No shortage of understanding

February 27, 2019 | 25 comments

If you’ve ever worried that you don’t have enough understanding to heal a problem you are facing, take heart. God gives you the understanding you need!

God is an all-knowing, all-wise Mind that understands how to do everything. You were created by this Mind, and were divinely designed to express the wisdom, intelligence and understanding of divine Mind.

If you think you lack understanding, it’s not because you lack understanding, but because you’re entertaining a limited concept of divine Mind’s abilities.

Whatever you need to know is coming freely to you from divine Mind.

The purpose of prayer is to silence the human mind that sees limits, and open thought to the divine Mind that knows all.

All the understanding you need to solve the problem at hand is present in your Mind, the divine Mind.

Enjoy an abundance of understanding today! Honor the presence and activity of the one Mind, and let Mind’s understanding become your understanding.

“The way you tell me to live is always right; help me understand it so I can live to the fullest”
Psalm 119:144, The Message.

25 thoughts on “No shortage of understanding”

  1. Truly! How beautifully and simply put.
    And what’s also wonderful, is to know this is true for everyone. If there’s anyone [in our family, in our government, …] who we fear doesn’t have enough understanding to handle something, this truth reverses that straight out, and we can rejoice in this truth rather than worry. It will be felt.
    How many Minds are there?

    1. Thank you Diane, for posing the question “How many Minds are there?” There’s only one! Sometimes I temporarily misplace the truth that we need to realize this for all no matter their human position. Of course it’s not us and God struggling against everyone else.

  2. How often do we all think this very thing….have that doubt and lack of confidence in our ability to heal a situation! I like to think of how we inherit all ability from God via our DNA…our Divinely Natural Ability. Thank you for reminding us that we are “divinely designed to express the wisdom, intelligence and understanding of divine Mind”, Evan. We are the OUTCOME..the emanation of God’s being and infinite intelligence! This thought just occurred to know when you ask God a question or for direction and the answer comes to you in that same moment, THAT YOU ACTUALLY ASK? This is when we KNOW it is not mortal mind giving an opinion..that is God, Divine Mind speaking. Doesn’t this prove that “that Mind is in us, which was also in Christ Jesus” and that we really DO have all ability and knowledge due to the fact that “Mind’s understanding becomes our understanding.”

    1. What wonderful thoughts expressed through the One Mind! I love your definition of DNA, Diane. Now That is
      a True inheritance from our Creator and a perfect way of seeing ourselves through this divine creation. Thank you for sharing that.

  3. Evan! Wonderful! “The purpose of prayer is to silence the human mind that sees limits(…).”
    Do we exist as separate selves with problems, or are we only would-be limits imposed on divine Mind? As putative, separate minds, we want to understand problems and fix them. But as problems persist, we come to realize our standard solution is part of the problem itself. Divine Mind, on the other hand, has perfect understanding – but of solutions, not problems.

  4. Oh, thank you Evan, and thank you all for this wonderful SPIRITUAL breakfast. We are so truly blessed with our “Divinely Natural Ability”, “to enjoy an abundance of understanding today. “

  5. Great affirmation of that essential thing: our feelings of worth and abilities… by reflection!!

    Whew! (Human sense sometimes forgets…)

  6. Thank you for this reminder that there is only one Mind who knows our every need and supplies it without measure. This is my prayer
    For today. Thank you all for sharing your lovely thoughts.

  7. Evan, always many thanks. Expressing the one Mind is our joy and purpose Diane the DNA reminder was appreciated. Blessings to all that share

  8. Dear Father-Mother God please help me to:
    “ENJOY an abundance of understanding today!”
    “HONOR the presence and activity of the one Mind!”
    “LET Mind’s understanding become your [everyone’s] understanding!” Amen.

    Thank you Evan and all SV readers and commentors.

  9. Thank you so much! Very timely for me. I’m sort of new to CS (as in I’ve been studying it for just a little over a year) and am having to work with the concepts from the bottom up after more than a year of studying very similar ones.
    Though what I’ve had the most trouble with for almost all my life is people misunderstanding (or in some cases, pretending to “misunderstand”) my intent or what I’m trying to say and then not asking me to clarify and sometimes even running with it. I do my best not to take it personally anymore but it sometimes still stings a little.

    1. Isn’t Mind, God, awesome! I so appreciate yours and all of our willingness to choose CS as our path and let God “do the” wisdom, intelligence, and understanding through us. 🙂

  10. Thank you Evan and all fellow commenters for such helpful thoughts. I love the thought of being divinely designed!! Makes me feel like I am wearing a label saying ‘Made by God’. Brilliant!

  11. Thank you Evan and everyone for your comments. This idea from Evan’s blog was an especially helpful reminder “All the understanding you need to solve the problem at hand is present in your Mind, the divine Mind.”

    Diane W I too love acronyms. They help me reverse the troubling claims of medical terms and replace them with the Truth. Here are a few others.

    VIRUS: Very Infectious Radically Understood
    PMS: Perfect Mental Stability
    SARS: Spiritual aspirations regulate society
    Spiritual awareness reverses sickness
    TB: Truth Beknown
    True Being
    AIDS: Abiding In Divine Safety
    Abiding In Divine Security
    Abiding In Divine Science
    Abiding In Divine Spirit
    And a couple more for
    DNA: Does Not Apply
    Do Not Accept
    Diety Not Animality
    Divinely Natural Attributes

    Thanks again for this helpful reminder. (=

    1. Love these acronyms, Divinely Natural Attributes ..A++. This One Mind Reality is complete and brings out harmony to all activities. I prayed with knowing only One Mind unfolding it’s ideas in all interchange of love and harmony for the w(holy) purpose to be seen whenever I had a major meeting at workplace and everything just naturally happened in pleasant discussions, agreement and happy results we aimed to achieved. One Mind Reality is true and harmonious for every moment of our life’s experiences.
      Thank You All

  12. Thank you all for your thoughts and Evan for guiding thought in the path of healing, be it supply, decision making, any form of limitation.

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