One God unites humanity

June 24, 2020 | 35 comments


With racism inflicting deep wounds, partisan politics dividing populations, and heated trade wars separating countries, it makes one wonder if humanity can ever come together and work as one. What will it take to get people working as a team rather than as determined opponents?

Mary Baker Eddy provides insight with this passage, “One infinite God, good, unifies men and nations; constitutes the brotherhood of man; ends wars; fulfils the Scripture, “Love thy neighbor as thyself;” annihilates pagan and Christian idolatry, — whatever is wrong in social, civil, criminal, political, and religious codes; equalizes the sexes; annuls the curse on man, and leaves nothing that can sin, suffer, be punished or destroyed” (Science and Health, p. 340).

One God is what provides humanity common ground on which to come together and work as one. This God is not a God that blesses some people and not others. This God is not a partisan God, a prejudiced God, a selfish God, or a God that plays favorites. This God is Love, omnipresent Good, that serves to bless one and all equally and abundantly.

As we put serving God, rather than selfish interests, above all else, we find common ground on which to work out troubling issues with our neighbor. Rather than getting stymied by material distinctions that would divide us, we find spiritual commonalities that unite us. Love, respect, and honor, rather than fear, intimidation, and hate, become the order of the day that allow for constructive conversation and healing communication.

The hope for unity in humanity lies in understanding and demonstrating one God of Love over all. There is no better time to prove this than now.

35 thoughts on “One God unites humanity”

    1. I love how you phrased that idea, Fay. Thank you Wonderful article, Evan. I look forward to these every morning. They are a gift in my inbox.

    2. I have been acknowledging this myself. No problem unsolvable in divine Love. I so appreciated Evan’s sentence ” Rather than getting stymied by material distinctions that would divide us, we find spiritual commonalities that unite us.”

    3. …nothing shall separate us from the love of God…
      Thank you, Evan & all who engaged in “ unceasing prayer.” As Mrs. Eddy said: Little children the world has great need of you.

  1. Thanks Evan for this Powerful message. Greed, selfishness and megalomania are Not the product of God. God is Love, all that has power and exists is from and of God. Love the neighbour as thyself! We are all so blessed NOW…..

  2. A saying from the Bible’s story of Cain and Abel. After Cain had murdered his brother Abel, God asked him where his brother was. Cain answered, “I know not; am I my brother’s keeper?”

    Christian Science Sentinel article Counter violence with compassion by Lyle Young (2/10/2020), begins “Join the Compassion Revolution”… Later Young writes: My study of the Bible has led me to see that inclusiveness is one of the central themes.

    In this week’s Bible Lesson and the marginal heading Mission of Christian Science in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 107, Eddy writes: This apodictical Principle points to the revelation of Immanuel, “God with us,” — the sovereign ever-presence, delivering the children of men from every ill “that flesh is heir to.”

    We can no longer turn a blind eye to the ills of the flesh in the United States where one in four people in the world are behind bars in this country, the land of the free. It is hard to grasp that 97% of those behind bars never go to trial. I hope that all Americans are knowledgeable of the 13th Amendment of our Constitution. Ava Du Vernay directed the documentary 13th (may be seen on Netflix). After the film is a conversation with Oprah Winfrey and Ava, where Oprah asks her why she made 13th. From the time Ava was a child growing up in Compton, south of LA, where police were a constant presence, she never felt safe, but a sense of danger around police. On the contrary for most white folks, the presence of police meant safety.

    We witnessed yesterday in the state of Kentucky, a reduction from 3700 election polling places to 170 in the entire state for their primary election. In the largest populated city of Louisville, only one polling place was available. Indeed, there is something blatantly wrong.
    Thank you Evan for you bringing attention to M B Eddy’s quote, One infinite God, good, unifies …
    annihilates pagan and Christian idolatry, — whatever is wrong in social, civil, criminal, political, and religious codes; equalizes the sexes; annuls the curse on man, and leaves nothing that can sin, suffer, be punished or destroyed. (p. 340 of Science and Health)

    Yes, we are our brother’s keeper. Yes, it is time for prison reconstruction, a total overhaul.
    Yes, we can come together and make change. We start by humbly asking God how.

    1. I so agree, Jo. Our vote is sacred! And those of us with privilege must stand up for our sisters and brothers.

    2. thank you, Jo. May I recommend reading “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson. Uncovers the gross errors in our criminal justice system. Astonishing. Error must be uncovered first in order to be eradicated and healed.

      1. Yes, I have this book, Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson; and many, many other books that I have listed on this blog for suggested reading. Mary B. Eddy felt that the CS Monitor must stay “abreast of the times”, and, I hope, the global readership, reach well-educated, thinking, involved humanitarians, where we collectively come together to bless mankind.

    3. Jo, it is important to be aware of the “rest of the story” in KY. The state postponed their primary in order to get it right during the pandemic. Yes many polling places were closed, but in the county that includes Louisville, the one polling place is the KY Convention Center. Vote by mail rules were changed with postcards sent to all registered voters. Rides were being provided for those needing them to get to the polling stations, etc. And today they are reporting the largest turnout in history, including presidential elections. So we need to be sure we have all the information before assuming problems. KY may end up being a model for other states. It depends what the intention is, and in KY it was good.

      1. Margi,
        My source of news is the most accurate news source I know of, without any paid corporate sponsors to have the news one sided or project one sided propaganda.
        I do know about mail in voter cards had not been received by many of the voters in time for the election. Voter suppression is a fact in many elections; esp. when people may have to spend hours getting to another side of town just to vote. From a poem by Peter Henniker-Heaton, his quote: Let us agree to disagree.
        I do take the side of the “underdog” in most situations because my heart cries out for justice and some sense of common decency, where there is so little left to be found.

  3. I live in a beautiful relatively quiet part of the U.K. Some times some of the troubling things happening in various parts of the world appear remote and almost unreal. It’s good to have a post like this that ‘ shakes my cage’ into making sure I concentrate and pray about these occurrences. Of course they are unreal…spiritually so❣️ Thank you Evan .

  4. The Christian Science Monitor lays bare so many of the world’s ills that calls out for prayer. That is how many Christian Scientists Practitioners start out before becoming practitioners. They see the world’s problems as patients needing healing. Thank you Barbara for your needed prayers.

    Growing up under domestic brutality, personally, it is hard for me to say it is unreal…spiritually so, but I know that is where I must take my prayers to God.

      1. Dear MB, The testimony you shared is certainly encouraging. Everyday, I pray to know that I am a whole souled woman and to demonstrate this ideal truth. I pray to know this about all women, especially those in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which need our specific prayers. Thank you for your compassion.

  5. When I read wonderful articles like this the question that I often ask is, “What should I be doing as an individual in the face of all these problems that you and many thousands of others are raising?” What seems clear to me is my own responsibility to live in love, watch and pray to see others as God’s children regardless of their outward appearance, and commune with God daily. Then, of course, I watch for guidance as to anything specific I should be doing for the blessing of humanity.

  6. This is such a spiritually healing message, Evan, that our world so desperately needs in this seeming conflict of Good/God vs. evil. Thank you!
    Much of this radical, troubled thinking and actions have a hidden and some, not so hidden agenda that wish to tear down, intimidate and hate, rather than love, respect and honor, as you mentioned. Religion and churches, stained glass art depicting Jesus seems to be the next target, I read yesterday, where evil seems to want to be in control and in power.
    Unity of Love, Mind is what is so needed in healing this vitriol that seeks to divide us by any material/mortal means it can, rather than bring us together in harmony that the world is craving for and in spiritual being, Has.

  7. Thank you foe today’s post. I have always loved that passage from Science and Health on page 340. It just occurred to me that if each one of us who read this blog really took this quote at it’s every word, we could revolutionize the world. What an opportunity we have right now to bless the world and our neighbor and refuse to be mesmerized. It’s simple and profound. Let’s do it!

    I cannot express how grateful I am for recent spiritual growth. It is becoming so clear to me that with our faith in God and increased understanding of Christian Science there really is no thing that we cannot overcome through God’s wisdom, power, love. Wow!

    Evil just wants to be let alone. Let’s see it for what it is. We cannot leave it alone.

  8. Thank you Evan for this thought provoking post,- and all of you dear ones for your eye opening replies. Taking these important issues into my closet of prayer.

  9. This is so important! I feel we are living through a time of what Eddy terms”chemicalization”- the breaking up of mortal beliefs, which seem to be bringing up hidden error to be healed. She likens it to the stirring of a muddy riverbed. It’s never pleasant during the stirring- but afterwards the stream becomes more clear and is purified. Racism is once again being brought to the surface to be seen and healed. It needs to be eradicated- not swept under a rug. Thank you Jo, for mentioning the Netflix documentary 13. It was very informative. It opens our eyes to the injustices that are being done under the name of law and order. Unless we see the error in our midst, how can it be healed? I am knowing Divine Love governs our nation and His laws are laws of love and justice for all. Good has authority and divine power and leaves no one out. Progress is unfolding a higher sense of peace for our country. Thy will be done!

    1. Thank you CB for your comments. My thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones to needless racism and to police officers who have been shot and killed when they responded to crime and violent situations. I recently read that more than 100 police officers have been killed this year. We are all equally loved by Love regardless of race, gender, background and religious beliefs.

  10. The good Samaritan is sometimes so unlikely.
    I gave my brother a ten dollar bill one time. When I left him he immediately went to buy a lotto ticket! And some booze! He had not enough clothing to keep him warm on that frigid day, years ago.
    Several blocks away from home he fell on the sidewalk and couldn’t get up. With a spring jacket and penny loafers he lay there. People walked by, not just one or two.
    Then a black woman stopped by him, according to my brother’s recollection, and said “Oh my poor baby!” and she continued to the party store and got him an ambulance which saved him that day.
    He was the kind of guy that needed much prayer and finally ended up becoming an ordained minister after overcoming alcoholism.
    Sometimes it isn’t good to give someone money. But it’s always good to declare good thoughts. We were grateful for this outpouring of kindness from a racially different woman expressing God’s care. Love’s way the Master trod, he that Loves walks with God.
    We are are of one body, because we are ideas in the One Mind, our Mind if we do His will.
    As for me I’ll walk with the Lord. Color is not identity. Physicality isn’t identity. All God’s children move in harmony with Him.

    1. Such a beautiful sharing, David! It warms our hearts. And thank you Evan for the much needed blog topic. The photo of the 2 hands holding one another brought tears. This is what the end result of our prayers will.look like. No more tears, only mutual love and appreciation. I encourage those who have an interfaith or ecumenical group in your community to visit and perhaps join. It’s brought me and all involved so many blessings over the years. Once I met believers and learned more about 2 faiths, in particular, that I had misjudged, those feelings simply vanished into their native nothingness. I hold them now in the highest esteem, because our values are the same– we all love God and our fellow brothers and sisters. And many have had their misunderstandings about CS totally reversed. Interfaith work through the One God is helping to bring our world together.
      If you don’t already know about the Euphrates, you’ll love checking it out. One of its motives is to “Turn the ‘other’ into your brother.”
      Regarding our own nations’ problems, it’s so healing for me to know that God is not a Republican. Neither is She a Democrat. In fact, God is not even an American. He/She IS all-embracing, infinite, ever-present Love. We can and are receptive to His/Her true nature which is our inheritance. What a joy to acknowledge this!!

    2. David, Thank you for sharing. From my own experience of love shown, the love shown from the Black woman is the most likely, to show outpouring love to your brother. Just sayin” Black people have a faith in God that cannot be shaken, just listen to those gospel spirituals, so full of love.

  11. Isaiah’s promise in 40:5 has stood out for me in the lesson this week. “The glory of the Lord SHALL BE revealed, and ALL flesh shall see it TOGETHER: For the mouth of the LORD HATH SPOKEN IT.” When God’s glory is spoken by Him, it leaves no-one out and it SHALL BE REVEALED, no matter what, where or how mortal mind tries to say differently.

    Thank you all for your insights and loving comments.

  12. Thank you very much, dear Evan for your powerful spiritual views on the present situations needing our prayers very much. And I am very grateful for the simplicity with which you declare us the Truth with which we can pray for the situation. I am happy and grateful I can understand as a German all of Evans utterings and your, dear SpiritView friends so interesting comments so well. Thank you all! 🙂

  13. There is so much in the world to be healed today. Thank you Evan for making us aware of it. Much love to all.

  14. My teacher said he used to pray that paragraph on page 340 every night before he went to sleep and every morning when he woke up. Good to be reminded of that.

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