpful Truths. It Seems that
    life can be a roller coaster lately with so many lies trying to become
    real, although through a Spiritual View, it all makes sense if we can
    keep this focus and help the world heal.
    Good people are said to be bad …
    parents standing up for their children, those trying to stand up for what
    is right … mankind trying to play God in artificial intelligence and in so
    many other ways, trying to take power away from what is True. Sometimes
    it all seems to be overwhelming and can easily tempt us to feel down, if
    we are not constantly on guard with these erroneous lies we are
    bombarded with.
    I am so grateful to come here which is like a refreshing well of knowledge …
    of Truth and Love and it helps so much to share kindred Spiritual facts that
    counteract the lies. Thank you all for helping in my understanding of what
    is really Real.

  5. Thank you Evan and all. ,The first stanza of hymn 321 ends with a question which causes us to reflect on God as Supreme. Let me share it with us.

    Hymn 321. Stanza 1
    Supreme in wisdom as in power,
    The Rock of Ages stands;
    Canst thou not search His word,
    and trace. The working of His hands?

    The other three stanzas throw more light on God’ as Supreme , which can help in our search for a deeper understanding..

  6. Evan thank you for this topic. There is a great statement in the article “God’s Law of Adjustment” by Adam Dickey published 1916. He was a close associate of Mrs. Eddy.

    “God is the only creator, the only lawmaker. All the power, action, intelligence, life, and government in the universe belong to God and have always belonged to Him. He is the Supreme Ruler, and does not share His power with another.”

  7. Much gratitude to all for the articles and shares. Each good thought
    improves our journey and what they have to say …
    within the articles are truly like the glimmer of sunshine that brightens
    our path that sets us free.
    These One Mind angel thoughts help our “little mind” thoughts be
    canceled out by taking flight to a higher plane of thinking. So Lovely.

  8. Thank you, Evan, for that guiding phrase “God without any opposition—it’s a game changer for my perspective on today’s needs.

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