Not a carrier for negative emotions

January 15, 2024 | 33 comments

Sometimes people believe they are obligated to carry around negative emotions. Resentments, anger, frustration, disappointment, tension, anxiety, hatred, and their kin may well up from within and feel completely justified. Even required!

Sometimes people indulge negative emotions for such a long period of time, they start to believe the negative outlook is natural and normal; a part of them.

But in spiritual truth, negative emotions are not natural to our being as children of God. They are alien imposters.

As children of God, we are designed to express the Mind of God, which is filled with love, forgiveness, kindness, generosity, patience, compassion, and heavenly outlook.

God did not create us to be carriers or negative emotions. God created us to express Love without bounds!

Love is positive, uplifting, joyful, cheerful, inspired, and healthy.

The Mind of Love, our Mind, sees all the good happening, and is quick to recognize and acknowledge it.

Negative emotions are worldly add-ons that can be put off and replaced with spiritual outlook.

To live healthy and happy, refuse to be a carrier of negativity. Be a reflector of spiritual reality! Be what God created you to be. Inspired, and full of positive Love.

33 thoughts on “Not a carrier for negative emotions”

  1. It is our divine right to express all that is good in God created life with it multiplicity of blessings on every side. I used to say, jokingly to my athletes to just think of all the things which have to go right for you to have a bad day. Of course that was performance wise, but the idea is correct. We as humans pick our a few things that are important to us as examples of negative experiences when in truth we are truly blessed.

  2. Self justification can be the culprit when hanging on to negative emotions..
    When feeling anything negative I instantly say that it is not my thinking it’s an imposition.
    The mind of Christ alone determines how I feel..

  3. Such a wonderful message that needs to be read and used in our daily lives. Stay positive and strive to do better!

  4. Case in point: when I entertain negative thoughts, I become unhappy and angry which are not productive because I feel lousy.

    So, as I question that negativity in my thought and refuse its validity with the Truth of my real being which of course is spiritual I return normally to a state of hope, joy and feeling more connected to my God through the Christ corrections.

    Fun and true spiritual ideas to contemplate every moment for sure!

  5. Most of the time I add this when I send a text or email.

    Happy, happy, God snuggles.
    When sending something in the evening,
    I add warm God snuggles.
    Now with this cold weather I’m
    adding it all the time.
    Sometimes, I add, every day.

    God snuggles are always warm
    and cozy, if we go there in thought.

    Happy, happy warm God snuggles,

  6. When I read the word “carrier”, a carrier pigeon came to mind.
    What are we sending out our message to be? Thoughts of the negative or thoughts like
    a snow-white dove?
    It is like the child is holding a dove – pristine, heavenly, gentle, refreshed, innocent – like
    the white-winged beauty of newly fallen snow… sending loveliness of Spirit on it’s way.
    “O gentle presence, peace and joy and power… Beneath the shadow of His mighty wing…”
    (from hymn # 207)
    Like fresh snow paints the landscape in heavenliness, God maketh all things new.

  7. I have to add my little bit… I agree with Linda! Last week, I was trying to feel anger towards somebody who had done something which really damaged our community. However, I saw her, and I just had to speak kindly to her. I know that feeling any sense of animosity, any of those negatives, just hurts us. It takes us out of sync with God. I want to live in perfect harmony with my Mother~Father. I want to be always the “loving reflecting.Love” one.
    Thank you, Evan and everyone

  8. Today in the US we celebrate Martin Luther King Day and I can’t think of a better message to associate to Dr. King than today’s Spirit View. Thank you so much Evan.

    1. William thank you for mentioning Dr. King on this day. He was a beautiful soul who believed in the goodness and equality of all people, and strove to create change in society’s thoughts and actions through non-violent means.

      I also appreciated Evan’s reminder that negative emotions are “alien imposters” and “worldly add-ons,” that are no part of us and just cover up/hide our true spiritual peaceful loving nature. It’s good for us to create some distance between us and those strong emotions that pretend to be part of us.

  9. Thanks all for your thoughts.

    I’ve been praying with these ideas about peace that I’ve gleaned from Webster’s 1828 dictionary

    PEACE. freedom from disturbance or agitation or internal commotion. Freedom from agitation or disturbance by the passions: fear, terror, anger, anxiety…
    Quietness of mind (Mind) tranquility, calmness,
    Heavenly rest. Harmony, concord.

    Blessings to all

  10. Negative emotions (and the situations that we believe are causing them) can seem very loud and imposing, making it hard to hear the quieter but True and powerful voice of God. I was going through an emotionally challenging work situation very recently and I could see my thought going in a very wrong direction. I was feeling fear, unstable, unsafe, almost a sense of danger and there was a lot of mortal mind ruminating going on that was taking up too much space in my head and making me miserable. But I kept praying and reasoning spiritually and trusting God the best I could to help me see through the false mists that were claiming I could be separated from my good (my God). I’m starting to feel much greater peace and a letting go, knowing I can trust Him to care for me and work out all things harmoniously.

    This morning some words from hymn 457 were playing in my head:
    “You’re not in the storm nor the earthquake nor the wave, You’re not in the wind nor the flame, In the still of the evening, in the hush of the morning call my name.”
    God is not in those strong negative emotions that can feel like storms and earthquakes, so we can’t find Him there. He is always talking to us in the still, small voice. The tricky part can be turning away from those loud thoughts and hearing that lovely quiet voice.


  12. There was a rough time that I was going through all of the negatives Evan mentions
    above. At the time it consumed most all of my days and nights of worry and fear.
    Today, all what seemed like impossible challenges, then, have faded off into their
    native nothingness, for which I am extremely grateful. But, wow, they sure did
    Seem real at the time. mortal mind was threatening with all of it’s Seeming might.
    As encouragement of hope and Trust in God’s power and control, some thoughts
    to ponder:

    Ships don’t sink because of the water around them.
    Ships sink because of the water that gets In them.
    Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.

    R-I-C-H [in Spirit] = Realizing I Create Happiness

    Storms don’t last forever.

    Keep your face always toward the sunshine
    And shadows will fall behind you – Walt Whitman

    1. Those are great general messages to ponder. Thanks, Angel for sharing them. Thanks everyone for your comments and Evan for another thought provoking, subject. We all need to wake up to this monkey chatter that tries to enter our thinking and chase off those pesky thoughts with “Love.”

  13. Thank you all for your helpful comments and to J for the link to an
    inspiring article. Many years ago I read a book titled “Why I Am A
    Christian Scientist.” I don’t know the author, but it raises a good
    question and I wish I could remember his answers. I would be
    interested in anyone sharing their ideas on this. Or has anyone
    read this book?

    1. Lori, I have not read it, seems it is likely out of print but is available on some of the used book sites. has it for around $10 USD. If anyone has read it, please let us know if it’s worthwhile pursuing, thanks.

    2. Dear Lori: I have this book sitting on my table. It is a paper back, copyright 1958; author is Thomas Linton Leishman, dedicated to his wife. I have had it for years and don’t recall how it came to me. I don’t remember the contents and don’t think I managed to get through it all. I am happy to snail mail it to you. It is red, white and blue and in good condition. Please tell me where to send it, by Canada Post, via snail mail. I don’t need it back.
      Marjorie Verhoeven
      [email protected]

  14. I just have to share this poem – so on topic – that was shared with me today.

    In light of ejecting the unwanted guest, I love this delightful poem by Madora McKenzie Kibbe that was in the February 16, 1987 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel. It’s entitled:

    That’s entertainment! (An allegory)

    What a terrible party!
    I had invited into my home (my consciousness)
    the most loathsome guests—
    discouragement, despair, criticism, fear, doubt, darkness. …
    They stayed and stayed.
    They wouldn’t leave!
    They wouldn’t shut up!
    They ate and ate and ate up
    all my inspiration, confidence, joy.

    Finally I threw them out, one by one.

    What a mess! I sighed, as I looked at the state of my home
    (my consciousness).
    But I knew I had to clean it up,
    so I began, with broom in hand.
    Suddenly, a little gratitude came and did the dishes.

    Thank you, I murmured.
    You’re welcome, said expectation, polishing the floor.
    Don’t mention it, said humor, sliding down the banister
    (while dusting).
    We like helping out, said humility and patience.
    And pretty soon another party, a real celebration
    was taking place in my home (my consciousness).

    You are so entertaining, they told me.
    And who are all of you? I asked.
    Why, we’re angels, they replied.
    I was unaware, said I.
    Most people are, they answered.

    The party hasn’t stopped.
    With prayer it never will.
    So if you throw a party
    Watch your guest list.
    Why entertain fear and doubt
    when angels wait without?
    (And they always help with the tidying up.)

    As a side note, Madora grew up in a family of entertainers and is now a practitioner and teacher in New York.

    1. Oh, that is delightful, Margi! Thank you so much for sharing that with us.
      LOL Sure could use those positives here… S &H pg 299, “By giving earnest
      heed to these spiritual guides they tarry with us, and we entertain “angels
      To answer your question, Lori, Christian Science to me, is really the answer
      to anything – in a provable way of getting to the core of an issue and working
      out the logistics of how to put God first in a way that through a spiritual lens,
      the [T]ruth of the situation is revealed and demonstrated in understanding…
      (in a one sentence nutshell).
      I think the heart of CS is divine Love. Love heals every seeming problem.
      “Divine Love always has met and always will meet Every human need” –
      declares Mrs. Eddy, the founder and discoverer of this wonderful Science,
      through Christlike ways. She didn’t say, …..but… it doesn’t meet this need,
      or it doesn’t meet that need. She wrote it meets Every need. I think all students
      of CS are proving this in myriad ways throughout the world and within their

    2. Your beautiful poem, written by Madora Kibbe, had never been read by me, but I know of Madora after I joined a new church where a fellow church member was present in one of her Christian Science classes. The beautiful part of their relationship, was his fearlessness and unique life, before I knew him. He’s gone now, and I’ve always sought answers to why? Why did he study with Madora, why was he so unique, what happened to him (after he passed). His family continues to live in the same state as I do, but oh, those questions which remain unanswered. She and he remain one of a kind. I am glad he took Christian Science class instruction with her. Thank you for submitting the inspirational poem. I want to “throw a party” now.

  15. I read this earlier and thought I had nothing to share. But I had a chance to put it to good use. A memory of a family visit a few years ago came to thought and one occurrence stood out that I regretted. I started to feel sad about it and then another memory of something I said at that visit that should not have been said popped up. These lingered awhile until I read and loved the lesson on Life this week. With that uplift, I came back and read this page again. A flow of ideas came that showed the tender care of God that had started way before their visit from a foreign country—the first for them. They stayed with us and the year before all summer had been a major much needed roof replacement on our home which made a mess in the yard. When they were here the yard had been restored and we ate meals outside. A water pump had broken months before we even knew they were coming and it was repaired by a large backhoe and much disruption in the yard. That was perfectly gone too. We had taken a few weeks to paint and fix up the bathroom, again a big disruption, without knowing they were coming in a few months, and the bathroom was fresh and everything worked. When they were here I prayed full time and we went from one day to another not knowing what we were going to do, but finding a perfect place to shop on a rainy day and a perfect lake with a nice beach to swim in (which they loved to do) on a day that was supposed to be bad weather but when we got there it suddenly cleared. The place was usually overrun with people, but we found hardly anyone there because of the severe weather forecast that did not occur, and we able to get a good spot on grass under a tree and there was a canoe available for us to rent. The beach was empty and the concession stand had no line. We had no idea they were going to be here for eleven days but each day had something just right to do. We had protection driving in a very hard rainstorm to get them back to the airport. Many other things flowed into my thinking that I had not even realized were just what was needed at the right time without us planning for it. I felt so wonderful! I felt so grateful. Where was the disappointment and self condemnation? Destroyed. By the Truth. God’s grace at work right where something else seemed to have been. No more carrying them around. Thank you everyone.

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