No secret password required

March 1, 2011 | 13 comments

While staying at a Holiday Inn last week, I needed to print off a document from the Internet. I hunted down the business center, sat down at a PC provided in the space, turned on the computer and was greeted with a request for a password to get in.

“Oh nice!” I thought. “I have to find someone who knows the password.” So, off to the front desk I strode.

I waited patiently in line to acquire the secret to unlocking that computer’s capacities. When it was my turn, the receptionist told me with a smile, “Oh, no password is needed. Just click on OK and it will work.”

That was simple, I thought. “Why hadn’t I thought of that myself?” I knew the answer was because I believed what I saw typed on the screen, that I needed one. But what I saw wasn’t true. I didn’t need one.

As I ambled back to the help center, I thought of times when I wondered how to practice Christian Science more successfully. “What’s the secret?” I’ve asked more than once, like there is some big secret to putting its teachings into practice. It’s like asking, “What’s the password to get in?” I realized. Yet, there is no password. There is no secret. God’s Truth is an open revelation. It’s all printed out in black and white in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and demonstrated throughout the Bible. But to succeed, we can’t sit stymied staring blankly at a screen like I did thinking we need something more when we don’t. We need to consent to the fullness of the revelation, dismiss the suggestion of mortal mind that we lack something or need something else, and proceed with putting the teachings into practice, learning step by step, click by click…and making our demonstrations.

There’s no need to stand in line at the front desk waiting to find out you already have what you need. Click “OK, I’VE GOT WHAT I NEED,” and proceed!

13 thoughts on “No secret password required”

  1. Oh! This is interesting. I’ll have to try it. I constantly feel like I’m missing the password I need to get where I want to be in practicing CS. This is most helpful. 🙂

  2. Hi Evan, thank you so much for this wonderful clue.
    I’ve been thinking and talking to family members and friends who study the Bible and S&H that we have all we need to proceed with our demonstration and victory over whatever appearance evil tries to take and get a hold on us.
    Well I wish we could translate this into Portuguese and share with the Portuguese speaking people.
    Thank you!

  3. Nea, if you go to Google translator and put in the passage you want translated, it will do it for you.

  4. Thanks for this wonderful truth you have shared! This should go into a daily lift so more can share it! Like others, I’ve often wondered what the ‘magic’ word or thought is that would heal quickly, but accepting S & H as the full revelation, we can move ahead, learning and being healed as we go. Thanks again!

  5. Recently I was praying not thinking i might need a password to reach God. Then I thought, that I need a particular topic to express my needs for a demonstration in helping my son, a police officer, to get through some unture allegations for which he had been placed in an administrative status. Right away I was lead to asking forgiveness for the persons involved in the false testimony. I was told that things were looking up for him as his supervisors were backing his accessment of the incident. It is not over yet, but I feel calm and assured that things will work out for him

  6. When we don’t have experience with something, we trust what we are told, or what we see. That’s natural. Next time at a hotel computer, you won’t be fooled. That’s how we learn. And we bless others by sharing our lessons. Thank you, Evan.

    Re the dear police officer son of “Anonymous” below “Carolyn,” I’m glad we have this spiritual fact to cling to with all our meek might: “Innocence and Truth overcome guilt and error.” All the time. It’s the Law!

  7. We need to keep our violin in tune according to Mrs Eddy, and that is why we keep studying along daily.
    Then when something comes up, we are ready.

    The immediate need is met spontaneously.

    Raising 5 children presented many occasions to meet sudden challenges with poise, when the picture was frightening. Lifting thought to God brought the right ideas for the moment.

  8. The problem is the articles are kind of vague. You mentioned step by step, but never said what those steps are. So we are still looking for the password.

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